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December 24 2013

How We Celebrate Christmas in Lebanon — Christmas Around the World

As one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, Christmas in Lebanon is a very special time. Especially so as it's common to witness religious and political divisions set aside whilst everyone embraces the Christmas spirit. Though Lebanon is home to a population of 18 different sects (with more than 30% Christian) and a turbulent history stemming from these religious differences, it's a wonderful thing to see the Christmas spirit alive and well in homes across the country, no matter the family's religious background.


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December 19 2013


[The photo was taken by Rusaila Bazlamit on July 21, 2006.]

October 03 2013

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September 07 2013

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17:17 GMT [Sep. 7 2013] : A rally against the expected US-led military operation in Syria is continuing for a second day in front of the American Embassy in al-Metn's Awkar neighborhood, east of the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

‘Syria, the land of Arabism and resilience, is in danger. But the country does not want protection as it safeguarded Arabs for a long time. It needs Arabs to stand by its side instead of calling on foreign countries to destroy it,’ Naharnet quoted activist Ali Taleb as saying.

‘The American Spring will not be achieved through Damascus, and certainly not through Beirut,’ he said.”

Syria 'chemical weapons' crisis: LIVE UPDATES

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