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June 14 2015


micdotcom [Jun. 9 2015]: On Monday, U.S. district judge James Brady granted 68-year-old Albert Woodfox his freedom and took the additional step of barring him from standing trial again in connection to his alleged role in the 1972 murder of a prison guard. Woodfox had been awaiting another trial around the tragic circumstances that led to his confinement.

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June 13 2015

The United Nations has previously called on all states to ban solitary confinement for periods longer than 15 days. But according to the U.S. based advocacy website Solitary Watch, there are currently some 25,000 individuals being held in long-term isolation in the nation’s ‘supermax’ facilities.
Ex-Black Panther Released after 43 Years in Solitary Confinement (teleSUR English, Jun. 10 2015)
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