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God would laugh at both of you — if he really existed.

  • Anonymous (via bintalghazi):

    I laugh at the thought of the fictional allah. I feel sorry for the mentally deranged prophet. I clean the dust from my feet with pages of the muslim holy book. It's a hobby.

  • aburayyaan:

    I laugh at the thought of how misguided you are. Laugh all you want now, it doesn’t effect us Muslims we got more important issues to deal with.

    Remember though, you will stand naked on a very long hot Day, so much so that your sweat will come down to your knees, you will stand in front of the whole of mankind being judged about every little thing you use to do, and we will all see it. All your private sins will be exposed to us. The Hell Fire will be made to appear in front of you, its so deep that if your threw a stone it will take 70 years to touch the ground.

    So yeah keep laughing. We too are laughing.

Tags: Islam Quran

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