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June 08 2015

Are corrupt Africans really ruining FIFA ?

Are corrupt Africans really ruining #FIFA?

We all know, thanks to the English FA chairman #Greg_Dyke and many other bigoted media commentators, that corruption at FIFA is caused by small African nations where greed is.....

#AFRICA_IS_A_COUNTRY #Branko_Milanovic #Chuck_Blazer #Gerhard_Shroder #Germany #Saudi_Arabia #Sepp_Blatter #Thierry_Henry

June 03 2015


sputniknews.com [Jul. 3 2015]: "The president of the international football federation should be Diego Armando Maradona or someone like him," said [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro during his weekly televised address. Maduro criticized US authorities for operating beyond their jurisdictions, and suggested the investigation was part of Washington’s plot to scrap World Cup tournaments in Russia and Qatar.

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June 02 2015


“In a press conference held in FIFA’s headquarters in the Swiss city of Zurich on Tuesday, Blatter announced his intention to quit just days after he won the body’s presidential election.

‘I felt compelled to stand for re-election, as I believed that this was the best thing for the organization. That election is over but FIFA's challenges are not. FIFA needs a profound overhaul,’ he said.

He added that although he has a mandate from the membership of FIFA, he felt he did not have ‘a mandate from the entire world of football.’

‘Therefore, I have decided to lay down my mandate at an extraordinary elective congress. I will continue to exercise my functions as FIFA president until that election,’ he added.

The next ordinary FIFA Congress is set to be held on May 13 2016 in Mexico City, he stated, adding that he will ‘urge the Executive Committee to organize an Extraordinary Congress for the election of my successor at the earliest opportunity.’”

“Following Blatter’s announcement, Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, who had withdrawn from FIFA’s presidential race against Blatter last Friday, said that he will run in the new election for president.

Chairman of FIFA’s audit and compliance committee, Domenico Scala, said the new congress may be held between December 2015 and March 2016.”

“Some senior political figures in Western countries, especially those close to the US, had been calling on Blatter to step down. They have also asked FIFA to cancel its decision to pick Russia for the hosting of the 2018 World Cup.

Blatter’s surprise announcement comes amid a scandal involving some senior FIFA officials. The corruption case made headlines Wednesday, when Swiss authorities launched a raid on a gathering of senior FIFA members in Zurich, arresting seven of them.

The Swiss government said the raid was part of a probe led by the United States into corruption allegations against the FIFA officials.

A separate probe has been launched in Switzerland into the granting of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup events respectively to Russia and Qatar.”

FIFA President Sepp Blatter announces resignation (PressTV, Jun. 2 2015)

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“Seven of the FIFA defendants were arrested in Switzerland on a US federal corruption warrant.

‘There are signs that do not lie: the Americans were candidates for the World Cup 2022 and they lost,’ Blatter said in late Friday's interview with the Swiss RTS Info channel.

Swiss prosecutors have launched a separate inquest into the bidding process on the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments, awarded in 2010 to Russia and Qatar respectively.

‘As FIFA President, I would never make statements about another organization without having certainty about what is happening there,’ Blatter said, referring to the DoJ investigation.

Later on Friday, the US Internal Revenue Service announced it was preparing another round of indictments with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the FIFA corruption scandal.”

FIFA President Hits Back at US Accusations of Corruption (Sputnik International, May 30 2015)

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May 31 2015


“As we all know, on Friday FIFA was to elect its president, and Mr Blatter has every chance to be re-elected. We are aware of the pressure that was put on him to prevent the 2018 World Cup in Russia. We know of his views, which have nothing to do with any special relations between FIFA and Russia. This is his general principled position: it’s not right to mix sports and politics. Moreover, he believes sport should have a positive influence on politics and serve as a platform for dialogue, for reconciliation and a search for solutions. I believe this is the right position.

As for the arrests that were made, it seems strange in the very least as the arrests were conducted on the basis of corruption charges made by the American side. Whom did they charge? International officers. It may be possible that some of them did something wrong, I do not know, but the USA definitely have nothing to do with this. These officers are not United States’ citizens, and if anything did happen, it did not happen on the territory of the United States and the USA have nothing to do with it. This is yet another obvious attempt to spread their jurisdiction to other states. I have no doubt that this is obviously an attempt to prevent Mr Blatter’s re-election to the post of FIFA President, which is a grave violation of the principles that international organisations function on.

Meanwhile, according to our media, the United States Attorney General has already stated that these officers of the FIFA executive committee have committed a crime, as though he [sic] as a prosecutor is unaware of the presumption of innocence. Only a court can find a person guilty or not guilty, and only after that can anyone say anything, even if we assume that the United States have a reason to extradite those people, though the actions occurred on third party territory.

We are aware of the position of the United States regarding the former special services employee Mr Snowden, who was a National Security Agency employee and who made public the illegal practice of the United States practically all over the world, including tapping the phones of foreign leaders. Everybody is discussing this, including in Europe, but nobody wants to grant him asylum, guarantee his security, nobody wants to quarrel with their partners, with their senior partners.

