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March 03 2017








— 茂木健一郎 (via 晴耕雨読)

[posted: Sep. 6 2015. source]

February 17 2017

After this is fixed, will my tumblr be imported? My tumblr hasn't been imported since last Spring, and all my emails to you went unanswered.
— @merelygifted’s reaction to @updates: Update after crash ;)

Practical philosophy

1.5 years lost? Good thing, soup users seem to have a general tendency towards nihilism.
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@rikoneru’s reaction to @updates: Update after crash ;)

Great way to reach new highs of incompetence. Should I feel like an entitled prick for wanting a reliable place to store and share my Chinese cartoon images? I don't think so. It might have been fun while it lasted, but this post will be my last one here. And for the sake of people who greet you back with open arms, I sincerely hope you manage to avoid such major fuckups in the future.
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Let me ask you an important question: are you considering any measures to prevent a similar trouble from happening again in the future? If you’re doing so, what are they? You must answer. Starting with blogger.com, I’ve used various kinds of online service until now; but I’ve NEVER experienced such a terrible data loss as this time.

Since the latter half of 2015, I was using my Soup blog for bookmarking online stuff relating to the US presidential election; now THE BOOKMARKS HAVE ALL VANISHED, except for a very few posts left on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. You say forget the fucking Trump campaign? You already forgot people enthusiastically chanting FEEL THE BERN? For me, the recent trouble on Soup is virtually the loss of historical documents about this event.

I love Soup and its users but can never put my trust in your management, as long as you fail to answer the above question. Though I don’t like Tumblr, that I used before, I still consider going back to Tumblr.

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February 16 2017


“By popular demand, 2016 has been removed.”

my conspiracy theory: In July 2015, Mr. Soup was abducted by a UFO and taken to the secret Dulce underground base. There he was subjected to horrible alien-human hybrid experiments by grey aliens. Thanks to God he came back again, but his memory during that time was totally erased. Remember, aliens are the master of mind control technique!

At first I also was very sad about 1.5 years of lost content, but I'm starting to understand that most of it is still cached in my memories. The feelings of those conversations and posts were real, and even if they don't exist "physically" anymore, they happened. It's a secret that we now all share. Everyone who was here and contributed was part of this time and part of our secret journey through 2015-07-15 till 2017-02-14 on this part of the internet.
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February 14 2017


Keep calm and continue research into the truth of UFOs and aliens.

1940 cbc3
back from the dead
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Sad, I found some of the accounts I was following before have vanished - @jegelskerdig @miejmniej @oversensitive


Internet Archive Wayback Machine - mr-absentia.soup.io

Here you can find some of the lost stuff on my Soup.

With regard to the contents I posted on text format after Jul. 2015 (Tumblr photosets, Twitter logs and so on) I still have HTML source of some of them; I want to post them again as possible as I can.


Database crash - tsunami disaster on soup.io! What kind of reconstruction plan do they have?

Good fucking job.

All posts, accounts and groups created after 2015 got vaporized.

friend lists reseted back to 2015

Good thing I had foreboding feeling and made screenshot of my list of friends 1 week prior to crash.
I wonder how many users had as little faith in the site maintenance as me and done the same.
— @sardion’s reaction to @updates: Update after crash ;)

@dunkelkunst’s reaction to @updates: Update after crash ;)

It would have been nice to get some status update during the downtime. Or a tweet. Or just anything.
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check out: You’ll find a number of accounts have been lost from the People & Groups list, due to the database crash. It’s an annoying job to get the list back to the previous state.

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