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September 12 2018


US Says Assad Has Approved Gas Attack In Idlib, Setting Stage For Major Military Conflict

“The Wall Street Journal has just published a bombshell on Sunday evening as Russian and Syrian warplanes continue bombing raids over al-Qaeda held Idlib, citing unnamed US officials who claim “President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold.”

And perhaps more alarming is that the report details that Trump is undecided over whether new retaliatory strikes could entail expanding the attack to hit Assad allies Russia and Iran this time around.”

July 17 2018


morality police in Iran

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):

… she [Masih Alinejad] has posted multiple videos of “morality police harassing women in Iran” for their attire. She has spread the following video (i’m not tech savvy and idk how to embed videos from twitter so here’s a GIF):


She has tweeted this video saying that the two women on the right are members of Iran’s morality police and were harassing the woman on the left for not dressing properly, so she removed her hijab in response. The women on the right are not members of Iran’s morality police and considering Alinejad has lived in Iran, she should know what members of the morality police look like:


Women in the morality police wear dark green veils under their chadors and also wear a badge signifying their status. While I do not agree with policing women for how they dress and do not support the compulsory hijab law, I also don’t like fake, self-proclaimed activists such as Alinejad who are funded by western media outlets, which are controlled by pro-war politicians, who use and spread these lies to justify war/regime change in Iran.

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Iran: protests in Khoramshahr

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):


On June 20th 2018, protests in Khoramshahr due to water shortages turned violent as Iran’s police forces shot at two ~protesters~.

I’ve seen both Shahi and MEK propagandist outlets on social media decontextualizing this, saying that Iran’s police forces shot at the crowd and killed two protestors.

If you look closely, you can see the two “protestors” are armed. It’s extremely difficult for civilians in Iran to attain guns, which is why it’s important to be critical of these reportings. The man shooting on the bike at the police gets shot, and his partner, instead of helping him, abandons him and takes the gun.


The people were armed (which is highly suspicious) and got shot at after shooting at the police. It’s safe to say the police shooting was provoked by terrorists. It’s likely that these ~protestors~ are affiliated with the MEK or considering this is in Khoramshahr, they could also be Arab separatists. Arab separatists have very little support, and this is not the majority belief of Iran’s Arab population.


Terrorists hijacking protests born from legitimate grievances and frustrations in order to instigate a regime change fueled by corrupt self-interests isn’t exactly an unfamiliar ploy (*cough* SYRIA..HELLO.. *cough). Pro-regime change puppets who are funded by war-mongering politicians who seek to imperialize the region (Masih Alinejad, shahi & MEK propagandists) circulating such propaganda isn’t unfamiliar either.

I’ve seen a lot of people on social media spreading these lies unknowingly, which just goes to show that they didn’t pay attention to what happened with Syria and Iraq because the exact same ploy is being used with Iran.

Regime change has very little support in Iran, even amongst the people protesting due to the crumbling economy because of ^^^this^^^ exact reason. What would be best for Iran right now would be to relieve the sanctions, but those were purposely re-imposed to instigate these protests, so they can again be hijacked by terrorists who will instigate a civil war.

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  • catchymemes: Morality Police in Iran tells a woman she’s not wearing hijab correctly. So the woman takes her hijab off completely.

  • emvampyre: Hope she’s still alive.

  • iranian-diaspora: These women are not morality police, they are regular civilians. This lie was spread by Masih Alinejad, who receives funding from Western media outlets which are controlled by anti-Iran politicians who advocate for war with and regime change in Iran.

  • iranian-diaspora: Here is another propagandist lie spread by Masih Alinejad. Again, she falsely labels the three women on the right as morality police, despite being fully aware of what morality police look like. These women are just regular civilians. Again, I do not agree with policing women for how they dress, and Iranian women should be free to dress how they want, but these lies are peak western-feminism, which appropriates misogyny in Iran to justify regime change wars for installing favorable puppet dictators, and imperialism.

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May 20 2018


October 16 2017


‘Mad dog’ Trump flyers ‘blown in’ from N. Korea found in Seoul (PHOTOS) — RT News


  • @TheRandomUniver: Their posters are pretty well made though.

