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June 30 2018

I too love Crimea

I too love crimea

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October 10 2017


‘Double standard & hypocrisy’: Serbian president on EU denouncement of Catalan referendum — RT News

video (twitter.com)

‘The question every citizen of Serbia has for the European Union today is: How come that in the case of Catalonia the referendum on independence is not valid, while in the case of Kosovo secession is allowed even without a referendum,’ B92 quoted Vucic as saying during a news conference.

‘How did you proclaim the secession of Kosovo to be legal, even without a referendum, and how did 22 European Union countries legalize this secession, while destroying European law and the foundations of European law, on which the European policy and EU policy are based?’

On Monday the European Commission echoed the Spanish government’s stance that the referendum held in Catalonia was illegal, describing the events on Sunday, which saw voters being beaten by Spanish riot police, as an ‘internal matter’. By contrast in 2010, the European Parliament adopted a resolution urging its member states to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

‘This is the best example of the double standards and hypocrisy of the world politics,’ Vucic said.”

“Russia has consistently pointed out the hypocrisy in the EU allowing the Kosovars to declare independence at Serbia’s expense, but condemning the 2014 referendum in Crimea which saw the formerly Ukrainian peninsula join the Russian Federation.

The reunification of Crimea with Russia has been a contentious issue between Russia and Western governments which have attempted to hold Moscow accountable through sanctions.

‘Our western partners created the Kosovo precedent with their own hands. In a situation absolutely the same as the one in Crimea they recognized Kosovo’s secession from Serbia legitimate while arguing that no permission from a country’s central authority for a unilateral declaration of independence is necessary,’ President Vladimir Putin told the Russian parliament in 2014.

‘It’s beyond double standards,’ Putin said. ”

March 11 2015

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Ex-Japanese PM finds Crimea referendum “expressed real will” of locals (RT News, Mar. 11 2015)

  • “‘I’ve managed to hear different points of view, and I discovered that the referendum in the Crimea was conducted in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution, peacefully, in a democratic procedure, and has expressed the real will’ of the Crimean population, the ex-premier [Yukio Hatoyama] said at a press conference in Simferopol, RIA Novosti reported.

    The former Japanese PM said that the events in Crimea a year ago should be viewed from a broader perspective, and he thinks that the stance of the Japanese Foreign Ministry isn’t the only right one.

    ‘I believe our task is to give Japanese society the truth about the democratic nature of the Crimean population’s will to become part of Russia,’ Hatoyama said.

    Hatoyama said he wanted to ‘gauge local opinion’ about the reunification of the peninsula with Russia nearly one year ago. The former PM added that he feels local opinions have not been accurately reported on.”

  • “Meanwhile, the Japanese government has reacted to the former prime minister’s visit with outrage. Government spokesman Yoshihide Suga called Hatoyama’s trip an ‘extremely thoughtless act [that] causes extreme disappointment,’ RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

    Hatoyama said that he ‘could possibly promote the development of cultural and humanitarian ties between Crimea and Japan.’

    Suga, the government spokesman, said that Hatoyama’s visit could lead the world community to ‘misunderstand’ Tokyo’s position, as it does not recognize Crimea’s accession into Russia from Ukraine.

  • “It’s not the first time that Hatoyama has been criticized by the Japanese government for his foreign trips: in 2012, he traveled to Iran, saying that the Islamic republic was the victim of ‘double standards.’”



“鳩山元首相が、日本政府の正式な反対にもかかわらず、ロシアが昨年併合したクリミア半島を訪問しました。ロシアの新メディア・スプートニクが、ロシア・モスクワから伝えたところによりますと、ロシアが創設したクリミア共和国の報道官は、「鳩山氏は11日水曜、ベラヴェンツェフ・クリミア連邦管区大統領全権代表、アクショーノフ首長、コンスタンティノフ・クリミア最高会議議長と会談することになっている」と語っています。 … クリミア共和国のポロンスキー副首相によりますと、鳩山氏のクリミア訪問は、ロシアの一部であるとされているクリミア共和国と日本の国交正常化にとって極めて重要であるということです”

March 29 2014


March 23 2014


March 22 2014

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March 21 2014


March 20 2014


March 19 2014

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March 18 2014

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