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July 16 2018

The Protestant, by nature, is a searcher because he depends on his personal interpretation of the Bible and he denies Tradition 
— Fr. Carl Pulvermacher OFM cap. (1926-2006)
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June 08 2018


weveneverbeenalone: UFOs, in Ancient Art, Baptism of Christ, 1710, Painting by, Aert de Gelder

April 17 2018


“the wonderful God acted wonderfully, insomuch that Judas was so changed in speech and in face to be like Jesus that we believed him to be Jesus.”

Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 216

…and Judas Iscariot, not Jesus, was arrested and crucified. Thanks to God, Jesus returned to heaven, led by the angels… This is what Muslims claim as the truth of the Jesus crucifixion story. Poorly-written fairy tale.

April 15 2018


Muslim-friendly version of Jesus.

«When Jesus had said this, Philip answered: ‘We are content to serve God, but we desire, however, to know God. For Isaiah the prophet said: “Verily thou art a hidden God,” and God said to Moses his servant; “I am that which I am.”’

Jesus answered: ‘Philip, God is a good without which there is naught good; God is a being without which there is naught that is; God is life without which there is naught that liveth; so great that he filleth all and is everywhere. He alone hath no equal. He hath had no beginning, nor will he ever have an end, but to everything hath he given a beginning and to everything shall he give an end. He hath no father nor mother; he hath no sons, nor brethren, nor companions. And because God hath no body, therefore he eateth not, sleepeth not, dieth not, walketh not, moveth not, but abideth eternally without human similitude, for that he is incorporeal, uncompounded, immaterial, of the most simple substance. He is so good that he loveth goodness only; he is so just that when he punisheth or pardoneth it cannot be gainsaid. In short, I say unto thee, Philip, that here on earth thou canst not see him nor know him perfectly; but in his kingdom thou shalt see him for ever: wherein consisteth all our happiness and glory.’

Philip answered: ‘Master, what sayest thou? It is surely written in Isaiah that God is our father; how, then, hath he no sons?’

Jesus answered: ‘There are written in the prophets many parables, wherefore thou oughtest not to attend to the letter, but to the sense. For all the prophets, that are one hundred and forty-four thousand, whom God hath sent into the world, have spoken darkly. But after me shall come the Splendour of all the prophets and holy ones, and shall shed light upon the darkness of all that the prophets have said, because he is the messenger of God.’»

Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 17

April 12 2018


“The LORD your God will bring you into the land which you are going to occupy, and he will drive many nations out of it. As you advance, he will drive out seven nations larger and more powerful than you: the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. When the LORD your God places these people in your power and you defeat them, you must put them all to death. Do not make an alliance with them or show them any mercy. Do not marry any of them, and do not let your children marry any of them, because then they would lead your children away from the LORD to worship other gods. If that happens, the LORD will be angry with you and destroy you at once. So then, tear down their alters, break their sacred stone pillars in pieces, cut down the symbols of their goddess Asherah, and burn their idols. Do this because you belong to the LORD your God. From all the peoples on earth he chose you to be his own special people.”

— Deuteronomy 7:1-6, Good News Bible 1976

Instigation of genocide. If Moses were alive today, he would be the worst war criminal around the world.

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“Do you believe that there is only one God? Good! The demons also believe - and tremble with fear.” — James 2:19, Good News Bible 1976

March 18 2018


Deuteronomy 12:1-4 - “Here are the laws that you are to obey as long as you live in the land that the LORD, the God of your ancestors, is giving you. Listen to them! In the land that you are taking, destroy all the places where the people worship their gods on high mountains, on hills, and under green trees. Tear down their alters and smash their sacred stone pillars to pieces. Burn their symbols of the goddess Asherah and chop down their idols, so that they will never again be worshipped at those places.

Do not worship the LORD your God in the way that these people worship their gods.”

Deuteronomy 12:29-31 - “The LORD your God will destroy the nations as you invade their land, and you will occupy it and settle there. After the LORD destroys those nations, make sure that you don’t follow their religious practices, because that would be fatal. Don’t try to find out how they worship their gods, so that you can worship in the same way. Do not worship the LORD your God in the way they worship their gods, for in the worship of their gods they do all the disgusting things that the LORD hates. They even sacrifice their children in the fires on their alters.”

