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December 16 2019

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September 30 2019

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June 10 2018


Video: “Fisch essen die Meisten sehr gern. Doch die meisten Fische aus Europa sind radioaktiv stark verseucht.”

Though my listening ability for Deutsch is poor and cannot understand the story well, the video refers to Pu-238 leakage in the European sea, citing something like an IAEA document. Is this really happening in Europe?! Anti-nuke people in Japan believe that EU countries keep far stricter regulation than Japan on nuclear waste. Is this wrong?

May 17 2018

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November 07 2017

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October 30 2017

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mapsontheweb: “G” sound in different European languages.

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October 10 2017


@JulianAssange: Catalonia's economy alone is bigger than these European countries.

September 21 2017

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July 19 2017


@PressTV: The Latin translation of "The Canons of medicine" by renowned Iranian scientist Avicenna, 1484 CE.

July 07 2017

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June 07 2017


July 12 2013

Member states attending the [Mercosur] summit expressed their grievances with ‘actions by the governments of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal’ over the July 2 incident, when the aircraft carrying President Evo Morales back to Bolivia after attending an energy summit in Moscow was denied entry into the airspace of a number of EU member states. ... ‘The gravity of the incident - indicative of a neocolonial mindset - constitutes an unfriendly and hostile act, which violates human rights and impedes freedom of travel, as well as the treatment and immunity appropriate to a head of state,’ the Mercosur nations affirmed in the joint statement. The incident was further described as a ‘discriminatory and arbitrary’ decision by European countries, as well as a ‘blatant violation of international law.’
S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian plane incident (RT News, Jul. 12 2013)

February 16 2013

— エーリッヒ・フロム著,日高六郎訳『自由からの逃走』(東京創元社 1965年新版)の第3章「宗教改革時代の自由」より

January 12 2013

Religious groups, especially Catholics and Protestants, are noting growing wave of de-baptisms in Europe. Websites offering informal de-baptism certificates have mushroomed. Other Christians are formally breaking from the church in order to opt out of state church taxes. While there are no official statistics, experts and secular activists count the numbers of de-baptisms in the tens of thousands. In Belgium, which has been hit hard by the church sex scandals, de-baptism requests in the French-speaking region alone soared to roughly 2,000 in 2010, compared to 66 two years earlier and in Britain, a de-baptism certificate offered as a joke by the National Secular Society became more serious after tens of thousands of people downloaded it.
AAI's Top 10 Atheist / Religious Discrimination Stories of 2012 (Atheist Alliance International, Jan. 5 2013)

February 24 2012

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September 29 2010

中世料理 - Wikipedia
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