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June 03 2018


polychelles: Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

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June 23 2017


‘US grills inmates in secret UAE-run jails in Yemen’

“The Associated Press documented at least 18 secret jails across southern Yemen run by the UAE or by Yemeni militia loyal to the former Yemeni government, where prisoners face extreme abuse and torture on a routine basis.

On Wednesday, senior US defense officials confirmed that the American forces have been involved in interrogations of detainees in Yemen but denied any participation in or knowledge of human rights violations.

Several torturing methods are being used at the jails, including the ‘grill’ in which the victim is tied to a spit like a roast and spins in a circle of fire, according to the report.

Former inmates released from one main detention facility at Riyan airport in the southern city of Mukalla, said they were crammed into shipping containers covered with feces and blindfolded for weeks. They said they were beaten, trussed up on the ‘grill,’ and sexually abused.

‘The entire place is gripped by fear. Almost everyone is sick, the rest are near death. Anyone who complains heads directly to the torture chamber,’ said a former detainee held for six months at Riyan airport.

So far, over 400 men have disappeared after being swept up in Mukalla.

The UAE secret jail network in Yemen was established during former US president Barack Obama’s administration and still continues its operations, according to the report.”

March 20 2015


poeticislam: Inlaid flowers across Sheikh Zayed mosque’s 183,000-square-foot marble courtyard.

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March 08 2015


February 06 2015


June 18 2014


May 08 2014

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