Deuteronomy 13:6-10 - “Even your brother or your son or your daughter or the wife you love or your closest friend may secretly encourage you to worship other gods, gods that you and your ancestors have never worshipped. One of them may encourage you to worship the gods of the people who live near you or the gods of those who live far away. But do not let him persuade you; do not even listen to him. Show him no mercy or pity, and do not protect him. Kill him! Be the first to stone him, and then let everyone else stone him too. Stone him to death!”

Deuteronomy 13:12-17 - “When you are living in the towns that the LORD your God gives you, you may hear that some worthless men of your nation have misled the people of their town to worship gods that you have never worshipped before. If you hear such a rumour, investigate it thoroughly; and if it is true that this evil thing did happen, then kill all the people in that town and all their livestock too. Destroy that town completely. Bring together all the possessions of the people who live there and pile them up in the town square. Then burn the town and everything in it as an offering to the LORD your God. It must be left in ruins for ever and never again be rebuilt. Do not keep for yourselves anything that was condemned to destruction, and then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and show you mercy.”

[translation source: Good News Bible, British usage edition 1976]

These are not verses of the Quran that order Jihad, but of the OLD TESTAMENT. This is the reality of the commandment “Love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” (Deut. 6:5) It seems to me that Deuteronomy’s teachings on idolatory are orders to commit cultural genocide - you must not only invade and get God’s promised land, but thoroughly erase memories of those who lived there before. If today we faithfully obeyed the teachings of the quotes above, it would constitute war crimes and even the crime of genocide under the international law.

Tags: Bible Genocide

March 17 2018

1945 1cb6 500


The Sorrow of Mary Magdalene
 Jules Joseph Lefebvre –19th. century                                                                                                                                                

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March 06 2018


“Like the bible, and to apparently an even greater extent, the Qur'an of today cannot be claimed to be a true version of the oldest Qur'an in the world discovered in 1972, written in 705-715 AD, and available to researchers in 1979. There are TREMENDOUS differences, an excellent example of one being an original text of ‘72 grapes’ being changed to the infamous ‘72 virgins’ awaiting the faithful in the afterlife hundreds of years later.

The standard histories of Muhammad and the early development of Islam are based on Islamic literature that dates to the ninth and tenth centuries -- some two centuries or more after the death of Muhammad in 632. Islamic literary sources do not exist for the seventh and eighth centuries, when, according to tradition, Muhammad and his immediate followers lived. All that is preserved from this time period are a few commemorative building inscriptions and assorted coins.

As the researchers meticulously show, the name ‘Muhammad’ first appears on coins in Syria bearing Christian iconography. In this context the name is used as an honorific meaning ‘revered’ or ‘praiseworthy’ and can only refer to Jesus Christ, as Christianity was the predominant religion of the area at this time. This same reference exists in the building inscription of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, built by the caliph `Abd al-Malik.

The implication of these and other findings here presented is that the early Arab rulers adhered to a sect of Christianity. Indeed, evidence from the Koran, finalized at a much later time, shows that its central theological tenets were influenced by a pre-Nicean, Syrian Christianity. Linguistic analysis also indicates that Aramaic, the common language throughout the Near East for many centuries and the language of Syrian Christianity, significantly influenced the Arabic script and vocabulary used in the Koran. Finally, it was not until the end of the eighth and ninth centuries that Islam formed as a separate religion, and the Quran underwent a period of historical development of at least 200 years.

In other words, even should one believe the Qur'an as written by Mohammad is a sacred text, the Qur'an of today is a substantially different book, unqualified to be called the true Qur'an or even a reasonable facsimile. Thus contemporary Islam is complete bullshit based on the false and inaccurate Qur'an in current use by Muslims. Muslims leaders, of course, reject the physical and irrefutable evidence and facts presented.”

DISCOVERY: Oldest Quran Found Has Little Similarity To Modern Version

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“Jesus in Islam seems to be a character that doesn't fit in. He has a virgin birth yet God is not his father. The idea of the virgin birth was copied from Christianity whereas it wasn't in the oldest gospel.”

