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May 09 2014


September 30 2013


blog.karenhurleydesign.com (Sep. 26 2013):

An absolutely shocking campaign that is truly brilliant. These images are of actual human rights abuse victims taken by traveling journalists form a variety of countries that have been placed into Switzerland’s surroundings. The shock of seeing these individuals right in front of the public eye certainly shed new light on the issue and caused a global stir.
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July 09 2013


July 05 2013


June 26 2013


US must not prosecute NSA whistleblower Snowden – Amnesty Intl — RT News

Snowden requested political asylum in Ecuador and the country’s government vowed to analyze his bid and then make a decision on the matter. Additionally, WikiLeaks – which has remained in contact with the NSA leaker and provided him with assistance - approached Iceland and other countries with a formal request for Asylum for Snowden.

Earlier, the whistleblower’s American passport is thought to have been revoked – which, according to Amnesty International, interferes with the NSA leaker’s rights to freedom of movement and seeking asylum elsewhere.

“Regardless of where Snowden ends up he has the right to seek asylum. For such a claim to succeed, he must demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution. Even if such a claim failed, no country can return a person to another country where there is a substantial risk of ill-treatment,” said Amnesty International’s [Widney] Brown.

The organization believes Snowden’s forced transfer to American soil would put him at risk of human rights violations and “must be challenged.”

Michael Bochenek, Director of Law and Policy at the activist group, told RT they “raised a lot of concerns” about the crimes for which he is being sought and the treatment he might receive upon his surrender to the US.

“With respect to the treatment, we know from other cases – for e.g. from the case of Bradley Manning – that individuals have been subjected to what, not just we, but also UN officials have called “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” And that is yet another potential violation of human rights law to which somebody should not be subjected. It’s a reason not to extradite,” he said.

June 25 2013

@wikileaks now has 1,900,691 followers. 3 times @amnesty + @hrw. Refusing to name Manning a political prisoner? How's that working for you?
— WikiLeaks (via Twitter)

May 30 2013

How Amnesty has let down Bradley Manning

How Amnesty has let down Bradley Manning

Why is Amnesty applying different rules to the US than to Russia?

My own interest in human rights was sparked by the protests over US foreign policy that occurred when Ronald Reagan visited Ireland in 1984 (I was 13 years old at the time). I first heard about Amnesty a year or two later and have supported the organization ever since.

So it felt like a betrayal when I heard that Amnesty's American office was headed for most of last year by Suzanne Nossel; before taking up that job she had been a deputy assistant secretary of state under Hillary Clinton. Under Nossel's leadership, Amnesty whitewashed the invasion of Afghanistan by hosting a conference praising NATO's “progress” in that country. The guest of “honor” at that event was Madeleine Albright, the secretary of state who declared that killing as many as 500,000 children in Iraq by depriving them of essential medicines was a price worth paying.

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May 23 2013

Human Rights Group Protests US Drone Killings - ABC News


Human Rights Group Protests US Drone Killings
ABC News
A top human rights organization on Wednesday criticized the Obama administration's increasing use of drone aircraft for the targeted killing of terrorism suspects overseas and questioned whether it is legal. Amnesty International, in its global review ...
Holder Acknowledges US Citizens Killed In Drone StrikesNPR (blog)

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May 21 2013


19 May 2013 - Wikileaks' (unofficial) Soup

  • Linda Pierson of the Support Assange and WikiLeaks Coalition wrote an article on the importance of defending Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

  • Julian Assange was interviewed on Salvados about WikiLeaks, his situation, and surveillance (part 1, part 2). Mr Assange also revealed that he has documents from GCHQ, a British intelligence agency, which show correspondence regarding him and WikiLeaks.

  • The Scotland Yard has disclosed that so far £3.3 million has been spent on 24/7 surveillance of Julian Assange, and it is expected to reach £4.2 million at the one year mark, June 19.

  • An article in Counterpunch decries EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Amnesty for failing to recognize Bradley Manning as a political prisoner.

  • In protest of SF Pride reversing Bradley Manning's status as grand marshal, San Francisco LGBT activists declared PFC Manning as the People’s Grand Marshal.

April 29 2013

Amnesty International should rename itself Amnesty London-Washington if the refusal to name Bradley Manning a political prisoner continues.
— WikiLeaks (via Twitter)
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