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November 21 2019


November 07 2017

  • @CataloniaHelp2: Spanish unionists try to assault the local council of Sant Cugat #Catalonia Police overwhelmed

  • @FAIKAN5: Yes. Just under my appartment they were insulting and laughing at people singing yes we are fascist. Unbelivable


October 30 2017


@Chestercheta: do you understand why Catalonia left Spain?

October 29 2017


Spanish fascism (I believe so). Watch the video here.


this is today’s Japan: PM Abe’s election rally. Akihabara, Tokyo, Oct. 21 2017.

September 28 2017


August 09 2017

June 16 2017


early warning signs of fascism: “obsession with crime & punishment” and “rampant cronyism & corruption” - these are what’s happening now in Japan.


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May 27 2017


July 18 2014


July 16 2014


May 08 2014

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April 23 2014

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February 11 2014

都知事選の意味と成果 (永田町徒然草 2014年2月10日)

August 28 2013

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us-flag svastika

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August 22 2013


WikiLeaks: Govts attacks on media ‘signalling rise of fascism in UK, US’ — RT Op-Edge

“Journalists that are working with whistleblowers are under attack. Whistleblowers have been under attack for years, now it’s journalists that are under attack. Every journalist should stand up in defense of journalism. Unfortunately we are seeing some journalist cowards who are not doing that and even calling for an attack on Julian Assange, which is appalling. This is a very serious issue; we are seeing a trend here as I said earlier that people have to respond to very urgently and with strong measures.” — WikiLeaks’ Kristinn Hrafnsson

July 27 2013


Senate threatens to sanction countries that aid Snowden — RT USA

I believe the United States has turned into a fascist regime now.  

On Thursday, one of the leaker’s most vocal critics in Congress succeeded in having his colleagues advance a bill that directs the Secretary of State John Kerry “to consult with the appropriate congressional committees on sanction options against any country that provides asylum to Mr. Snowden, including revocation or suspension of trade privileges and preferences.”

The bill’s author, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), told the committee, “I don’t know if he’s going to stay in Russia forever. I don’t know where he’s going to go . . . But I know this: That the right thing to do is to send him back home so he can face charges for the crimes he’s allegedly committed.”


Sen. Graham previously demanded Russia remove Snowden from the country and suggested the US boycott the Sochi Olympics if Pres. Vladimir Putin agrees to keep Snowden safe from the reach of American authorities. Last month Graham called the ordeal “an important test of the ‘reset’ in relations between our two countries,” and said, “If our two nations are to have a constructive relationship moving forward, Russian cooperation in this matter is essential.”

"On multiple fronts, Russia is becoming one of the bad actors in the world," Graham said previously. "Russia continues to provide cover to the Iranian nuclear program and sell sophisticated weapons to the Assad regime in Syria to butcher tens of thousands of its own citizens. For Russia to grant temporary asylum to Mr. Snowden on top of all this would do serious damage to our relationship. It is past time we send a strong message to President Putin about Russia's actions and this resolution will help accomplish that goal."

Speaking to the Senate committee on Thursday, Graham added, “When it comes to Russia, it's just not about Snowden.”

“They are allying with Iran, 100,000 Syrians have been killed, they are providing weapons to Assad that are getting in the hands of Hezbollah. And really enough's enough,” the senator said of Russia.

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