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July 24 2019


October 22 2018


Itch for ‘better INF deal’? Trump’s treaty ‘withdrawal symptom’ destabilizes global order — RT World News

‘The United States would rather pull out because of China. Right now it cannot develop new intermediate-range missiles to confront China, even though China is not a signatory to that agreement,’ former Pentagon official Michael Maloof said, after Donald Trump announced the US intention to scrap the INF treaty.

‘The US is engaged in an arms race with China in the Pacific Ocean, and China has a whole bunch of those missiles that are not covered,’ Iranian political scientist Kaveh Afrasiabi added, calling Trump's announcement a ‘giant leap backward to the Cold War era.’

Maloof blamed Washington for its empty rhetoric and failure to explain what exactly it accuses Moscow of, while Afrasiabi pointed at the US encirclement of Russia by AEGIS ashore systems capable of launching INF-banned missiles in Europe.

‘Nobody knows what those violations are. Is it the idea of developing a new cruise missile?’ Maloof wondered. ‘The treaty does not prohibit that. And the United States is developing new intermediate missiles and cruise missiles. But again they can develop them, they can research but they just can’t deploy.’

‘If president Trump acts on his threat and they go ahead and develop the new intermediate missiles the only place to put them, of course, is in the NATO countries in proximity to Russia which will be a very destabilizing factor,’ Afrasiabi explained.”

September 25 2018


Latin American presidents should serve their people, not US interests – Bolivia's Evo Morales to RT — RT World News

‘There are some serious problems in Latin America. In Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador, the presidents, who used to be the guarantors of the sovereignty and dignity of the people, are now being subjected to political persecution,’ Morales said.

He was referring to Argentina's Cristina de Kirchner, Brazil's Dilma Rousseff and to Rafael Correa of Ecuador, who lost power in their countries in recent years and are now facing various charges, pushed forward by new, US-backed governments.

Washington's ‘extensive political campaign’ in Latina America is headed by US Vice President Mike Pence, the Bolivian leader said, in the run-up to his address at the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday.

‘There are no military coups taking place in Latin America anymore as coups are now happening through congresses and courts. It's yet another mechanism used by the US to deal with presidents fighting against imperialism.’

If those measures prove ineffective, the US resorts to ‘making plots and carrying out provocations,’ Morales said. And when that fails as well, there's talk of military intervention, like it has been talked about regarding Venezuela.”

September 24 2018


September 12 2018


Ron Paul: 'Why Are We Siding With al-Qaeda in Syria?'

“Last week, I urged the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to stop protecting al-Qaeda in Syria by demanding that the Syrian government leave Idlib under al-Qaeda control. While it may seem hard to believe that the US government is helping al-Qaeda in Syria, it’s not as strange as it may seem: our interventionist foreign policy increasingly requires Washington to partner up with ‘bad guys’ in pursuit of its dangerous and aggressive foreign policy goals.

Does the Trump Administration actually support al-Qaeda and ISIS? Of course not. But the ‘experts’ who run Trump’s foreign policy have determined that a de facto alliance with these two extremist groups is for the time being necessary to facilitate the more long-term goals in the Middle East. And what are those goals? Regime change for Iran.”

August 17 2018


New US sanctions meant to harass Iranian people: Analyst

“I hope that [Western] allies [of the United States] will finally find out that the country we ought to have sanctions against and we ought to pressure to behave decently is the United States and not Iran” ― Jan Oberg, political commentator and founder of transnational.org

August 02 2018

Do not disobey Allah for the sake of someone you love. Because the heart of the one you love is in the control of The One you disobey
ummomar (via In-Allah-We-Believe)

“The One you disobey” = Satan? Does the author say a friendship or marriage between Muslim and non-Muslim is Satan’s trap?! If so, I can’t believe this is a remark by a person living in the 21st century…

Countless studies have since shown that exposure to pornography desensitizes men to violence against women, often shaping their sexuality in such a way that they become unable to experience arousal without some element of dominance or violence. The evidence has been so damning that, at times, universities have refused to allow further research on the topic. When a study shows detrimental effects that cannot be reversed, ethics boards will often refuse similar studies to go on. This has happened repeatedly with research on the effects of pornography.
Maya Shlayen, Whose Porn, Whose Feminism (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)

July 26 2018

— 成毛眞『日本人の9割に英語はいらない』 (via across the boundaries)

July 19 2018

I hate when people refer to the Middle East as the “Arab World” or “Islamic World”.

