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July 16 2017


May 19 2015


Extremists Flourish in Abe Shinzo’s Japan | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

  • “... reactionaries are now inflicting infinitely more damage on Japan’s reputation than a handful of newspaper articles in the 1990s. It is scandalous that the so-called Net Right of extremists, lurking behind pseudonyms and spewing ill-informed vitriol on the Internet, are eroding democratic freedoms, censoring inconvenient truths and degrading Japan’s image internationally.

    As Martin Fackler of the New York Times recently wrote (10/29/2014), these cyberactivists, ‘have gained an outsize influence with the rise of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s conservative government, which shares the goal of ending negative portrayal of Japan’s history, and with the acquiescence of a society too uninterested or scared to speak out.’ Fackler goes on to note several examples around Japan where the Net Right has imposed its agenda through thuggery.

    Japan’s cyber-terrorists sound like religious extremists, threatening ‘divine retribution’ in the form of gas canisters packed with nails. By stopping towns from erecting repentant war memorials, caterwauling on the Internet and scaring employers into firing ‘undesirables’, these vigilantes represent Japan in jackboots. This evokes the 1930s when ultranationalists hounded respected academics such as Tatsukichi Minobe and Tadao Yanaihara from their posts, acts that coincided with a wave of assassinations.”

  • “... Mark Mullins, Professor of Japanese Studies at the University of Auckland, warns that, ‘Threats from right-wing activists have to be taken seriously. Recall that in 1990 Nagasaki Mayor Motoshima Hitoshi was shot by rightists for expressing his views about the Emperor and war responsibility; and in 2006 Katō Kōichi, a moderate LDP politician, had his house in Yamagata burned down for his criticism of Prime Minister Koizumi’s visits to Yasukuni Shrine.’

    [Sven] Saaler [professor of history at Sophia University] sees a broader pattern: ‘In recent years, pressure by right-wing groups has led to cinemas cancelling movies dealing with sensitive, war-related issues; hotels cancelling the reservations of conference rooms for symposia dealing with such issues; and museums cancelling or revising exhibitions with sensitive contents.’

    Under Abe, [Satoko] Norimatsu [director of the Vancouver-based Peace Philosophy Centre] believes the situation is worsening as, ‘widespread anti-China and anti-Korea sentiments, books of that kind becoming bestsellers, hate demonstrations, assault on history by the nation’s leaders that trickles down to the general public, page-ripping of Anne Frank’s diaries, hiding of Barefoot Gen in school libraries, assault on protest tents in Okinawa and anti-nuclear tents in Tokyo, and public places refusing to rent space to groups that discuss issues like the constitution and anti-nuclear power.’”

  • “Saaler concludes, ‘The situation can be compared to Weimar Germany, where the authorities turned a blind eye to right-wing activities and let right-wing violence go largely unpunished.’ Here we remain far from descending into that Nazi abyss, but government tolerance for intolerance and hooliganism makes a mockery of the rule of law, democratic norms and the Olympic spirit.”

August 20 2013

Sandy Rios of the American Family Association today said she is ‘very grateful’ for the action taken by the Egyptian military against the Muslim Brotherhood, including the massacre that left over 600 people in Egypt dead, and added that she also believes Muslims should not have First Amendment rights in the United States.

She denounced Muslim-Americans for ‘claiming our First Amendment rights here when Islam is much more than a religion’ and said Islam should not be treated like Christianity, Buddhism or Hindusm. ‘It is a complete and total system that demands usurpation of whatever the local authority is, it demands to dominate, it demands to conquer, to kill or convert,’ Rios charged.

The talk show host added that the massacre victims weren’t ‘innocent’ and that she is ‘applauding’ their actions against the Brotherhood.
Rios and Gaffney Approve Egypt Massacre, Oppose First Amendment Rights for Muslims (Right Wing Watch, Aug. 16 2013)
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