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Greece's Russian Card: Russo-Greek Gas Deal Likely to Infuriate Brussels / Sputnik International

“Alex Tsipras' recent visit to Russia sparked a heated debate among Western experts which suggested that the meeting between the Greek Prime Minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin would be focused on a potential financial aid package to Athens. However, ‘Mr. Putin emerged from the meeting saying the issue of Russian cash assistance was never even raised,’ the journalist [Moscow-based Christian Science Monitor correspondent Fred Weir] underscored.

Nevertheless, Moscow and Athens have concluded a significant and mutually beneficial agreement, Mr. Weir stressed, referring to a memorandum on extending Russia's Turkish Stream gas pipeline through the territory of Greece inked by Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis and his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak in St. Petersburg.

The deal is evidently playing into the hands of Moscow, which needs ‘an EU member to become the new “gas hub” for distribution to Europe.’ Russia's previous South Stream project, which was considered an opportunity to provide gas to Europe avoiding troublesome Ukraine, was suspended last year under the EU pressure.

Remarkably, some Western media outlets emphasize that the Russo-Greek agreement is likely to infuriate those EU countries which are calling to toughen the European sanctions policy against Moscow.”

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