  • @PeakLyon: NK: Where retro propaganda posters aren't retro

  • @PoppaBearUK: Anti-Trump flyers dropped by CIA and blamed on NK. So 1960's


“ Anti-Trump propaganda leaflets have been found strewn across the South Korean capital, including near the presidential residence. Reportedly blown in from North Korea, the colorful flyers depict the US leader as ‘a mad dog,” and wish gruesome death to the ‘old lunatic.’

One of the flyers depicts Donald Trump as a dog with a human face, standing behind a podium with ‘UN 2017’ written on it. The caricature holds a bomb in its mouth, which is inscribed with the words: ‘Totally destroy North Korea,’ according to Reuters.

‘Will kill 25,000,000 people in North Korea,’ the ‘mad dog’ says, while two men in suits, reminiscent of Japan’s Shinzo Abe and the South Korea’s Moon Jae-in, comment: ‘He’s gone completely insane’ and ‘If we let him be, there will be war.’

The leaflet apparently alludes to Trump’s address at the UN last month, in which he threatened Pyongyang with total destruction in the event of an attack on the US or its allies.”

— RT News: ‘Mad dog’ Trump flyers ‘blown in’ from N. Korea found in Seoul (Oct. 16, 2017)

September 21 2017


“In his address, Trump also accused the Iranian government of exporting ‘violence, bloodshed and chaos.’

‘Iran must stop supporting terrorists, begin serving its own people and respect the sovereign rights of its neighbors.’”

— PressTV: Trump calls Iran nuclear deal an 'embarrassment' to US (Sep 19, 2017)

Give your condemnation first to the Saudi regime before Iran, Mr. President.

August 01 2017


@statedeptspox [US State Department Spokesperson]: We stand w/ millions of #Venezuelans who've rejected efforts to weaken democracy & condemn violence by #Maduro regime against its citizens.

July 16 2017


July 06 2017



from krxs10.tumblr.com (Apr. 4 2016):


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Protest Breaks out Against the Lack of Sanders Coverage Outside CNN Studio In Hollywood California, And Not One News Network Is Covering it

On Sunday, more than 1,000 protesters voiced their anger over CNN’s lack of Bernie Sanders coverage and the medias blatant bias towards Hilary Clinton, at the network’s Los Angeles headquarters.

And yet….not one Major or Local new station is covering it….

Protesters gathered together in a peaceful sit in, holding up bernie signs and chanting “Clinton News Network”. Since CNN’s first Democratic presidential debate program this election season, the network has put Clinton front and center and fawned over her performance, even when Sanders gained more followers.

This #BernieBlackout is no coincidence or accident. it could have something to do with the fact that Time Warner Cable owns CNN. Time Warner, of course, has donated over $400,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

Despite his last six wins in a row, and the fact that Bernie’s managed to pack arenas with over 27 thousand people, Sanders has been largely ignored by the network. Ironically, CNN continued to run segments on an upcoming travel show even as the large mob chanted outside the building.




Virtual Embassy Iran

Why Virtual Embassy Tehran?

This place is for you, the Iranian People…

The Virtual Embassy Tehran, which includes this website and our USAdarFarsi social media properties, is the primary official resource for the Iranian people to get information directly from the U.S. government about U.S. policy and American values and culture. We created this platform, and work hard to keep it updated with fresh content, to provide information about travel to the U.S., educational opportunities, and our policies towards Iran and the rest of the world. We have grown over the past few years from a simple website to a whole variety of online properties, including our USAdarFarsi accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Telegram. This amazing growth is thanks to you, our audience. This website is not a formal diplomatic mission, nor does it represent or describe a real U.S. Embassy accredited to the Iranian Government. But, in the absence of direct contact, we hope it can serve as a bridge between the American and Iranian people.”


Pars Today: 国連特別報告者

  • 国連特別報告者、イランに対する根拠のない疑惑を提示 (2017年3月8日)




  • イラン国会人権本部、「国連は、芝居の舞台と化している」 (2017年3月9日)




Islamic Republic News Agency: on UN special rapporteur

June 26 2017

8030 f1a4

“조선인민과 꾸바인민 사이의 전투적친선단결 만세!”

