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April 04 2015


Snowden: UK spied on Argentina over Falklands

“The documents obtained by The Intercept and Argentinian news website Todo Noticias say that a unit of the British spy agency Government Communications Headquarters, the Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group, has been involved in ‘Operation QUITO’ in Argentina from at least 2009 until 2011.
It was allegedly tasked ‘to support Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s goals relating to Argentina and the Falkland Islands’ in order to ‘prevent Argentina from taking over the Falkland Islands.’
The Intercept suggests that the unit could have been using ‘false flag’ operations and computer viruses to collect intelligence, spread propaganda and discredit opponents.”

February 25 2015


June 19 2014


March 24 2014


March 18 2014

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March 07 2014


January 01 2014

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Argentina | by David Rochas

December 13 2013

Recipe: Chimichurri Sauce — Recipes from The Kitchn

Just listen to the word. Chimichurri. It dances right out of your mouth. I bet you've already paused and said it in your head more times than I've written it. If the word alone feels this good in the mouth, wait until you taste it.

Chimichurri is an Argentine sauce that is traditionally used on meats, although I can think of about fifty other ways to eat it. It’s used in Argentina the way we use ketchup in the U.S., except that it’s often made fresh and is far more delicious.


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October 22 2013

Santa Fe Province, which is Argentina’s number one producer of cereals, forbids the use of pesticides less than 500 meters from populated areas. However, AP uncovered evidence that toxic chemicals were used as little as 30 meters from people’s homes. ... studies show that cancer rates in the province are two to four times higher than the rest of the country, while in the neighboring province of Chaco birth defects have quadrupled since the introduction of biotechnology in the agricultural industry around a decade ago. Researchers also found high rates of thyroid disorders and chronic respiratory illness in Santa Fe.
Monsanto’s pesticides poisoning Argentina – report (RT News, Oct. 21 2013)
Argentina was one of the first countries to adopt Monsanto’s biotechnology to increase its agricultural output. The multinational’s products transformed Argentina into the world’s third largest producer of soy. At present Argentina’s entire soy crop is genetically modified, as is most of its corn and cotton. In addition, AP found that Argentine farmers use about 4.5 pounds of pesticide concentrate per acre, which is over double the amount used in the US.
Monsanto’s pesticides poisoning Argentina – report (RT News, Oct. 21 2013)
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October 06 2013

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez was instructed by doctors to take a month off because of a subdural hematoma on her brain, according to her spokesman. The leave will force her to forsake the campaign trail for the congressional elections this month. The 60-year-old president was admitted to a Buenos Aires hospital specializing in cardiovascular problems on Saturday. Fernandez received a brain injury in August, according to the spokesman. No further details of the injury were provided. In the meantime, Vice President Amado Boudou will be taking over the president’s duties.
Argentina’s president to take one month off over brain hematoma (RT News, Oct. 6 2013)

September 29 2013

Argentina’s Senate earlier this year voted to approve an agreement with Iran on the establishment of a fact-finding committee to investigate the bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in 1994 which left 85 people dead. On January 27, former Iranian foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi and his Argentine counterpart signed a memorandum of understanding in Addis Ababa, on the sidelines of an African Union summit in Ethiopia, to create a ‘truth commission’ that will investigate the AMIA bombing, which will be staffed by jurists chosen jointly by the two governments. Under the agreement, five independent judges will investigate the 1994 bombing. None of the judges will be from Argentina or Iran.
Iranian, Argentine FMs underline implementation of earlier MoU (IRIB English Radio, Sep. 29 2013)

August 09 2013


Kirchner Promotes UNASUR and CELAC, Criticizes NSA spying at UN Security Council | The Americas Blog

Much of New York City grows eerily quiet in the late summer, but on Monday, August 6th one corner of Manhattan – 777 United Nations Plaza – was buzzing with activity. Argentinean president Christina Kirchner, accompanied by 12 Latin American foreign ministers and a number of other foreign dignitaries, had come to kick off her country’s one-month presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) by personally chairing the month’s first open debate of the Council. It is rare for a head of state to preside over UNSC debates, but Kirchner has consistently sought to raise Argentina’s profile on the world stage and, as a key promoter of Latin American integration, is clearly determined to use the Council’s global bully pulpit to bolster the international clout of the region’s new multilateral organizations. Thus the August 6 open debate which Kirchner chaired was on “cooperation between the United Nations and regional and subregional organizations in maintaining international peace and security.” ...

August 07 2013


CFK lectures Security Council: end of veto power and UK must abide Falklands’ resolution (MercoPress, Aug. 7 2013)

“All member states must abide UN resolutions, seems obvious, but it’s not so”, said the Argentine president adding that “some of those who sit here with a right to veto, use that card to block the resolution of conflicts”.

She then compared the situation with South American regional and subregional organizations where resolutions are taken on the basis of unanimity when there is a conflict, and named specifically the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) and the Community of Latam and Caribbean States (Celac).

Cristina Fernández pointed out the role played by Unasur in settling the 2008 crisis between Ecuador and Colombia and also in preventing regional conflicts that jeopardize South American democracies.

Cristina Fernandez said the veto was a safeguard during the Cold War to prevent “nuclear holocaust”, but today the United States and Russia sit at the same table “and we can't deal with the problems in this new world with old instruments and old methods.”

The Argentine president strongly supported the Arab League's U.N. observer Ahmed Fathalla who said all 193 U.N. member states must implement U.N. resolutions. This is “the crux of resolving conflicts and central to the effectiveness of the Security Council in settling different matters” she said.

Cristina Fernandez cited the Palestinian conflict and the resolution calling for British-Argentine talks on the disputed Falklands, which Argentina claims Britain has illegally occupied since 1833.

“We call on the UK to respect UN Resolution 2065 which calls on the British to sit and discuss the Malvinas sovereignty. My country and the UK must engage in negotiations of the Islands sovereignty. This isn’t a caprice posture, it’s not a question of saying we are right, we want the UN resolution to be complied and discuss a controversial and litigant issue”.

“We can have discordant opinions on a resolution outside the UN but if the resolution comes from inside, all members have to be prepared to comply with it”, insisted Cristina Fernandez.

Newly-installed US Ambassador Samantha Power, making her debut at the council, did not comment on the sensitive veto issue and kept distance from the Falklands’ dispute. She did say regional organizations are essential to preventing mass atrocities.

July 19 2013


Argentine Jewish community criticizes government on 19th anniversary of terrorist attack — MercoPress

Argentine Jewish leaders harshly criticized their government on Thursday the 19th anniversary of the country’s deadliest terror attack, for dealing with Iran in ways they fear will only guarantee more impunity for those responsible.

July 16 2013


MercoPress (Jul. 15 2013)

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