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Passenger room of the Japan Airlines 123 that crashed into a mountain in Gumma Prefecture in August 12, 1985, claiming 520 lives. This picture was developed from a film found in the disaster site. A photo well-known in Japan.

For details of the incident, see wikipedia. Here you can follow the flight route of the JAL 123 until the crash, with communications recorded in the cockpit voice recorder (maybe shocking for some people, though).

The crash isn’t a mere historical event. Lots of evidence and witness accounts available today strongly suggest a possibility that Japan’s SDF and/or US forces destroyed the vertical stabilizer of the aircraft, accidentally or on purpose, thus letting it become out of control and crash. There is also a suspision that the government of then Prime Minister Nakasone mobilized SDF or police and executed a cover-up operation - burning victims’ bodies and killing some SDF officers. If these allegations were proved, we would have to think the 1985 disaster was a horrific crime committed by the government of Japan, and possibly US. Stay woke!

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