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December 11 2019

Shrimp Laksa Soup

This shrimp laksa soup, made with macadamia nuts, curry paste, coconut milk, chicken broth, green beans, shrimp, and rice vermicelli, is our version of the popular southeast Asian soup.

A white bowl of shrimp laksa soup with a small bowl of crispy fried shallots, a spoon, and a container of chopsticks on the side.

Adapted from Jennifer Joyce | My Asian Kitchen | Murdoch Books, 2019

This shrimp laksa soup is an easy, authentic version of the spicy Malay coconut milk and rice noodle soup that’s a staple in southeast Asia. (Malay cuisine is a mashup, according to...

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June 06 2019

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October 12 2017


@bedlamfury: A simple dinner of sambal sardin and rice with sweet soy sauce.

April 06 2014


September 01 2013

Kota Kinabalu City Mosque, Sabah, Malaysia.
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