By using the term “Arab World” you are excluding the indigenous Assyrian, Amazigh, Mandean, Copts, Armenian, Persian, Turkoman and Kurdish communities.

By using the term “Islamic World” you are neglecting the presence of Judaism and Christianity (both religions originated there), and are erasing the existence of Zoroastrian, Druze, Bahai, and Yezidi beliefs, among others.

Choose your words wisely. They matter.
assyrian-prince (via Middle East - North Africa - Central Asia)

July 17 2018


経済下流域に押し流される圧倒的多数の国民: 植草一秀の『知られざる真実』
















Well, what’s the crucial fact about Iran, which we should begin with, is that for the past 60 years, not a day has passed in which the U.S. has not been torturing Iranians. That’s 60 years, right now. It began with a military coup, which overthrew the parliamentary regime in 1953, installed the Shah, a brutal dictator. Amnesty International described him as one of the worst, most extreme torturers in the world, year after year.

When he was overthrown in 1979, the U.S. almost immediately turned to supporting Saddam Hussein in an assault against Iran, which killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians, used extensive use of chemical weapons. Of course, at the same time, Saddam attacked his Kurdish population with horrible chemical weapons attacks. The U.S. supported all of that. The Reagan administration even tried to—succeeded in preventing a censure of Iraq. The United States essentially won the war against Iran by its support for Iraq. It immediately—Saddam Hussein was a favorite of the Reagan and first Bush administration, to such an extent that George H.W. Bush, the first Bush, right after the war, in 1989, invited Iraqi nuclear engineers to the United States for advanced training in nuclear weapons production. That’s the country that had devastated Iran, horrifying attack and war. Right after that, Iran was subjected to harsh sanctions. And it continues right until this moment.

So we now have a 60-year record of torturing Iranians. We don’t pay attention to it, but you can be sure that they do, with good reason. That’s point number one.
— Noam Chomsky (via iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com)
Reposted byfinkregh finkregh

July 15 2018


The Beauty of Islam - Scholars are not psychiatrists or therapists.

“The default is that clergy are asked questions of a legal or a theological nature. Ask them about a verse you don’t understand, or a hadith, or a fiqh ruling.

But, and I say this loud and clear, the average Shaykh is NOT qualified to be a family counselor, or a marriage therapist, or a psychiatrist who can help you with OCD, depression, mental trauma, sexual abuse, substance abuse, or a host of other issues that they haven’t been trained to deal with. (Obviously, some of them have undertaken specialized training after their seminary education - I am not talking about that group).

PLEASE, if you need help, go to a trained person. Yes, family, friends, your local Shaykh, etc., can insha Allah be a secondary support mechanism in some cases (again, a case by case basis), but realize that the primary person you need to see if you’re dealing with depression is a trained therapist, not someone who has a beautiful Quranic recitation or can give a great academic talk about Islam.”

July 07 2018


replies to @tancredipalmeri: “Amazing from Japan. This is how they left the changing room after…”

“This is nothing. Pakistan team would have cleaned the entire room, including the chairs and lights.” — @kickasss420

“Shame they didn’t leave pearl harbour like that” — @KNIALLS1991

minority opinions but I want to take note of them.

June 26 2018


“Music addiction is real and it is something dangerous as Muslims.”

this argument seems rather absurd to me; there are good music and bad music in this world, that’s all. but the idea of “music addiction” draws my attention a bit.

June 07 2018

A major difference between Iranian and Western cinema is that in the West, the evolution of cinema began with paintings, then photography…it was a progression through image….But in the East, our tradition of the Persian miniature did not really affect our cinema. At the beginning of the Islamic era, paintings and drawings were discouraged. So our tradition of image is not as old as our tradition of poetry… [and] we went straight from narrative to cinema….Our story-telling tradition is very poetic.
Mohsen Makhmalbaf (via The Daily Persian)

June 02 2018


opposing view: “I don’t think it’s about more gun control.”

“also airbags are bullshit because i never was in a car crash..” — @sofias

March 20 2018


His view, in my interpretation: a real, devout Muslim would avoid homosexuality and be an exemplary husband over his wife in accordance with the teachings of the Quran. The root cause of the Orlando Shootings isn’t Islam, but lack of Islamic self-discipline against homosexuality and domestic violence. Am I wrong?

I’m often surprised at Muslim people’s lack of sensitivity on gender-related issues such as LGBTQ rights, when I hear their arguments against Islamophobia. I agree in general with the view of the speaker in the above YouTube video, but using homophobia to refute Islamophobia is rather disturbing for me.

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