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Syria: Palestinians flee fighting in Yarmouk refugee camp - BBC News

“Unrwa spokesman Chris Gunness told the BBC that the situation in Yarmouk was extremely difficult.

‘We now have an intense armed conflict raging in the streets, people are cowering in their homes, too terrified to move,’ he said.

Some civilians have managed to leave. Unrwa confirmed that 94 civilians, including 43 women and 20 children, had escaped and been given humanitarian support.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Damascus told the BBC that hundreds more had fled from this area of Damascus over the past two days.

A PLO spokesman said that two exits have been opened in the camp and that a rescue operation was being coordinated with the Syrian government and Palestinian factions inside Yarmouk.

Palestinian militiamen opposed to the Syrian government are thought to be leading the fight against IS militants in the camp, along with some Free Syrian Army fighters.

IS gunmen took over large areas of the camp on 1 April, in the group's first major attack near the heart of the Syrian capital.

According to Reuters news agency, IS posted photos of its fighters inside Yarmouk on Sunday.”

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