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November 18 2014


November 02 2014

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November 01 2014


October 31 2014


October 18 2014

A Pakistani court has rejected the appeal of Asia Bibi, a mother of five, who was convicted of blasphemy for insulting Islam’s Prophet Mohammed in 2010, the Associated Press reports. Her case led to the assassination of two politicians who supported her and spoke out against blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Bibi was arrested following a verbal spat with a Muslim woman who claimed Bibi had made ‘derogatory remarks’ about the prophet. Her lawyer told the Associated Press, that they would continue the appeals process. ‘We have a strong case and we will try our best to save her life,’ he said. Though many are sentenced to death for blasphemy, Pakistan has never executed anyone for the offense.
Pakistan upholds Christian woman's death sentence for blasphemy (RT News, Oct. 17 2014)

October 14 2014


Venezuelan Government Rejects UN Body’s Opinion of Lopez Case | venezuelanalysis.com

“On Friday, Venezuelan foreign minister Rafael Ramirez responded to the statement from the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions. ‘As we told the [U.S.] State Department not to interfere in our affairs, so we say to any working group of any institution,’ the minister said in a press conference.

Ramirez added that Lopez’s trial ‘is taking place in the framework of our laws…in which we can’t interfere’.

Ana Elisa Osorio, a deputy for the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the Latin American parliament, further argued that the Working Group statement is only an opinion, and Venezuela is under no obligation to follow the recommendation.

The Working Group has since released another statement, this time recommending the release of former opposition mayor Daniel Ceballos based on the argument that he did not receive a fair trial.

Ceballos and one other opposition mayor were jailed for 12 and 10 ½ months respectively in March for refusing to observe a Supreme Court order to dismantle opposition street barricades in their municipalities.”

October 13 2014


UN Body Recommends Release of Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez | venezuelanalysis.com

“Lopez is now standing trial for charges of public instigation, criminal association, and responsibility for property and fire damage. Lopez’s supporters and wife Lilian Tintori insist that the opposition politician is being punished for his anti-government views, and have lobbied hard internationally for his release, including to U.N. institutions. His next hearing in Venezuela is on 14 October.

Lopez, a long time opponent of the country’s Bolivarian government, is a U.S. educated economist and member of one of the most powerful families in Venezuela. From 2000 – 2008 he was mayor of a wealthy Caracas municipality, and is known for his involvement in the 2002 coup attempt against the administration of Hugo Chavez.

In the latest development of his trial, a statement dated August 26 has been released by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions recommending Lopez’s release.

The Working Group’s document states that according to the information received by the body, the opposition protests which took place in early February 2014 were part of a campaign to seek ‘possible institutional solutions to the country’s crisis’.

Further, according to these sources, the document states that the February 12 demonstration at which Lopez spoke occurred ‘in peace and without violence’. The document then says that the deaths and property damage which occurred that day, including the destruction of the front of the public prosecutor’s office, were perpetrated by ‘police and pro-government para-police groups’.

The document then outlines a set of legal arguments based on the version of events laid out, and displays dissatisfaction with the Venezuelan government’s response to the questions posed to it about Lopez’s detention and the charges made against him.

The Working Group concludes by arguing that, ‘The arrest of Mr. Leopoldo Lopez constitutes an arbitrary detention,’ and recommends ‘the immediate release of Mr. Leopoldo Lopez and [the awarding of] comprehensive compensation’.

Lopez’s legal team welcomed the statement in a press conference yesterday [Oct. 10 2014], with a spokesperson declaring, ‘This is a U.N. pronouncement, a pronouncement that has to be respected immediately by the government and its jurisdictional authorities’.

There has not yet been official comment on the U.N. group’s statement from Venezuelan authorities.”

September 21 2014


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August 03 2014


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June 19 2014

May 21 2014

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May 14 2014

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