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June 02 2017


German students clash with police over deportation of Afghan refugee (VIDEO) — RT News

“…the local office of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) sharply criticized the actions of the police, as well as the general practice of deportations. The Social Democrats denounced ‘taking students from a school’ as an ‘absolutely unacceptable’ approach in dealing with the issue.

‘Young refugees must feel secure at school. Otherwise they will not attend lessons at all out of fear. It would be fatal for our integration efforts,’ Thorsten Brehm, the head of the local SPD office, told Bavarian Radio.

In the meantime, the German Interior Ministry said that failed Afghan asylum seekers would not be sent back to Afghanistan in the next few days following a blast in Kabul that claimed lives of at least 80 people.

At the same time, the ministry also said that the policy of collective deportations of illegal Afghan migrants remains in place.

‘The employees (at the embassy in Kabul) have an important logistical part to play in receiving the deported people… they cannot carry out this job properly so soon after the attack,’ the ministry’s spokesman said, adding that ‘there will be no collective deportations to Afghanistan in the next few days,‘ Reuters reports.

‘But it is and remains the case that deportations must be carried out according to our laws. This principle applies to Afghanistan, especially for criminals, and we will continue to go down this path,’ the spokesman also said.”

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