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August 01 2019


octopusgirl: Musicians perform for guests enjoying dinner at Taedonggang, a seafood restaurant on a boat in North Korea.

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April 22 2018


girlsofthe80s: Jun Togawa (戸川純), 1984

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June 30 2017


cholitas luchadores, female luchadore wrestlers (via unboliviable.tumblr.com)

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May 19 2014


October 05 2013


Cholitas Wrestling (via ¡Unboliviable!)

A favorite thing to do in La Paz is to watch wrestling! Every Sunday in El Alto, a part of the city high at the top of La Paz, the locals go to the ring. It is for locals and tourists alike: a highly entertaining show with all the pomp and cheese you can expect. The characters are outrageously funny, like the skeleton, the inmate, the tiger, but one character you will not see outside of Bolivia is the cholita.

Cholitas are tough little Bolivian ladies who prefer to wear their traditional indigenous dress: colorful pleated skirts, blouses, and finely embroidered shawls. They wear their hair long and braided, topped with the iconic tiny bowler hat. Their clothes are so beautiful yet these women are are anything but delicate flowers. They represent the proud spirit of the hardy Aymara people who have always inhabited these beautiful and harsh highlands.
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