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May 14 2019


gameraboy1: Forbidden Planet (1956)

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May 13 2019


October 08 2018

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July 30 2018

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July 25 2018


July 19 2018


July 15 2018


July 02 2018

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unexplained-events: On August 6th of ‘97, numerous people witnessed a UFO hovering over a building. One of the witnesses captured footage of the incident using his Sony digital camera. The video was anonymously sent to Televisa. You can view the video from which these GIFs were taken along with eye witness commentary by clicking the source below. The video also goes into the professional opinion of video analyst who believe the video to be authentic and unedited. SOURCE

July 01 2018


72 Signs of Alien Abduction

from magick-rose-galaxy.tumblr.com (via hybrid-alien):

This isn’t going to be a bullshit joke post, although some of the questions on here are very odd. These are actually 72 signs of alien abduction. The questions are calculated by most used by abductees. It is estimated that one-fourth of Americans believe in aliens. It is also estimated that for every grain of sand, there is another earth-like planet.


72 Signs Of Alien Abduction:

1 – LOST TIME: A period of time, from minutes to several days, in which you cannot recall what happened to you or what you have done.

2 – UNUSUAL MARKS: On your body like scars, scoop marks, laser cuts in series on ankle, wrist or back. Any scars which you’re unable to explain where you got them from.

3 – TAPPING OR HUMMING NOISES: Hearing these sounds upon odd occasion such as bedtime, just prior to sleep.

4 – BEING WATCHED: A feeling you get, during or just prior to sleep at night.

5 – SLEEPWALKING: You wake up in a different place from where you went to sleep and do not know how you got there.

6 – SEEN A UFO: During your life you’ve seen UFO’s or seen strange lights in the sky. (Many times, in my teenage years, I saw silver discs, very high in the sky.)

7 – NEED TO TRAVEL: A strange compulsion to walk or drive to another location without any explanation. (This happened four times to me.)

8 – UNEXPLAINED MEDICAL PROBLEMS: Sudden illness, sinus problems, fatigue, migraines or rashes.

9 – UNABLE TO SLEEP: You experience insomnia by way of nightmares, dreaming of UFO’s or being devoured by animals with large black eyes. (Usually associated with common wild animals such as owls, coyotes or wolves.)

10 – IMPLANTS: Your physician or you discover small, strange object inside your body that cannot be explained. Common places are the hip, ankle, foot, nose, ear or hand.

11 – TERMINATED PREGNANCY: You become pregnant and within a few months the pregnancy is terminated, without any explanation or discharge.

12 – SPERM SAMPLES: You believe you have had intercourse in the night or have had semen extracted from your body.

13 – PSYCHIC ABILITIES: You suddenly feel as though you have obtained some degree of psychic ability without any explanation for it.

14 – PARALYZED IN BED: Waking with immobility. For some reason you cannot move your body for a few seconds or minutes.

15 – BALLS OF LIGHT: Flashes of light or beams of light glimpsed through the corner of your eyes or seen directly, head on in your bedroom at night.

16 – DREAMS OF FLYING: Repeated dreams of having the ability to fly or of flying over your house or a familiar area.

17 – STRONG MEMORY: A very strong memory of something unusual such as floating through the air, lying upon an examination table, seeing a hypodermic needle or seeing a strange, skinny baby.

18 – COSMIC AWARENESS: A sudden interest in ecology, environment, vegetarianism or you just become very socially conscious for no apparent reason in your adult life.

19 – YOUR MISSION: You become aware of a strong sense of duty, a mission in life. You have a compulsion to fulfill a task in life but you don’t know exactly what it is or why you have this feeling.

20 – “SPECIAL”: You have a feeling that secretly, known only to yourself, you are special or chosen by someone, somehow.

21 – UNEXPLAINED EVENTS: You have had occurrences in your life which you cannot understand or explain to anyone.

22 – PSYCHIC: You have had the experience of knowing something was going to happen before it happened and then – it did happen!

23 – EYE DREAMS: You remember dreaming about large eyes. Usually familiar wildlife animals such as deer, elk, moose, owl, wolf or coyote. All you remember about the dream are the unusually large eyes.

24 – STARTLED: You awaken in the night, sometimes frequently, feeling a sense of panic or anxiety for no apparent reason.

25 – PICTURES OF ALIENS: You have an aversion to looking at any picture or drawing of an alien, similar to the greys shown on the cover of the book: “Communion”. (I had a weird obsession with the cover of that book and had to have it by my bed so I could look at it at night)

26 – FEARS OR PHOBIAS: You have inexplicable feelings of aversion to heights, snakes, spiders, large insects, certain sounds, bright lights, personal safety and/or a fear of being alone.

27 – SPECIAL PLACE: You have a memory of a special place with spiritual significance when you were a youngster.

28 – SELF-ESTEEM PROBLEMS: You have experienced that low worth feeling much of your life.

29 – SEEN IN SLEEP: Someone with you, a partner, become paralyzed, motionless or frozen in time, especially at or during bedtime.