“The idea of Jesus having a virgin birth – This story does not exist in the oldest Gospel Mark, but actually appears later on in the gospel of Matthew and Luke. When we look at the 4 gospels in order from oldest (Mark) to newest, we see how Jesus goes from barely a hint of being God in Mark to ‘In the beginning Jesus was God’ in John which is the last gospel. If it was clear that Jesus had a virgin birth, why didnt Mark mention it? Why was it not mentioned until Matthew, 70 years after the supposed event.

This idea of virgin birth has been around in antiquity, Horus in ancient Egypt being born to the virgin Isis and many other stories. This is how religions come about, they copy each other.

Muhammad took an idea that was invented to promote Jesus being God (having a virgin birth) and included it in the Quran.”

Jesus - The Copy-Pasted Prophet from Christianity

February 27 2018


“Anybody who believes in the Qur'an has to extract from this story [the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah] that it is unethical and immoral to engage in any type of sexual engagement with the same gender. This is something that there has been no scholarly difference of opinion. The actual act of sodomy, the act of intercourse between two men is something that without a shadow of a doubt is unanimously agreed upon as being forbidden in Islam.”

— YouTube: Homosexuals of Sodom & Gomorrah | Islamic Reminder

Lut known as Lot in the Old Testament, is a prophet of God in the Quran. He also appears in the Bible, but the biblical stories of Lot are not entirely accepted within Islam. He was bestowed as a prophet to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. His story is used to demonstrate Islam's disapproval of rape and homosexuality. He was commanded by God to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach to his people on monotheism and to stop them from their lustful and violent acts. According to both the Quran and the Hebrew Bible, Lot's messages were ignored by the inhabitants and Sodom and Gomorrah were subsequently destroyed.
— YouTube: Homosexuals of Sodom & Gomorrah | Islamic Reminder

November 08 2017


“He was treated harshly, but endured it humbly; he never said a word. Like a lamb about to be slaughtered, like a sheep about to be sheared, he never said a word.”

彼はくるしめらるれどもみづから謙りて口をひらかず 屠場にひかるゝ羔羊の如く毛をきる者のまへにもだす羊の如くしてその口をひらかざりき

— Isaiah 53:7

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“Teach me to live according to your truth, for you are my God, who saves me.”

我をなんぢの眞理にみちびき我ををしへたまへ 汝はわがすくひの神なり

— Psalm 25:5

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September 18 2017


octopusgirl: The Ark Passes Over the Jordan, James Tissot, c. 1896-1902

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September 14 2017

7848 4c16
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June 27 2017


Shavous - The Making of a Nation | True Torah Jews

“A nation, following the modern definition, is a group of people bound together by a common land, culture and language. At Har [Mt.] Sinai, those conditions were met only because of proximity, they were never mentioned as prerequisites for carrying the title ‘Jew’. The only precondition was acceptance of the Torah. Period. Cultures, languages and territories are all things that can be violently wrenched from a people. Faith, however, is a far more tenacious entity.

On [the holiday of] Shavous [the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai], it’s traditional to read the Biblical book of Rus (Ruth), which recounts how a Moabite princess converted to Judaism, later to become one of the illustrious ancestors of King David.

If I were to go to a Scot and say that I wanted to ‘convert’ to Scottish-ism, they would probably, and rightly, laugh in my face. The Scottish are an ethnic/tribal group were belonging is based solely on ancestral heritage. I could no more become a Scot than an Inuit could become a Xhosa. It is solely a matter of birthright. There is no conversion to a race or ethnicity. The Scot or Inuit or Xhosa could very feasibly become a Jew, however. Exactly like me. Their race or heritage has absolutely nothing to do with whether they could be accepted for the conversion process. There is one absolute condition and only one. Wholehearted acceptance of the Torah and the One who gave it. German Orthodox thinker Rav Shamshon Rafael Hirsch stated unequivocally, ‘Land and soil were never Israel's bond of union...’

The Zionist Enterprise has created a secular, nationalist identity that exists in and of itself. It has no normative content. In the process, they’ve robbed generations of Jews of the only thing that historically characterized them, exchanging an eternal mission for a cheap, bellicose nationalism.”

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May 25 2017

Worst example of cultural appropriation ever: LGBTs stole the rainbow from God. It’s his. He invented it. Gen. 9:11-17. Give it back.
— @BryanJFischer on Twitter (via @majormedley)
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