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July 30 2018

Tags: US Hawaii
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June 11 2018

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ufo-world-tv: A strange UFO was spotted over Hawaii on June 6th 2018. The witness states: “DOUBLE VORTEX OVER HAWAII BEGAN WITH VOLCANO ERUPTING BIG UFOS” Source: ACIM222

May 19 2015

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PressTV: “MV-22 Osprey takes off and lands like a helicopter and cruises like a plane.

The US Marine Corps initially said 12 Marines were injured. Later on, it confirmed one death, adding that all 21 of the others had been taken to hospitals for treatment.

‘An MV-22 Osprey from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit experienced a hard-landing mishap while conducting training aboard Marine Corps Training Area – Bellows at approximately 11:00 a.m., Hawaii time,’ the initial Marine statement said.

‘Twelve Marines have been transported to a local hospital for treatment. Emergency services are on-scene and responding,’ it added.”

April 25 2015


Hawaiian One-Pan Pasta

November 16 2014

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