This may be understandable, as Mr Snowden is a former security service employee and a citizen of the United States. What about Mr Assange, who has been forced to hide at a foreign embassy for several years? This is almost like being imprisoned. What is he persecuted for? For sexual crimes? Nobody believes that, you do not believe that either. He is being persecuted for spreading the information he received from US military regarding the actions of the USA in the Middle East, including Iraq.

Why did I bring this up now? Unfortunately, our American partners use these methods for their own ulterior purposes. They are illegally persecuting people. I do not rule out the possibility that the same goes for this situation with FIFA. Although I do not know what this will result in, but the fact that this is happening on the eve of elections of the FIFA president leads one to think so.”

— Comments by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the situation with FIFA (kremlin.ru, May 28 2015)

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s full statement on the FIFA scandal is available in which he also commented on the US actions against Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
— from @wikileaks (May 30 2015)

May 30 2015

  • momo33me: That is FIFA a corrupt organization there is no doubt about it. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the timing of the American move against the organization has more to do with FIFA’s impending action against settler colonial apartheid Israel. Settler colonial apartheid Israel will do anything and everything to defend its settler colonial and apartheid system.

  • momo33me: Nothing good will come out of the Palestinian Authority, its so called leader Mahmoud Abbas, and his forty thieves. Since Mahmoud Abbas and his forty thieves came on the Palestinian stage, settler colonial apartheid Israel consolidated its control and dominance over all aspects of Palestinian life and completed and perfected its system of apartheid in historic Palestine!

  • momo33me: I am deeply disappointed by this cowardly decision. Justice and the law is on the side of the Palestinian people but their leadership would rather settle for crumbs….!!

  • litfan: PA are spineless traitors Always have been always will be

May 29 2015

Last week, the PFA pushed for a veto to suspend the Israeli Football Association's membership in FIFA, saying the systemic controls under the occupation have been impeding the PFA from playing the game.

For the past two years, the PFA has been filing complaints to FIFA over Israel's systemic violations. These include Palestinian players being killed in the latest war on Gaza and others in confrontations with Israeli forces in the West Bank, as well as players being injured or detained by Israeli forces.

Israeli authorities have also imposed restrictions on the building of sports facilities in Palestinian territory, broken up games and even attacked the PFA headquarters. Players are also frequently not granted the necessary permits to travel outside of the West Bank or Gaza, a major hurdle for the PFA who has formed a team with Palestinians from both regions.

Speaking at the FIFA congress in Zurich, Switzerland Friday, Jibril Rajoub, President of the PFA said he had been persuaded to back down on the motion to have Israel suspended from the organization.

Instead, Rajoub proposed that free movement be ensured for Palestinian players. He also insisted that an investigation be launched into alleged Israeli racism against Palestinians, and demanded that the five Israeli league teams currently playing on occupied land be banned.
Palestine Drops Bid to Suspend Israel from FIFA (teleSUR English, May 29 2015)

Zurich: Pro-Palestinian protesters briefly interrupted the FIFA congress on Friday with world football’s governing body set to vote later on whether to expel Israel from the organisation. (via momo33me.tumblr.com)


“They call into question 2018 and 2022. If there were two other countries in the envelopes [in 2010], we wouldn't have these problems.”

— FIFA President Joseph Blatter, during a speech at the 65th FIFA Congress in Zurich (from sputniknews.com’s May 29 report Corruption Scandal is Reaction to Russia, Qatar World Cups - Blatter)

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“Following the US-led investigation that resulted in the arrest of FIFA officials on Wednesday, many skeptics had suggested the timing of the raids — which came one day before FIFA's congress — was part of a strategic political plan to undermine the position of Sepp Blatter as FIFA boss, and subsequently, Russia's plans to host the 2018 World Cup.

University of Illinois Professor of Law Francis Boyle told Sputnik:

‘The Obama people want to knock FIFA President Joseph Blatter off because he was Director of FIFA when they awarded the 2018 World Cup to Russia.”

He said the allegation surrounding the investigation had led many to question Russia's right to host the 2018 event.

‘It has already tarnished the 2018 World Cup and could provide a pretext for the United States and the European states to launch a boycott,’ he said, noting that it was the same approach taken by the US administration in the lead up to the Sochi winter Olympics.

‘Obama used that as the timing to launch his coup d'état against Yanukovych in Ukraine to spoil the Olympics for Russia.’

Sepp Blatter, in his speech to the FIFA congress also addressed the issue, suggesting that the western criticism of FIFA was a means of expressing their anger at the decision to award the upcoming World Cup hosting rights to Russia and Qatar.

‘They call into question 2018 and 2022. If there were two other countries in the envelopes [in 2010], we wouldn't have these problems.’

The corruption charges surrounding FIFA officials and the speculation on Blatter's future have also provided a smokescreen for another important topic at the FIFA congress — a vote on whether to ban Israel from world football, following a complaint from Palestinian authorities that Israeli teams were based on occupied territories.

