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February 01 2018

Alien Abductee Describes Alien Technology (Vein Recognition) Now Being Used by CIA and FBI

Steve Boucher is a Canadian experiencer who was involved in different experiences on ships with his father as well as witnessed the abduction of the entire audience that came to see his band play in the 1972. Listen to his whole story here: https://youtu.be/PMGqlfCihH4
— from weveneverbeenalone.tumblr.com

July 09 2017


June 24 2017

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May 18 2017


CIA is world’s most dangerously incompetent spy agency – Assange — RT News

“The scathing response came after RT asked the CIA to comment on the assessment of former agency analyst Ray McGovern. He suggested that the capability to falsify digital fingerprints, exposed by WikiLeaks as part of its ongoing Vault 7 disclosure, cast doubt on allegations against Russia in connection with the 2016 US presidential election.

‘Could it be that the “Russian hack” was really done by John Brennan of the CIA? If I were asked to bet on that, then I would bet that that was exactly the case,’ McGovern told RT’s Going Underground program.

‘What does that mean? It means that these trumped-up charges against Trump, pardon the pun, are baseless,’ McGovern added.”

“CIA spokesperson [Heather Fritz] Horniak also lashed out at RT for questioning the allegations of Russia’s interference in the US election.

‘The responsibility of the Russian intelligence services for the election-related hacking is an established fact, but it is not surprising that an identified propaganda outlet like RT would attempt to muddle those facts. No reputable news organization doubts Russian culpability,’ Horniak claimed.

In response, RT’s editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, said that such unquestioning obedience by the western mainstream media to the US establishment only leads to a decline in their popularity.

‘The CIA & Co haven't bothered to present a shred of evidence besides their own claims, and are now actually boasting about how happy the ever-loyal press is to unquestioningly go along with the story,’ Simonyan said, adding, ‘This is exactly why people have stopped trusting the mainstream media and are seeking out alternative sources of news and analysis.’


March 09 2017


June 13 2015




May 13 2015


US: jail sentence on Jeffrey Sterling

  • 'Guilty of Embarrassing Government': CIA Whistleblower Gets 42-Month Sentence (Common Dreams, May 11 2015)

    “Following the announcement on Monday, advocates held that even the lesser sentence revealed the inequalities of the U.S. justice system with dangerous implications for government accountability. Further, the conviction marks the longest sentence delivered to a convicted leaker in a civilian court during Obama's tenure.

    ‘Sterling is the latest casualty in the administration’s war on national security whistleblowers,’ said attorney Jesselyn Radack, who serves as the national security and human rights director for the Government Accountability Project. ‘Like the other whistleblowers prosecuted under the Espionage Act, Sterling is guilty of embarrassing the government. This case lays bare the government’s rank hypocrisy in the prosecution of leaks. If you’re loyal to the truth rather than the national security establishment you’ll be bludgeoned.’

    In an emailed statement from the Alexandria courthouse, Norman Solomon, coordinator of whistleblower advocacy organization ExposeFacts.org and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, told Common Dreams: ‘The only fair trial would have been no trial at all. The only fair sentence would have been no sentence at all. Whistleblowing is a public service, and the government's continuing efforts to criminalize that public service is a double-barreled assault on both journalism and the democracy that it vitally seeks to nurture.’

    Prior to revealing his concerns about the covert CIA operation, Sterling, a black man, had filed a discrimination lawsuit against the agency. Supporters say he was unfairly targeted because of those claims.

    ExposeFacts.org has compiled a history of information about Sterling's trial.”

  • CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Gets 42 Month Jail Sentence (teleSUR English, May 12 2015)

    “The 42 month sentence was a far cry from the federal sentencing guidelines that called for a minimum 19 year prison term.

    Yet the outcome was also harsher than that imposed on former CIA director David Petraeus in April. Petraeus was slapped with two years probation for leaking classified information to his biographer.

    While the defense argued Sterling's sentence should be similar to that faced by Petraeus, U.S. district judge Leonie Brinkema stated Sterling should face a higher penalty for failing to plead guilty.

