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August 29 2019


@SCMPNews [video available]: #HongKong activists were expelled from Montreal’s Pride Parade “after threats by pro-Communists”. #China supporters later tagged along uninvited and sang the Chinese national anthem during a moment of silence. sc.mp/ftwem

@billbirtles: Singing China's national anthem at a Canadian pride parade during a minute of silence to remember those who had died from Aids and homophobic violence... China's image abroad is taking a belting in the current super-nationalistic environment.

@AlexaKonger: Simply #chinazism

@platypus_happy: Absolutely disgusting. No respect, no morals, no conscience

@XolaniXtx: This is the beginning of a huge turning point. China might have done great in a short space of time in terms of becoming a political and economic superpower; but it still came at an expense of its people’s basic human rights. The system might implode.


@BonbonGolden: I moved from #hongkong before the handover, well, because I am scared of #CCP then I saw this happened to a Hong Kong immigrant in Vancouver Canada. Not sure where can people hide from #chinazi

October 04 2018


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was officially sworn in on November 4th, 2015, gives a very simple answer as to why he decided to have 15 men and 15 women on his cabinet. (via in-allah-we-believe.tumblr.com)

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September 26 2017


RT News: Canada blocks Chelsea Manning visit, citing ‘treason’

“Manning is not a felon. She was found to have disciplinary violations in the military justice system--of disclosing info to the press, only.” “Constitution states that all federal felonies must proceed by way of a grand jury indictment. Manning was never indicted by a grand jury.” — @JulianAssange on Twitter

March 07 2017


March 03 2017

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soljankaone: Niagara Falls, Ontario

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May 26 2015


May 13 2015


Canadian Government to Use Hate Crime Laws on Critics of Israel | News | teleSUR English

“Canadian Government Just Killed Free Speech”standwithpalestine

“In January, Canada signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel to cooperate in effort to oppose a boycott campaign against Israel, boldly conflating criticism of Israel with ‘anti-Semitism.’

Israel already makes it illegal to participate in the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Shortly after the signing of that agreement, Canadian Public Security Minister Steven Blaney attempted to tie the work of the peaceful BDS campaign with violent actions, adding that Canada would take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach with respect to largely student activist.

When asked by the CBC for clarification, an aide for Blaney responded by highlighting aspects of the criminal code that criminalize promotion of hatred against an identifiable group. The aide specifically mentioned the recent change that now disallows the targeting of a group of a shared ‘national or ethnic origin.’

The BDS campaign has attracted support from a wide range of groups in Canada, including labor unions and religious groups, who now fear they may be targeted and accused of committing a hate crime.

A spokesperson for the United Church of Canada, one of the groups supporting BDS, told the CBC that this was an effort by the Harper government to clamp down on dissent, while tying this effort to a recent piece of legislation passed by the Canadian House of Commons that greatly expands domestic spying powers.

Groups that defend civil liberties told say the work of the BDS campaign is constitutionally protected and that efforts to charge anyone with hate crimes for promoting a boycott of Israel would likely not survive a constitutional challenge.”

“The Harper government has been one of Israel's most ardent supporters, backing Israel's regular attacks on the Gaza strip, including the 2014 assault that left thousands of Palestinian civilians dead.”

April 08 2015


PressTV-Fukushima radiation found in Canada

“... the sample contained levels of Cesium “well below internationally established levels that might represent a danger to human or environmental health,” InFORM [Integrated Fukushima Ocean Radionuclide Monitoring] said.

The levels of Cesium 134 are about 1,000 times lower than what is regarded as safe in drinking water by the international community, said one of the group's scientists, Professor Jay Cullen from the University of Victoria.

He added that computer models had predicted the arrival of the contamination on North America’s coasts at about this time.

The sample was collected off the coast of British Columbia in February.

Several more years of monitoring are required to determine the full environmental impact of the Fukushima disaster, InFORM said.”

福島原発の放射能漏れがカナダに (IRIB Japanese Radio 2015年4月8日)

March 16 2015


Trans People Are Protesting Discriminatory Bathroom Laws On Social Media

The #PlettPutMeHere campaign was started by transgender woman Brae Carnes after the Canadian Senate passed an amendment to a transgender rights bill that would exclude transgender people from using restrooms of their choice. ...

February 06 2015


Palestinian civil society condemns Canadian government disinformation and repression against boycott movement | BDSmovement.net

“Rather than seeking to hold Israel to account for its war crimes during the recent military assault on Gaza and its intensified colonization of the occupied West Bank, particularly in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, the Canadian government is further deepening its collaboration with Israel’s occupation and launching a shameful, propagandistic attack on free speech in the process.”

“The Canadian government’s continued unconditional support for Israel’s colonial policies and its smear campaign against BDS highlight the deeply ideological and reactionary character of this government. Canada is sending Israel the message that it can act with total impunity in violating human rights and international law.”

“Sadly, while claiming to defend free speech the current Canadian government is among the most repressive in the west; it has gone farther than most in suppressing free speech and infringing the rights of its own civil society, including trade unions, community and faith groups, to participate in human rights campaigning, as in boycotts against Israel’s injustices.”

“At a time when people of conscience the world over are joining the Palestinian BDS movement for freedom, justice and equality and connecting it with their own struggles for social and economic justice, equal rights, indigenous rights, minority rights, and environmental protection, the Canadian government is standing on the wrong side of history, supporting a pernicious regime of Israeli occupation, colonialism and apartheid.”

— Rafeef Ziadah, a secretariat member of the the Palestinian BDS National Committee

August 11 2014


July 27 2014


March 18 2014


March 14 2014

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January 10 2014


Significant Victory for Ecuadorians in Oil Pollution Case Against Chevron

Indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador scored a major victory over Chevron yesterday [Dec. 17 2013] when an Ontario appeals court ruled they have the right to pursue enforcement of a $9.5 billion Ecuadorian court judgment against Chevron’s assets in Canada. ...

September 13 2013


“A hospital in Ontario is trying to appeal to medical students in Quebec with an attention-grabbing new recruitment ad.

Lakeridge Health Oshawa’s new campaign, to be featured next week in The McGill Daily school newspaper, is already a social media success. It depicts a woman wearing a pink hijab, lab coat and stethoscope with the slogan, ‘We don’t care what’s on your head, we care what’s in it.’

The ad comes in the midst of Quebec’s controversial secular values charter proposed by the Parti Québécois earlier this week. It would prohibit public sector employees from wearing ‘ostentatious’ religious symbols and attire while on duty.”

‘We don’t care what’s on your head’: Ontario hospital launches ad aimed at Quebec medical students, values charter (National Post, Sep. 12 2013)

February 03 2012


Canada Secretly Saw Tibet as "Qualified for Recognition as an Independent State" - Tibetan Political Review

Declassified documents from 1950 through the 1960s show that Canada considered Tibet to be “qualified for recognition as an independent state.”  These documents also show how the Canadian government’s concern over the outcome of United Nations votes led Canada to publicly avoid the question of Tibet’s political status in favor of human rights. But while Canada downplayed Tibet’s political status, it also accepted that the issue of human rights includes the Tibetan people’s right to self-determination.

These declassified documents consist of a trove of secret memos, correspondence, and diplomatic cables. They were obtained by the Canada Tibet Committee and are catalogued by the Tibet Justice Center.

December 29 2011

学者らが、津波による廃棄物の漂流について警告 (IRIB Japanese Radio 2011年12月29日)
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