30 – CRAFT OR ALIEN: You have someone in your life who claims to have seen a UFO, been abducted or has witnessed missing time.

31 – BLOOD: You have had times when you found blood, or small drops of blood on your pillow with no explanation how it got there.

32 – UFO’S OR ALIENS: You have had an interest in these topics in your mind with no idea why.

33 – AVERSION: You have an extreme aversion to talking, seeing or listening to any mention of the subject of UFO’s, aliens or abductions.

34 – BEING WATCHED: You have the feeling you are being watched most of the time, especially at night.

35 – SOLID OBJECTS: You have the feeling of having had your body pass through solid objects such as doors or windows.

36 – FOG OR HAZE: You have seen fog or haze when it should not have been there.

37 – NOSEBLEEDS: You have had nose bleeds at some time in your life without apparent cause or you have awoken with a nosebleed.

38 – SORENESS: You awaken with soreness in your genitals which cannot be explained.

39 – BACK OR NECK PROBLEMS: Your back aches without cause or you awaken with unusual stiffness in any part of your body.

40 – ELECTRONIC MALFUNCTION: Certain electronic appliances, (computers, digital watches, etc.) seem to malfunction in your presence with no explanation. Street lights going out when you walk under them or radio and television being affected when you walk by.

41 – RINGING IN THE EARS: Frequent or sporadic ringing in your ears on just in one ear.

42 – BEHIND YOUR EYE: A headache, especially in the sinus, or in just one ear.

43 – MEDICAL PROCEDURES: Dreams of doctors doing medical procedures upon your body.

44 – GOING CRAZY: Having the feeling that you are going insane for even thinking about these sorts of things.

45 – PARANORMAL: Experiencing psychic or odd experiences including intuition.

46 – COMPULSIVE/ADDICTIVE: This behavior either throughout your life or onset at adulthood. (I have had this problem, throughout my life.)

47 – URGE TO TAKE VITAMINS: Do you feel compelled to take more vitamins as the years pass? Do you feel somehow it is helping ‘replenish’ your body? (I started taking a lot of vitamins very young. I kept telling myself it was just because I wanted to be ‘healthy’.)

48 – AFRAID OF THE CLOSET: Have you ever been or are you now afraid of your closet or any closet in the house, having to make certain the door(s) are always shut?

49 – SEXUAL OR RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS: Have had or are having an odd feeling that you must not become involved in a relationship because it would interfere with something.

50 – REMAIN VIGILANT: Fear that if you do not remain vigilant you will be taken away by someone.

51 – DIFFICULTY TRUSTING: Have trouble trusting other people, especially authority figures such as doctors.

52 – DREAMS OF DESTRUCTION: Dreams about catastrophes such as the end of the world.

53 – DON’T TALK: You have the feeling you should not talk about these things or that you are not supposed to talk about these things.

54 – SLEEP AGAINST THE WALL: You feel you must have your bed against the wall.

55 – LOCKING ALL DOORS: You double and triple-check locking up at night to prevent something or someone getting into your home.

56 – CHILDREN OR PARENTS: Have talked about things on this list or you have heard them talk to others about things on this list.

57 – NO SUCCESS: You have tried to resolve some of these problems in your mind but with little success.

58 – NO RECALL: You have experienced many of these traits but cannot remember anything related to an abduction experience.









67 – EXPERIENCE FLASHBACKS – (Strange craft, conference, corridors, glowing-misty oval room with table, alien exam, instruments, babies, hybrid children, ufo sightings, etc.)



70 – SEE SAME NUMBERS ON THE CLOCK LINED UP (Such as awakening at 1:11 a.m. or 3:33 a.m.)


72 – AWAKE IN OTHER POSITION/PLACE  (I was sleepwalking, I thought, at a young age and my Grandmother awakened me in the front yard in the middle of the night!)

I have an alien abduction psychic reading in my bio if you feel as if you have experienced something extraterrestrial.

June 11 2018

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ufo-world-tv: A strange UFO was spotted over Hawaii on June 6th 2018. The witness states: “DOUBLE VORTEX OVER HAWAII BEGAN WITH VOLCANO ERUPTING BIG UFOS” Source: ACIM222

June 08 2018

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tumblr_p9vx8vZgxl1uhrz3qo3_250 tumblr_p9vx8vZgxl1uhrz3qo4_250

ufo-world-tv: A total of three UFOs were spotted over Salt Lake City Utah on May the 22nd 2018. The witness states “I have no clue what I was filming. If somebody will give me the idea that gonna be perfect!” Source: Leonid Feldman

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weveneverbeenalone: UFOs, in Ancient Art, Baptism of Christ, 1710, Painting by, Aert de Gelder


June 04 2018

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Japan Ultra Series: Ultraseven vs Darii

First broadcast in 1968. Story: Kaori was in a coma for an unknown reason even doctors didn’t understand. In reality, her condition was caused by Darii, micro-sized alien creature, which went into her body when she took a smell of a flower. Moroboshi Dan, human form of Ultraseven, decided he would change himself into a micro-sized Seven, go into Kaori’s body and fight against the parasite.

May 31 2018

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