    However, during sentencing Brinkema conceded the federal guidelines ‘are too high.’

    Despite falling short of the guidelines, the sentence remains one of the highest penalties meted out under the Obama administration's spree of prosecutions targeting intelligence leakers under the Espionage Act of 1917. Since President Barack Obama took office, the Act has been used seven times to prosecute leakers – more than all previous administrations combined.

    The administration has argued it is not specifically targeting whistleblowers, but critics have accused the government of trying to suppress embarrassing leaks. ”

  • In First Interview, CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Says Congressional Staffer Urged Him to Flee (Firedoglake, May 12 2015)

    “Sterling, who worked as an African American case officer, was found guilty by a jury of committing multiple Espionage Act offenses when he exposed information about ‘Operation Merlin,’ which involved passing flawed nuclear blueprints to Iran in order to get the country to work on building a nuclear weapon that would never function.

    He left the CIA in 2002 and brought a claim against the CIA alleging racial discrimination. He appealed his case all the way to the Supreme Court in 2005. However, the government successfully had the case thrown out by invoking the “state secrets” privilege. The government has maintained that he leaked details about Operation Merlin in revenge for his discrimination lawsuit being dismissed.

    Sterling was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on May 11. It is the longest sentence issued by a federal court during President Barack Obama’s administration.

    Expose Facts, an advocacy organization that has mobilized support for Sterling, conducted an interview with Sterling, which aired on ‘Democracy Now!’.

    Sterling recalls receiving information that there was a ‘possible leak of information’ and ‘everyone’ was ‘pointing a finger’ at him. He needed to find some help.

    He went to a local congressman, Clay, and one of his staff members looked at him and told him he should ‘just leave the country.’ That hurt Sterling because the staff member was a black man working for a black representative and they were telling him not to stand up for his civil rights.

    ‘You don’t run away. You stand up for yourself,’ Sterling declares. ”

March 13 2015

In a Guardian op-ed, Chelsea Manning called on CIA torturers and those who approved torture to be held legally accountable for their actions.
— from @wikileaks (Mar. 9 2015)

March 10 2015


history of Iran: 1953 coup

from dilbert3mp3.tumblr.com (via beautyofiran):

Mohammad Mossadegh (1882-1967) was an Iranian politician and served as the Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 to 1953. At the time of his election, Iran’s oil reserves in the Persian gulf had been exploited by the British and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which would eventually become British Petroleum, for decades under the threat of military occupation. Conditions in oil towns such as Bandar Abbas were deplorable. The director of Iran’s Petroleum Institute wrote that

“Wages were 50 cents a day. There was no vacation pay, no sick leave, no disability compensation. The workers lived in a shanty town called Kaghazabad, or Paper City, without running water or electricity, … In winter the earth flooded and became a flat, perspiring lake. The mud in town was knee-deep, and … when the rains subsided, clouds of nipping, small-winged flies rose from the stagnant water to fill the nostrils …. Summer was worse. … The heat was torrid … sticky and unrelenting — while the wind and sandstorms shipped off the desert hot as a blower. The dwellings of Kaghazabad, cobbled from rusted oil drums hammered flat, turned into sweltering ovens. … In every crevice hung the foul, sulfurous stench of burning oil ….”

In March 1951, the Iranian Parliament voted to nationalize the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, Mohammed Mossadegh was elected shortly therafter on his reputation as a widely respected statesman and champion of nationalization. Mossadegh oversaw the nationalization of the industry and the return of Iranian oil profits to the Iranian people. Britain was angered by this, and the eviction of its embassy and officials in October 1952. Britain approached the Eisenhower administration with exaggerated claims of Mossadegh and Iran’s communist sentiments. They warned that the country was on the verge of falling into Soviet hands. The CIA and MI6 agreed to stage a military coup under the codename “Operation Ajax.”

Operation Ajax, spearheaded by CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt (Grandson of Franklin Roosevelt) and approved by the Shah sought to remove Mossadegh from power. On August 15th the Shah, under the direction of the CIA, issued a royal decree dismissing Mossaddegh as prime minister. However, Mossadegh had received warning of the plot and issued a warrent for the arrest of his replacement, General Faslollah Zahedi. The news of the attempted coup caused Mossadegh supporters to fill the streets in protest in Tehran. The Shah, fearing backlash, fled from Iran to Italy.

