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October 14 2018

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absolutely-not-the-madonna: First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

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August 03 2018

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Boys study Gemara at the Kowsar Jewish school, Shiraz, Iran, 1973 (via Middle East - North Africa - Central Asia)


lightofthearyans: Group of Iranian girls outside their school, pre-Islamic Revolution.

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July 02 2018


blackgirlshairrock: Ruby Bridges was the first African-American child to attend an all-white public elementary school in the American South.

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February 06 2018


gaspack: Albert Einstein teaching at Lincoln, the United State’s first Historical Black University, 1946

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January 14 2018


September 25 2017

— @801 on Twitter

July 23 2017


morobook: ALGERIA. The Aures Mountains. Classroom

July 10 2017


unearthedviews: AFGHANISTAN. Tarakhil. Classes are held in the open for lack of space in a village school donated by Japan. The ground had to be demined first.

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June 13 2017

The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders.
— John Taylor Gatto (via howtodropoutofschool)
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May 30 2017


March 13 2017


March 04 2017


momo33me: BBC in the UK and FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN in the USA will show you Arab children with TOY guns and say they are growing them up to be terrorists but will not show any footage like this, of Israeli children with REAL guns being trained as real terrorists…!!

February 17 2017


June 28 2015


nowinexile: Ghassan Kanafani, teaching Palestinian children of exile in the hills of Lebanon, early 1970s. He often repeated “Our children are the future”.

June 20 2015


farsizaban: Iranian university students. According to a study in 2012, Women made 60% of all university students in Iran.

June 09 2015

  • Anonymous: Is Tehran University co-ed? And what about the other universities in Iran, are they mixed gender?

  • farsizaban: It is and most universities in Iran are co-ed.

  • Anonymous: Even in the classes?

  • farsizaban: yeah!

May 31 2015


Nigerian Student Solves 30 Year Old Math Equation and Breaks Academic Record at Japanese University

from youngbrilliantandblack.tumblr.com (via bintalghazi):

Nigerian student Utof Ekong has just become the first Nigerian to earn a “First Class Degree” and become the best overall student at Tokai University in Tokyo, Japan since 1965!

The last time anyone graduated with a grade point average similar to Utof Ekong was over 50 years ago. Utof, who put himself through school by working two jobs has won many other academic awards at the university; totaling to about six awards. On top of all his academic excellence, Utof also solved a 30 year old outstanding mathematical equation in his first semester!

Utof speaks English, Yoruba, French and Japanese.

Now that’s young, brilliant and black at it’s FINEST!

May 22 2015


thevintagearab: Orphanage in Isfahan

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May 20 2015

  • aprairiehomecomrade: Tehran University students lounge in 1971. Tehran University was opened to women in 1934, when the college was founded, which was well before most universities in the United States were integrating women into the classroom. After the revolution, women were still allowed to attend the university – but they now sit in segregated areas. Needless to say, they don’t wear miniskirts. Despite the openness of the era however, in 1977, only 35 percent of women in Tehran were literate.

  • lajacobine: And as I learned while doing a research project last year, over half of Iranian university graduates today are women.

  • dilbert3mp3: My grandmother was one of the first woman to become educated as a pharmacist at Tehran University in the early forties. She’s still alive and is one of the smartest people I know. She lived in Tehran through several revolutions and wars.

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