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November 18 2014


October 17 2014


driving while black

from anarcho-queer.tumblr.com (Oct. 16 2014):

Lawmakers in St Louis, Missouri raised serious concerns about escalating tensions between police and African American residents at least a year before the shooting death of Michael Brown in the small suburb of Ferguson.

Tensions have been high because of what the citizens here see as police abuse.” says Michael Voss, the co-founder of Arch City Defenders, a non-profit legal service in St Louis. “I know that our clients feel racially profiled and that their poverty is exploited.

The Arch City Defenders published a white paper last year detailing issues with racial profiling there. The paper argues it’s a systemic problem.

One of the most obvious data points highlighting the disparity is the amount of traffic stops police make on black people.

Let’s take a look at Ferguson. There are more warrants issued in Ferguson than there are people. Voss says a good majority of these warrants are a result of traffic stops. Black people make up two-thirds of the total driving population, but account for 86 percent of all traffic stops there.


August 14 2014

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