After the first failed attempt, the CIA hired infiltrators posing as Mossadegh supporters to incite a “communist revolution.” Soon the violent riot had spread throughout southern Tehran. A second group of paid infiltrators, posing as Shah supporters, organized crowds of Iranians to march against the violent communists. By the end of the day the communists and the communist infiltrators had been beaten back by the Iranian crowds and the army, under Zahedi’s authority. The army then used the riots as en excuse to storm government buildings and arrest Mossadegh’s officials. To prevent further bloodshed, Mossadegh turned himself into the army, refusing a last attempt to organize his supporters.

The Shah returned to Iran and assumed rule of Iran until 1979. Under his rule the oil reserves of Iran continued to serve British and American interests. Mohammad Mossadegh was sentenced to death for treason, but had his sentence commuted by the Shah to house arrest. He remained under house arrest until his death in 1967.

Read More: http://www.iranchamber.com/history/coup53/coup53p1.php

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February 20 2015

Poland will accept a European Court of Human Rights ruling that it had hosted a secret CIA jail, Reuters quoted Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna as saying on Wednesday. ‘We have to do it. It’s a question for the coming weeks,’ Schetyna told public radio. The ECHR on Tuesday refused to reconsider its ruling that Poland had hosted such a jail. The decision will now oblige Warsaw to swiftly hold to account Polish officials who allowed the jail to operate.
Poland to comply with ECHR ruling in CIA prisons case (RT News, Feb. 18 2015)
Tags: Poland US CIA

February 04 2015

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou was released today after being sentenced to 30 months in prison on 25 January 2013.
— from @wikileaks (Feb. 3 2015)
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December 15 2014

«Donald Rumsfeld und Dick Cheney gehören vor Gericht, ebenso George W. Bush»: Das sagt Dick Marty, der seit Jahren die Anti-Terror-Politik der Bush-Administration anprangert. ... Marty ist nicht überrascht vom Inhalt des CIA-Folterberichts des US-Senats. Dabei erlaubt er sich eine sarkastische Bemerkung: «Meinen Bericht nannten meine Kritiker einen Roman, den Bericht des Senats nenne ich jetzt ein Plagiat.» Wichtig in der Sache sei jedoch, dass der Senat selber festgestellt habe, dass die Verhöre der CIA nicht nur brutal und illegal gewesen seien, sondern auch unwirksam und kontraproduktiv.
«Rumsfeld, Bush und Cheney gehören vor Gericht» (via @in-god-we-trust)

October 14 2014

source: farsizaban.tumblr.com/post/99871980214
source: farsizaban.tumblr.com/post/99849937965

Hossein Fatemi (via My Persian-Speaking Friends)

Hossein Fatemi (10 February 1917 - 10 November 1954) was the foreign minister of Iran in the government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, he proposed nationalization of Iranian oil and gas assets.

After the 1953 CIA-orchestrated coup d’état that toppled the democratically elected government of Mosaddegh, Fatemi was arrested, tortured, and convicted by a military court of “treason against the Shah”, and executed by a firing squad.

Tags: Iran History US CIA

October 12 2014


October 9th 1967: Che Guevara executed

from todayinhistory.tumblr.com (via anarcho-queer):

On this day in 1967, Marxist revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was executed age 39. Guevara played a major role in the Cuban Revolution which put Fidel Castro in power. He continued to study Marxism and decided that colonialism and capitalism were mainly to blame for problems in the Third World and that global revolution was the answer. When he tried to initiate revolution in Bolivia he was captured by Bolivian forces, who had CIA help, and was executed the next day. He continues to be a powerful symbolic figure, as for many he embodies rebellion.

"I know you’ve come to kill me. Shoot me you coward! You are only going to kill a man!" - Guevara’s last words

August 15 2014


May 10 2014


March 12 2014

Tags: CIA History

March 05 2014

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