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October 08 2018


July 02 2018


May 26 2018


February 24 2017


Having a pet is considered unclean in Islam?

farsizaban: Here is a government poster in the Iranian city of Qazvin saying protect animals and be kind to them


June 27 2015


Let the conservative outrage begin!! (via There Is No God)

Reposted byin-god-we-trust in-god-we-trust

August 25 2014


August 16 2014


June 13 2013


May 24 2013


【Twitter】 “Evolution is an unscientific religion”

  • @AtheistQ: "Religion is the antithesis of science, an anaesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought." -P. Z. Myers

  • @robertrutger: [in reply to @AtheistQ] Evolution is an unscientific religion based entirely on faith.

  • @AtheistQ: [in reply to @robertrutger] I sure hope you are joking.

  • @robertrutger: [in reply to @AtheistQ] You are a hardcore religious extremist who has faith in the non existence of God although you have absolutely zero evidence.

  • @atheos4313: [in reply to @robertrutger and @AtheistQ] it is regrettable that proven fact is difficult for you. Religion gave you nothing to trust. Quite the opposite.

  • @robertrutger: [in reply to @atheos4313 and @AtheistQ] Prove to me that a Creator does not exist otherwise own up to being a hardcore religionist based entirely on faith.

  • @AtheistQ: [in reply to @robertrutger] You do realize it takes zero faith to not believe in something. How much faith do you have in not believing in Zeus?

  • @AtheistQ: [in reply to @robertrutger and @atheos4313] Proof lies with the person making the claim. You say there is a god, now prove it to me.

  • @robertrutger: [in reply to @atheos4313 and @AtheistQ] Over 5000 years of recorded history and not one example of macro evolution ever having occurred.

  • @AtheistQ: [in reply to @robertrutger and @atheos4313] You obviously know nothing about macro evolution if you think 5000 years would elicit some results.

  • @atheos4313: [in reply to @robertrutger] nor is there reason to indicate macro evolution was required. This isn't a video game.

  • @ZeeFortyNine: [in reply to @robertrutger] what evidence do you have to prove that God exists?

  • @robertrutger: [in reply to @ZeeFortyNine] Just open your government school brainwashed eyes.

  • @DingleTingle: [in reply to @robertrutger and @AtheistQ] Robert is trying way to hard to troll at this...

  • @robertrutger: [in reply to @DingleTingle and @AtheistQ] I have an open challenge to any evolutionist to debate me publicly including Richard Dawkins.

  • @AtheistQ: [to @davidcsmalley] Read this. @robertrutger I have an open challenge to any evolutionist to debate me publicly including Richard Dawkins.

  • @AtheistQ: "Atheism has never been any sort of 'belief'. Never has been, never will be. Disbelief isn't any kind of 'belief'." -Anonymous.

February 25 2013


【Tumblr】 Women’s Rights in Islam

  • islamthepathtohappiness:

    When Islam came, it corrected many of society’s faults. One of these faults was the treatment of women. Before Islam, people would bury their daughters alive. They would abuse their wives. Women were viewed as being inferior to men.

    Islam changed all of this. It says that women are equal to men, and should not be treated unjustly. Women must be respected and honored in Islam, because they are the builders of communities and the flag-bearers of Islam. And yet, some dare to say that Islam oppresses women.

    Muslims inherently support women’s rights, because Islam supports women’s rights!

  • xenaamro:

    Have you actually read the holy book? Stop trying to convince yourself with something which is not true. I know every little detail about Islam. I have spoken to Sheikh’s before. I have read the Kuraan I know that what I know is based on FACTS.

    Go do an appropriate research and stop sending this false message to the people.

  • islamthepathtohappiness:

    Peace be upon you,

    With due respect, you seem to be quite confused. If you have done any objective research about Islam at all, you would not make such an incorrect comment.

  • xenaamro:

    I was a muslim. And I am an arab. I used to be a believer. If I really wanted to be subjective I would have found things to support my previous views. But instead I decided to be objective that is why I am now a proud atheist.

  • islamthepathtohappiness:

    I have no intention of judging you or your beliefs. I simply stated a fact - pre-Islamic Arabians treated women unfairly and inhumanely. When Islam came, it stood up for the women and protected their rights. This is a fact. Whether you are a Muslim, atheist, Buddhist, whatever, you cannot deny this fact.

  • xenaamro:

    Yes I can. By simply stating that the Quran is demeaning women. & plus I can’t prove what happened hundreds of years ago! All we read is stories, they could be made up. 85% could be false stories.

  • islamthepathtohappiness:

    You could also simply state that the sky is green. All you’re really saying is that you don’t want to accept the fact that it isn’t. So you don’t accept any form of history? Do you not know what history is and how it is recorded? When a variety of sources say the same thing it is accepted as a historical fact. Everyone who knows anything about pre-Islamic Arabia knows how women were treated. It’s not even debatable.

  • xenaamro:

    I can also state that the sky is green? That’s your logic? I can see the sky now. History can’t be seen. Nor can it be felt. History is very much debatable. But your logical fallacies are proving to me that I am wasting my time OBVIOUSLY. So caio.

  • islamthepathtohappiness:

    You should probably take the time to define a few words, like sarcasm, historical fact and contradiction, because you can’t seem to detect these things when they are present.

    Listening to another person’s perspective is definitely not a waste of time… unless of course you consider being more open-minded and less judgemental a waste of time…

    Fiamanillah, may Allah (swt) guide us all

December 31 2012

a complete guide to the global warming debate (via We are star stuff.)
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