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October 23 2019


VilaWeb: Eric’s story: an American resident faces deportation over a Catalan pro-independence flag

«On the day of the general strike in Catalonia, Eric was arrested by Spanish police when he demanded to have his pro-independence “estelada” flag returned to him after the officers found it in his pocket and seized it. For this reason he stands accused of terrorism, jihadism and human trafficking, and is also facing deportation. In addition, they are pressing criminal charges against him and he will be prosecuted for public disorder. The police claim he was in possession of two large metal nuts which he was carrying wrapped up in his flag. Eric categorically denies it. He and his wife believe it is an attempt to intimidate foreign residents, to scare them and discourage them from supporting Catalonia’s independence cause.»

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October 16 2019

We, the independence supporters, will not disappear even if we are jailed and repressed. We will continue demanding a negotiation as a means to find a political solution to the conflict. If Spain does not want to sit on the other side of the table, the international community will have to force them to do it or, worst case scenario, take their place. We will never leave the dialogue, but Spain’s chair can’t stay empty forever.
— Oriol Junqueras, a former vice president of the government of Catalonia - Spain has no interest in a political solution for Catalonia (The Washington Post, Oct. 15 2019)
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Quartz: Hong Kong is exporting its protest techniques around the world

«The months-long protests in Hong Kong have also been studied in Indonesia by students who took to the streets to oppose new laws, and Extinction Rebellion climate activists in the UK, but it is the Catalonia protests that appear to be most directly inspired by the Hong Kong playbook. For weeks, Catalan activists have examined the techniques of Hong Kong’s protesters closely, taking notes on what works and what might be successfully replicated in Catalonia. In late September, the grassroots group Assemblea Nacional Catalana even held a public forum titled,  “Experiences of the use of new technologies in the nonviolent struggle: the case of Hong Kong.”»

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Friends in #Catalonia. Times are tough, you feel alone, but you’re not. There are many people in Europe like me, that wholeheartedly support your cause. Stay strong. Stay pacifist. Hold fast. #Spain will never beat you; there’s not big enough court or jail for you all. You’ll win.
— @KarnaMikko on Twitter
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Madrid is making martyrs out of Catalan independence leaders & Spain may not survive the backlash – Salmond — RT World News

«When elected politicians use unelected judges to sentence other elected politicians to 100 years between the nine of them, then things have reached a point which cannot be sustained, and the Spanish state I don’t think will survive this outrage.»

February 05 2018


@CataloniaHelp2: Cardona’s castle, this was the last position of the Catalan army; it was occupied by the Spanish army in September 1714.

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February 02 2018


@Plaid_Cymru: Our delegation meets Catalan President @KRLS and his ministers to show Wales’s solidarity with Europe’s youngest independent nation Catalonia


@CataloniaHelp2: 4 months ago today we wanted to Vote, and Spain wanted to Beat.

  • @elnacionalcatEN: 'The Economist': Spain risks becoming a "flawed" democracy bit.ly/2BHB875

  • @IVKaBCN: Spain IS a flawed democracy. What it risks is everyone knowing it!

  • @erikwill: I would never use the term "democracy" to describe Spain after 2017. Spain is an authoritarian police state.

December 27 2017


I believe the person who are now posting to @JulianAssange is not Julian himself but, maybe, some staffer of the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Free Julian Assange, UK - this is the root cause of the problem.

December 25 2017


“In the Catalan election, pro-independence parties, spearheaded by the exiled Carles Puigdemont (pictured), secure a majority.” — In the news - en.wikipedia.org

November 07 2017

  • @CataloniaHelp2: Spanish unionists try to assault the local council of Sant Cugat #Catalonia Police overwhelmed

  • @FAIKAN5: Yes. Just under my appartment they were insulting and laughing at people singing yes we are fascist. Unbelivable

  • @thespainreport: National poll in @elespanolcom: if a general election were held today: PP -20 PSOE +10 Podemos -26 Ciudadanos +38 Vox would get first seat.

  • @JulianAssange: Between corruption scandals and polarization over Catalonia, Spain's ruling party PP continues to fall in polls.

  • @lluisgerard: And yet they are the most voted party. Pro-155 parties gain votes and Podemos loses a lot. So, Spain will never accept a Catalan referendum

November 04 2017


@CatalansForYes: Print this poster at home and hook it in the streets of your town to support Catalan political prisoners! Take a pic and send it to us

October 30 2017


@Chestercheta: do you understand why Catalonia left Spain?

October 29 2017


@JvanBaardwijk: Hello @BBCNews, I've taken the liberty of correcting a rather massive mistake in your headline. You're welcome.

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