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If you are a Japan lover, you may have ever heard about Ushiku Daibutsu, gigantic statue of Buddha installed in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Since the 2011 nuclear disaster that happened in the neighboring Fukushima Prefecture, the city of Ushiku has been giving opportunity of health check to citizens under 20, in order to find abnormalities caused by internal radiation exposure. Recently the local government released the result of thyroid ultrasound examinations held during the period between Nov. 2013 and Mar. 2015; the result is causing people’s serious concern. Among 136 cases:

  • no abnormalities found: 64

  • nodule or cyst found, but no need for additional examination: 63

  • nodule or cyst found, additional examination recommended: 9

  • additional examination needed immediately: 0

No health problem cases were less than half.

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