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Let me ask you an important question: are you considering any measures to prevent a similar trouble from happening again in the future? If you’re doing so, what are they? You must answer. Starting with blogger.com, I’ve used various kinds of online service until now; but I’ve NEVER experienced such a terrible data loss as this time.

Since the latter half of 2015, I was using my Soup blog for bookmarking online stuff relating to the US presidential election; now THE BOOKMARKS HAVE ALL VANISHED, except for a very few posts left on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. You say forget the fucking Trump campaign? You already forgot people enthusiastically chanting FEEL THE BERN? For me, the recent trouble on Soup is virtually the loss of historical documents about this event.

I love Soup and its users but can never put my trust in your management, as long as you fail to answer the above question. Though I don’t like Tumblr, that I used before, I still consider going back to Tumblr.

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