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June 13 2015

To U.S. leaders, he [Noam Chomsky] explained in an interview with Russia Today, any news outlet that ‘does not repeat the U.S. propaganda system is intolerable,’ he said.

Chomsky argued in the interview that the U.S. doctrine defined the international community and the ‘West.’ He touched on the current nuclear talks taking place between Iran and the world powers regarding Iran's nuclear program and argued that the standard line on that program is defined according to the interests of the U.S. and its allies, the well-being of the world notwithstanding.

‘The West means the United States and everyone else that goes along,’ he said. ‘What’s called the international community in the United States is the United States and anyone who happens to be going along with it. Take, say, for example, the question of Iran’s right to carry out its current nuclear policies, whatever they are. The standard line is that the international community objects to this. Who is the international community? What the United States determines it to be.’
US Democracy in Serious Decline, Says Noam Chomsky (teleSUR English, Apr. 17 2015)

June 04 2015


“In a statement on Monday, Israel's mission to the United Nations condemned the move by the 19-member UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations to recognize the UK-based Palestinian Return Center (PRC).

The statement was issued after the UN committee on Monday voted 12 to 3 in favor, with three abstentions, of recognizing the PRC as a permanent NGO with access to many fora of the world body.

The Israeli mission claimed that the PRC ‘promotes anti-Israel propaganda in Europe’ and that senior members of the Palestinian NGO have links to other organizations which transfer funds to Hamas.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor castigated the decision, saying, ‘The UN has gone one step further, giving Hamas a grand welcoming at its main gates, allowing it to be a full participant.’

Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, China, Cuba and Venezuela were among the countries that supported the PRC application at the United Nations while the US, Uruguay and Israel voted against. India, Russia and Greece abstained, and Burundi was absent.”

UN recognition of Palestinian NGO angers Israel (PressTV, Jun. 2 2015)

  • Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) response to the dangerous, unfounded Israeli claims at UN (prc.org.uk, Jun. 1 2015)

    “We would like to remind the distinguished delegations that the Palestinian Return Centre is a UN NGO member of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP) for more than 10 years. The CEIRPP is composed of 25 Member and 24 Observer States and dozens of NGOs. We express our deep frustration and anger by the statement made by Israel which in essence questions the credibility of the UN which has agreed on our CEIRPP membership years ago. We believe that the only reason that Israel is launching this huge campaign against us is due to the simple fact that we defend the right of return for Palestinian refugees.”

    “The practice of the Israeli delegation before the NGO committee is dangerous and is entirely refused where it blatantly accused PRC of being a member of Hamas. All these allegations stated by delegation of Israel are false and unfounded and they are only circulated by Israeli intelligence, Israeli NGOs, Israeli politicians and Israeli watchdog organisations. Thus, the Israeli claims have Zero credibility. All the sources used by the Israeli delegation lack credibility since they are either funded by the government of Israel or funded by the many pro Israeli lobby groups worldwide. We know these sources one by one and we are certain that the Israeli delegations will not be able to reveal them as they solely Israeli ones.”

April 23 2015


hangthebankers.com: Hollywood has often been accused of being the propaganda arm for the Israeli government. These leaked emails appear to confirm that this is indeed the case.


Wikileaks: Sony emails reveal Hollywood execs work for Israel

Top Hollywood bosses enjoy a strong relationship with the Israeli government and various pro-Israel lobbying groups across the United States, according to a cache of Sony internal emails leaked to Wikileaks and published for the first time last week.

The emails reveal a dinner between Sony executives and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; the presenter of American X-Factor chiding actress Natalie Portman aggressively for her views on Israel; meetings between top entertainment chiefs and the Israeli consulate-general; close ties between Sony’s Co-Chairperson and various pro-Israel lobbying groups; and film chiefs planning, in detail, a new documentary about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, about which the emails also reflect rising concern. ...

April 02 2015


“TEPCO’s paid consultant from the US, Dale Klein is pushing TEPCO’s continuing quest to dump contaminated water into the ocean. The reason given today is that he claims it is harmless if you dilute it with other water. A ton of highly contaminated water is a ton of highly contaminated water, even if you add another ton of cleaner water to the release. This is an old industry PR tactic that is in dire need of retirement.”SimplyInfo.org (Mar. 31 2015)

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