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Japan accused of stifling freedom with new terror law - CNN.com


“Under the new laws, it will make it illegal to plan to commit 277 criminal actions, from arson to copyright infringement.

Koichi Nakano, political science professor at Tokyo's Sophia University, told CNN the new legislation ‘fundamentally’ changed Japan's legal system. ‘Unless a crime in committed in Japan, you don't get punished ... now if they think you are thinking of preparing to commit a crime, even before you're arrested, you'll be put under surveillance,’ he said.

‘It leads to a substantial expansion of police power to investigate people and put them under surveillance.’

Nakano compared the new legislation to the Peace Prevention Law enacted in Japan in 1925, which led to the country's infamous Thought Police.

‘At that time, they reassured people that ordinary people won't be affected. But the law was abused, it persecuted communists, and then religious leaders, leaders and ordinary people,’ he said.”

“Jeff Kingston, Asian Studies director at Japan's Temple University, told CNN Abe was using fear to crack down on Japanese society.

‘The government has been trying to use extensive fear mongering as a way to justify curbing civil liberties and putting democracy in handcuffs,’ he said.

‘They are giving the police extensive powers and criminalizing things that ought not to be a crime in a democracy.’

The laws have provoked protests since December, growing in intensity over recent weeks, after the extent of Abe's new laws became public knowledge.”

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