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“In a statement on Monday, Israel's mission to the United Nations condemned the move by the 19-member UN Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations to recognize the UK-based Palestinian Return Center (PRC).

The statement was issued after the UN committee on Monday voted 12 to 3 in favor, with three abstentions, of recognizing the PRC as a permanent NGO with access to many fora of the world body.

The Israeli mission claimed that the PRC ‘promotes anti-Israel propaganda in Europe’ and that senior members of the Palestinian NGO have links to other organizations which transfer funds to Hamas.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor castigated the decision, saying, ‘The UN has gone one step further, giving Hamas a grand welcoming at its main gates, allowing it to be a full participant.’

Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, China, Cuba and Venezuela were among the countries that supported the PRC application at the United Nations while the US, Uruguay and Israel voted against. India, Russia and Greece abstained, and Burundi was absent.”

UN recognition of Palestinian NGO angers Israel (PressTV, Jun. 2 2015)

  • Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) response to the dangerous, unfounded Israeli claims at UN (prc.org.uk, Jun. 1 2015)

    “We would like to remind the distinguished delegations that the Palestinian Return Centre is a UN NGO member of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (CEIRPP) for more than 10 years. The CEIRPP is composed of 25 Member and 24 Observer States and dozens of NGOs. We express our deep frustration and anger by the statement made by Israel which in essence questions the credibility of the UN which has agreed on our CEIRPP membership years ago. We believe that the only reason that Israel is launching this huge campaign against us is due to the simple fact that we defend the right of return for Palestinian refugees.”

    “The practice of the Israeli delegation before the NGO committee is dangerous and is entirely refused where it blatantly accused PRC of being a member of Hamas. All these allegations stated by delegation of Israel are false and unfounded and they are only circulated by Israeli intelligence, Israeli NGOs, Israeli politicians and Israeli watchdog organisations. Thus, the Israeli claims have Zero credibility. All the sources used by the Israeli delegation lack credibility since they are either funded by the government of Israel or funded by the many pro Israeli lobby groups worldwide. We know these sources one by one and we are certain that the Israeli delegations will not be able to reveal them as they solely Israeli ones.”

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