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September 06 2014

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July 30 2014

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June 17 2014


May 08 2014


April 13 2014


January 08 2014


“is this why there is a negative connotation with learning Islam from the west?”

thetruthsiren says:

I think I’m going to drop the Islam course I took this semester, like I only took it to boost my GPA but I don’t think I should stick with it ‘cause a lot of things the prof said was kind of messed up. Like he introduced Islam by saying that there are 5 types - traditional, modern, political, militant and spiritual Islam. And then also, he spent a lot of time discussing Al Qaeda and their goals, and what I found really annoying was that he acknowledged them and classified their beliefs as ‘militant Islam’. He also discussed why the Western world should care about Islam and said that oil and power is a big reason why. Like I swear this is not even a course on religion? Is this normalcy? I kind of feel bad for the non-Muslims taking this course, like he probably confuses them, I don’t think this is a way people should be introduced to Islam.

August 30 2013

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“08:30 GMT: There’s no public support for the Western military intervention in Syria as the surveys performed in the US and its allied states reveal that people object their country’s troops fighting in yet another the Middle Eastern war.

The poll performed by Huffington Post and YouGov showed that only 25 percent of the Americans believe that military response is required after the last week’s alleged chemical attack on civilians by the Syrian government of Bashar Assad.

Just 9 percent of Britons want to see their military taking part in the Syrian conflict, which has been underway since March 2011, with surveys in France and Germany also indicating public opposition towards Western intervention.”

Syria 'chemical weapons' crisis: LIVE UPDATES (Aug. 30 2013)

June 17 2013

— アフマド・ハニーフ (IRIB Japanese Radio 「イスラム,私の選択」 2013年5月5日放送分より)
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