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March 01 2018


fresherbrine: Lake Poopó, Bolivia

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January 14 2018


Calbuco, stratovolcano in southern Chile.

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unboliviable: A cablecar (with a photo of president Evo Morales of Bolivia on the door) glides silently over the city of La Paz.

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December 26 2017


November 16 2017


Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

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October 14 2017


Estadio Hernando Siles, La Paz, Bolivia.

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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

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September 26 2017


August 01 2017


July 29 2017


kubafilipowski: Llama looking at Licancabur Volcano, Bolivia


July 08 2017


presstv.com: Opposition activists and riot police clash during an anti-government protest in Caracas, July 4, 2017.

July 01 2017

  • In Detail: The Deaths So Far (venezuelanalysis.com, May 8 2017)

    “Since April 4, 2017, violent anti-government protests have rocked Venezuela. Characterised by deadly clashes between state security forces and opposition demonstrators, vandalism and destruction of public institutions, and the assassination of Chavista supporters, the unrest has left 93 people dead to date. Hundreds more have been injured.

    Despite the heavy press coverage, there is significant confusion over how these deaths occurred and at the hands of whom. In a bid for clarity, Venezuelanalysis provides readers with an in-depth and a complete account of the deaths so far below.”

  • Is Venezuela’s Attorney General Biased Towards the Opposition? (venezuelanalysis.com, Jun. 16 2017)

    “The heightening standoff between Venezuela’s Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Diaz, and the other branches of government has dominated international news headlines in recent weeks.

    Mainstream media outlets have tried to paint Ortega as the lone defender of democracy standing up to a ruthless Maduro government hell-bent on turning the country into a socialist dictatorship. 

    In particular, international journalists have highlighted the top prosecutor’s criticisms of the government over its convening of a National Constituent Assembly, the use of military tribunals, as well as alleged human rights violations against protesters. 

    Meanwhile, government supporters have accused Ortega of promoting impunity in the face of over two months of violent opposition protesters that have claimed at least 82 lives since April 4, according to data compiled by Venezuelanalysis. 

    In light of the release of a new 101-page report on the unrest authored by the National Ombudsman’s office, I will evaluate these claims of bias against the attorney general to determine who’s right.”


“Venezuelan authorities said Thursday more than 50 tons of food have been incinerated by anti-government groups, amid ongoing attacks on public infrastructure.

The attack took place in the municipality Simon Bolivar in Barcelona, Anzoategui state, when a group of attackers infiltrated a government food distribution centre. The Ministry of Food has stated the attackers set fire to the interior of a warehouse, destroying a stockpile of basic food products awaiting distribution.

Food Minister Rodolfo Marco Torres described the incident as an act of terrorism, blaming opposition supporters.

‘This is … fascism, this attack on the people by these terrorists,’ he said.

State authorities say the attackers used improvised incendiary devices, including Molotov cocktails, though no injuries have been reported. Authorities also said they’ve recovered around 50 tons of food from the warehouse, which will be distributed to communities across Anzoategui on Friday.

No arrests have been made in connection to the incident, and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The interior of the warehouse was defaced with graffiti, including ‘Viva Leopoldo,’ a possible reference to imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. Another spray painted message read ‘damned Chavistas,’ while a third stated ‘no more hunger’.

The incident was just the latest in a wave of attacks targeting Venezuela’s state food distribution network. More than 30 facilities and vehicles involved in food distribution have been attacked in recent months, according to the minister.

‘Also, two food aid workers have been injured by gunfire in Lara state,’ he added.

The attacks have coincided with widespread opposition protests over the past three months, during which more than 90 people have died. In another alleged case of opposition violence, three power substations in Aragua state was also reportedly attacked Thursday.”

Venezuela: "Terrorists" Torch 50 Tons of Food as ex-National Guard Chief Indicted (venezuelanalysis.com, Jun. 30 2017)

なんという勿体ないことを! mottainai!

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June 30 2017


cholitas luchadores, female luchadore wrestlers (via unboliviable.tumblr.com)

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