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August 02 2018

Countless studies have since shown that exposure to pornography desensitizes men to violence against women, often shaping their sexuality in such a way that they become unable to experience arousal without some element of dominance or violence. The evidence has been so damning that, at times, universities have refused to allow further research on the topic. When a study shows detrimental effects that cannot be reversed, ethics boards will often refuse similar studies to go on. This has happened repeatedly with research on the effects of pornography.
Maya Shlayen, Whose Porn, Whose Feminism (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)

July 22 2013


‘Unavoidable choice’: Cameron readying UK internet porn block (RT News, Jul. 22 2013)

British PM David Cameron has announced that all UK households are to have their access blocked to online pornography unless they choose to ‘opt in’. By the end of next year, households will have to accept or decline an automatic porn filter. ...

from comments on the report:

  • NSA and PRISM plus telcom cooperation will make this easier. All govt GET OUT OF MY LIFE!
  • if they want to ban it they will have to ban proxys too, so bye bye online anonymity in UK
  • Soon, you will need to ‘opt in’ to see political dissent.

from other news sites:

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