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November 17 2017


ufo-the-truth-is-out-there: The Eyes of God. Prohodna Cave, Bulgaria

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November 10 2017


The Kinross Incident

from jetbutt.tumblr.com (via alien-search-and-rescue-team):

Throughout the years there have been a number of known incidents where military forces had engaged with UFOs (UFO being used in the strictest sense of an unidentified flying object), the highest profile likely being the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942, which I’ll delve into at a later date. These events have happened all over the nation, all over the world, even. One of particular interest to me happened over Lake Superior (greatly because I’m Minnesotan).


On the evening of November 23, 1953, Ground Intercept Radar at Sault Ste. Marie spotted an object near Soo Locks. From Kincheloe Air Field, an F-89 Scorpion interceptor was sortied, piloted by First Lieutenant Felix Moncla with Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson acting as the aircraft’s RIO in the second seat. Wilson was unable to attain a proper lock on the target, so the sole aircraft was guided by ground radar and vectored to the target’s location. Upon approach at 8000 feet, the two targets became closer, closer, and merged. The ground intercept waited for the two objects to separate, but the signature of the F-89 simply did not re-emerge, the unidentified object going on its original course. Interestingly, when the signature of the F-89 disappeared, as did the IFF signature of the aircraft, which is a frequency used to identify friendly aircraft.


Immediately after this, the USAF and RCAF both mounted search and rescue missions for the downed aviators which resulted in nothing. The plane was not found, nor were either of the pilots. In the proceeding investigations, the USAF claimed the object Moncla and Wilson were intercepting was known to be an RCAF C-47 going offcourse by 30 miles, flying over Lake Superior. Furthermore, the board used reports of Moncla experiencing vertigo as a possible reason for Moncla crashing into Lake Superior. Not only did the RCAF contradict the report of the C-47 being offcourse, but the pilot of the aircraft emphatically testifies he was on course and never went over Lake Superior. The vertigo explanation wouldn’t account for the aircraft outright disappearing along with its IFF signature, either. Later, in 1963, parts were found on the eastern shore of Lake Superior that some said were of a military aircraft, though the Canadian government denied knowledge of any such finding.

Interestingly, there was a rather recent development in the Kinross story. In 2006, UFO researcher Francis Ridge received an e-mail from a source calling themself Preston Miller containing an Associated Press story about the lost F-89 being found at the bottom of Lake Superior. The e-mail also contained a link to a diving company, The Great Lake Diving Company, owned by one Adam Jimenez. Many reporters in the UFO community attempted to speak to him, even going as far as an interview being aired on Coast to Coast AM, On the Great Lakes Diving Company website there were two images alleged to be taken from side-scan sonar of the alleged F-89 and an odd teardrop-shaped object that is unidentified.


Three weeks after the initial exposure of these images, The Great Lakes Diving Company website went offline. Jimenez stopped responding to e-mail or answering his cellphone. Looking into the company and Mr. Jimenez himself, there was no evidence that either existed. The only signs of Jimenez were the e-mail and cellphone, and nobody in the area had heard anything about the diving company. After a MUFON investigation headed by James Carrion, director of MUFON, it had come to light that this Associated Press article also did not exist. Jimenez refused to give information about the company, or even the vessel used to capture these images.

Finally, is an excerpt from a piece Brendon Ballod, director of the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History on the subject, stating that he knows of nobody who ever met Mr Jimenez, and that the photos, while appearing to be legitimate, certainly could not have come from the kind of scanner Jimenez claims.

That said, the sidescan images that were on the website seem to be authentic sidescan images. However, I do believe Mr. Jimenez could have acquired them through his work with the Air Force. His claim that the images were made with a traditional fish finder routed through Sharc2 software seems incredible, particularly in 500 feet of water. I’ve scanned in 500 feet of water with a state of the art commercial sidescan and didn’t get images nearly as good as theirs. Further, it’s generally necessary to use a depressor wing to get the fish deep enough to yield high resolution images of the kind shown. That requires a power winch because almost 500 lbs of downward thrust is generated by most high quality deep towfish. Their images were NOT generated from a hull mounted fish finder transducer. They were definitely generated with a deep towfish IF they truly come from deep water.

I’ve also never heard of the Great Lakes Dive Company and I know a number of groups that are involved in deep work project like those stated by GLDC (French Minesweepers, Gunilda, etc). None of those groups are familiar with Jimenez. I personally think that if the claims were legitimate, you’d see additional peoples’ names associated with the claim and you’d see more images of the target on their website. You’d also see them discussed on websites other than UFO and paranormal sites. The fact that their chosen media outlets are the UFO and sensationalism sites suggests that they prefer to avoid scrutiny from the mainstream.

I also think it is unlikely that they could have found the plane based on the size of the search grid without being extremely lucky. Lake Superior weather is notoriously bad and their stated reason for abandoning the mine sweeper search (late season weather) pretty much precludes a far offshore deepwater search. The minesweeper search is far closer to shore and in safer waters than the Scorpion search grid. The Scorpion grid is also VERY large and VERY far from shore. They would have needed a few weeks on a large vessel to cover even a portion of the search grid. Unless they have corporate sponsorship, or a wealthy benefactor, I consider the search unlikely.

November 09 2017


The UFO Phenomenon - When can we stop pretending this isn’t happening? (via We've Never Been Alone)


October 15 2017


October 12 2017


talesfromweirdland: The pope spots a UFO. Illustration by Walter Molino for Italian newspaper, Domenica del Corriere. October 1951.

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September 14 2017



“As the story goes, a crew of Germans and Japanese were chosen to go on a Kamakazi mission to Mars, one month before the war ended in 1945. But what if it wasn’t a Kamakazi mission, what if they survived...”

August 27 2017


July 28 2017


I want you!


July 04 2017


NASA Denies Sending Children To Be Slaves On Mars.

A conspiracy theory broadcast to a wide range of the country on The Alex Jones Show alleges that NASA has been running a program to send children to Mars where they will become slaves for a future human colony. NASA denies the theory, but when has that every stopped the conspiracy theorists?

Full Article: http://www.askmen.com/news/entertainment/…

generationexorcist (via We've Never Been Alone)

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