‘FIFA is supposed to meet on Friday to sanction Israel over the atrocious way it has treated Palestinian soccer [football] players for years, and it looks as if they'll probably be suspended. This [FIFA corruption charges] might discombobulate that entire process,’ Francis Boyle told Sputnik.”

Europe Accused of Holding FIFA to Ransom Over World Cup Boycott Claims (Sputnik International, May 29 2015)

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“Moscow reacted to the detention of a number of FIFA officials over corruption after its reports swept the media earlier on Wednesday.

Alexander Lukashevich, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, wrote a commentary on the official website in which he suggested that the US intervention in the matter was way beyond its legal power.

Lukashevich said Washington should ‘stop attempts to administer justice far beyond its borders under its statutory regulations, and to follow the generally acknowledged international-law procedures.’

‘A group of individuals representing various countries are charged with about half a hundred counts of all sorts of financial machination,’ he wrote. ‘Without delving into the detail of the presented charges, we point out that we are seeing yet another case of illegal extra-territorial application of the US laws.’

‘We hope this will by no means be used to cast a shadow on the international football organization as a whole and the decisions that it makes, including human-resources ones,’ he further said.

Earlier, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch accused the officials of ‘hijacking’ international football to run a World Cup of ‘fraud’, whose next round is set to be held in Russia in 2018.

Lynch argued that FIFA should consider whether the 2018 World Cup should be held in Russia, also questioning the credibility of the 2022 one in Qatar.”

‘Extra-territorial application of US laws’ in FIFA case (PressTV, May 27 2015)

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“A US senator has called on FIFA not to allow Russia to host the 2018 World Cup following the corruption scandal in the soccer's world governing body.

‘I applaud today’s actions and am especially pleased that Swiss and US authorities are investigating FIFA’s granting of the World Cup to Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022,’ Senator Robert Menendez said.

‘I have long been concerned about FIFA’s selection of Russia and today’s announcement only underscores the need for FIFA to elect a president who will not only uphold FIFA’s values, but will ensure FIFA does not reward countries that do not uphold these values as well,’ he was quoted as saying by The Hill.”

“Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the US for overstepping its legal authority by helping Swiss law enforcement on the case.

In an interview with TIME, Kirill Kabanov, who monitors corruption in Russia as a member of the Kremlin’s council on civil society, blasted Washington’s policies against Moscow.

‘There are clearly forces in America that are trying to turn anything positive that we have into a new channel of confrontation,’ Kabanov said on Wednesday.

‘And even if there was bribery going on, why would the Americans only bring it up now, just after FIFA refused the demands of senators to revoke Russia’s right to host the champions?’

In a letter to the FIFA last month, 13 American senators asked FIFA President Sepp Blatter to take the next World Cup away from Russia.”

US senator to FIFA: Do not reward Russia with 2018 World Cup (PressTV, May 28 2105)

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telesurtv.net: U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch points during a news conference at the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Eastern District of New York in the Brooklyn borough of New York May 27, 2015. U.S. authorities said nine soccer officials and five sports media and promotions executives faced corruption charges involving more than $150 million in bribes. In pursuit of the U.S. case, Swiss police arrested seven FIFA officials who are now awaiting extradition to the United States.

Reposted byin-god-we-trust in-god-we-trust
Speaking to the press on Thursday, Putin said that the detentions made just days before presidental elections for the soccer governing body were clearly an attempt to prevent current boss Sepp Blatter from being reappointed for a fifth term. He has governed FIFA since 1998. ... [Putin claimed] that the U.S. was illegally trying to influence matters way outside its jurisdiction. ‘This is yet one more attempt to try and impose their law against other states. I am absolutely sure that this is an attempt to try and stop Blatter from being re-elected as FIFA president, which is a grave breach of the principles of a functioning international organization,’ he said.
Vladimir Putin Accuses US of Meddling Over FIFA Arrests (teleSUR English, May 29 2015)

Infographic: ​What is FIFA?

May 24 2015


Palestine Seeks to Suspend Israel from Football over Abuses

“The vote on the motion at the Fifa congress in Zürich is scheduled for May 29. Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian Football Association, said on Tuesday that he believed the issue would go to a vote and that he expected Israel to be suspended.

Blatter met on Tuesday with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Palestinian President Malamud Abbas, for talks that would aim at stopping the vote. However, the Fifa president made it clear in a press conference following his meeting with Netanyhu that he stood firmly against any motion that would seek Israel's suspension at his organization.

Blatter said that the Palestinian-sponsored motion was an abuse of Fifa statutes and ‘inappropriate’. Blatter, however, admitted that he had no authority to stop the vote.

If Israel were suspended, it would be one of the major victories by the Palestinians since the failure of the United States-brokered peace talks prompted Palestinians to internationalize their cause.”

“Palestinians are arguing that the vote is not political. They say that Israel does not allow free movement of Palestinian or foreign players, that its policy is discriminatory and that five teams in the Israeli football association are based in illegal settlements, in violation of Fifa rules.”

“The recent motion is coming at critical times for Blatter. He is seeking re-election at the same congress while facing mounting pressure over the staging of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which is accused of human rights abuses against labors and construction workers.”

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