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March 23 2018

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sniper-at-the-gates-of-heaven [via middleeasternsarecool]: Through her work, Hassani hopes to present a different view of Afghanistan — one not easily equated with war and violence but beauty and art. “I want to cover all bad memories of war from people’s minds with colors,” she said in an interview with Street Art Bio. Meet afghan street artist shamsia hassani and see more of her work here.

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March 07 2017


bookmania: Woman Reading, a street art in Luxembourg

May 11 2015


Seoul, South Korea.

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February 06 2015


November 22 2014


December 13 2013


About this video, unboliviable says:

Based in La Paz, artist collective Mujeres Creando employ a variety of tactics and media to engage the public in their feminist movement.

For more than two decades, the collective have promoted solidarity through zines, public performance, protests, and events hosted at their café. In this video, the group spreads their message on their pirate station Radio Deseo, and by tagging bold, topical questions and aphorisms on the streets of the city, ensuring maximum visibility of their speech.

Though Mujeres Creando combat patriarchal norms at large in Latin America, their work is particularly important in Bolivia, where a federal government lurching toward progress does little to combat the day-to-day violence and injustice against women in local penal systems.

November 24 2013

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