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【Twitter】 “dangerous national security extremism”

  • @wikileaks: See @carwinb for specific charges which Bradley Manning has been found guilty/not guilty of.

  • @carwinb: Aiding the Enemy-- NOT GUILTY

  • @carwinb: Spec 1, Charge II Wanton Pub. Guilty

  • @carwinb: Spec II, Charge II Guilty to his LIO plea for 793(e) Collateral Murder

  • @carwinb: Spec 3, Charge II CIA Red Cell Memo 793(e) GUILTY (10 years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 4, Charge II Iraq War Logs Database 641 GUILTY (10 years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 5, Charge II Iraq War Logs Espionage 793(e) GUILTY (10 years)

  • @carwinb: Spec 6, Charge II Afghan War Diray Database 641 GUILTY (10 years)

  • @carwinb: Spec 7, Charge II Afghan War Diary Espionage 793(e) GUILTY (10 Years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 8, Charge II GTMO Files Database 641 GUILTY (10 Years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 9, Charge II GTMO File 793(e) Espionage GUILTY (10 Years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 10, Charge II Farah Records 793(e) GUILTY (10 Years Max)

  • @carwinb: Spec 11, Charge II Garani Video 793(e) NOT GUILTY

  • @carwinb: Spec 12, Charge II Cablegate database 641 GUILTY (10 Years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 13, Charge II Cablegate CFAA Exceed Auth Access GUILTY (10 Years)

  • @carwinb: Spec 14, Charge II Reykjavik 13 GUILTY to his LIO ('knowingly accessing') (2 years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 15, Charge II USACIC Memo on WikiLeaks 793(e) GUILTY (10 tears MAX)

  • @carwinb: Spec 16, Charge II Microsoft Exchange GAL 641 GUILTY (10 Years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Charge III (Article 92) Spec 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 GUILTY (2 years MAX each, TOTAL MAX 10 years)

  • @carwinb: Spec 1, Charge II Wanton Publication (Which Manning was found guilty of is 2 years MAX-- see below)

  • @carwinb: Spec 2, Charge II Guilty to his LIO plea for 793(e) Collateral Murder #Manning <-- See below this is 2 years MAX)

  • @carwinb: Manning faces 136 year MAX punishment on the crimes he was found GUILTY-- sentencing begins tomorrow.

  • @carwinb: I am going back into the funeral of a young man.

  • @wikileaks: Manning faces 136 years on the charges he has been convicted of today. Dangerous national security extremism from the Obama administration.

  • @wikileaks: Basic guide to honnest reportage. Manning has not been found 'guilty', but he has been 'convicted' of supplying information to the press.

  • @wikileaks: Bradley Manning's convictions today include 5 courts of espionage. A very serious new precedent for supplying information [to] the press.

  • @wikileaks: Amnesty: Bradley Manning case shows that US government's priorities are 'upside down' amnesty.org.uk/news_details.a…

  • @wikileaks: Transcript: Judge Lind giving verdict in Bradley Manning trial (PDF) pressfreedomfoundation.org/sites/default/…

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