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August 20 2018


June 13 2018


June 08 2018


Mother Nature Network: 'Rebel' farmers launch second organic label

“Can a food be organic if it never touched soil? Some say it can't. They believe foods produced using hydroponic, aquaponic or aeroponic methods don't qualify as organic because they don't use soil. Some farmers have been fighting for the exclusion of these methods from organic certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), but now they're taking a different path. They're creating their own organic label that excludes water-grown methods.”

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June 04 2018

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May 26 2018


morobook: Morocco. Fez. Pastries in the medina. 2009

May 24 2018


znbb: Me at iftar

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inefekt69: Namba Side Street - Osaka, Japan

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May 20 2018


April 22 2018


bella-17: Macdonald’s in old saudi house style

March 03 2018


February 09 2018


October 19 2017


September 21 2017


July 01 2017


“Venezuelan authorities said Thursday more than 50 tons of food have been incinerated by anti-government groups, amid ongoing attacks on public infrastructure.

The attack took place in the municipality Simon Bolivar in Barcelona, Anzoategui state, when a group of attackers infiltrated a government food distribution centre. The Ministry of Food has stated the attackers set fire to the interior of a warehouse, destroying a stockpile of basic food products awaiting distribution.

Food Minister Rodolfo Marco Torres described the incident as an act of terrorism, blaming opposition supporters.

‘This is … fascism, this attack on the people by these terrorists,’ he said.

State authorities say the attackers used improvised incendiary devices, including Molotov cocktails, though no injuries have been reported. Authorities also said they’ve recovered around 50 tons of food from the warehouse, which will be distributed to communities across Anzoategui on Friday.

No arrests have been made in connection to the incident, and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The interior of the warehouse was defaced with graffiti, including ‘Viva Leopoldo,’ a possible reference to imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. Another spray painted message read ‘damned Chavistas,’ while a third stated ‘no more hunger’.

The incident was just the latest in a wave of attacks targeting Venezuela’s state food distribution network. More than 30 facilities and vehicles involved in food distribution have been attacked in recent months, according to the minister.

‘Also, two food aid workers have been injured by gunfire in Lara state,’ he added.

The attacks have coincided with widespread opposition protests over the past three months, during which more than 90 people have died. In another alleged case of opposition violence, three power substations in Aragua state was also reportedly attacked Thursday.”

Venezuela: "Terrorists" Torch 50 Tons of Food as ex-National Guard Chief Indicted (venezuelanalysis.com, Jun. 30 2017)

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June 13 2017


Is hoarding causing Venezuela food shortages? - Al Jazeera English

“As bizarre as it may seem in a country with the world's largest oil reserves, all agree food hoarding is a real problem.”

June 07 2017


Blaming Socialism, US Media Distorts Venezuela’s Food Crisis

“The facts are clear — Venezuela does have a food crisis. Mainstream U.S. media, however, blames the socialist government that has radically improved the country’s standard of living instead of right-wing U.S.-backed opposition forces intentionally sabotaging the economy.

Since the early 2000s, supermarket owners affiliated with Venezuela’s opposition have been purposefully hoarding food products so they can resell them at higher prices and make large profits. Food importing companies owned by the country’s wealthy right-wing elite are also manipulating import figures to raise prices.

In 2013, former Venezuelan Central Bank chief Edmee Betancourt reported that the country lost between US$15 and $20 billion dollars the previous year through such fraudulent import deals.

It doesn’t stop there.

Last year, over 750 opposition-controlled offshore companies linked to the Panama Papers scandal were accused of purposely redirecting Venezuelan imports of raw food materials from the government to the private sector. Many of these companies sell their products to private companies in Colombia, which resell them to Venezuelans living close to Colombia.

‘Selling contraband is a serious problem. People here are taking large quantities of products meant for Venezuelans and selling them in Colombia,’ Valencia resident Francisco Luzon told Al Jazeera in a 2014 interview.

Reuters admitted in 2014 that Venezuelan opposition members living in border states are shipping low-cost foodstuffs provided by the Venezuelan government into Colombia for profit.

Overall, Venezuela’s millionaire opposition are profiting handsomely from the country’s food crisis while blaming it on the socialist government that’s trying to eliminate it.”

  • Russia 'Won't Allow Food Blackmail of Venezuela by Large Imperialist States' (Sputnik International, Jun. 5 2017)

    “Deliveries of Russian wheat are playing a decisive role in tackling the food crisis, [Venezuelan Minister for External Commerce and International Trade] Jesus Faria said.

    The two countries have been working on the development of the program to deliver Russian wheat to Venezuela. Wheat remains the key component of everyday food rations for Venezuelans, the Minister noted.

    Jesus Faria has thanked Russia for the aid it provides to his home country in various spheres.

    ‘It is very important aid and a very decent and constructive position of the Russian government to stimulate dialogue, peaceful coexistence and the respect of democracy in our country,’ he told Sputnik.

    Russian aid, he said, is a very important contribution as it allows for the creation of certain conditions, background and climate for a constructive dialogue. The Venezuelan government highly appreciates all the projects which Russia is taking part in.”

  • Russia Helps Venezuela Fight Opposition's 'Economic War' (teleSUR English, Jun. 5 2017)

    “Russia has been providing Venezuela with wheat deliveries as part of a development program signed in May. Under the agreement, Russia agreed to send Venezuela 60,000 tons of wheat per month.

    According to Faria, these wheat deliveries have provided a crucial lifeline, ensuring that the Venezuelan people have access to basic food staples.

    Much of the country's food problem has been blamed on contraband selling with over 750 opposition-controlled offshore companies accused of purposely redirecting Venezuelan imports of raw food materials from the government to the private sector.

    In Venezuela, the food crisis is being exploited by the country's right-wing forces, which are attempting to destabilize the leftist government with the support of the U.S., Faria said, according to Sputnik.

    However, the minister added that Russia is helping to fight the food blackmail of Venezuela, Sputnik reported.”

June 04 2017


Ramadan Tips for a Healthy Body

from thebeautyofislam.tumblr.com:

  • Understanding some basic nutrition science can help you stay healthy this Ramadan. Your body gets its energy (glucose) from food, and for 2-4 hours after you eat your energy will come from that food (after that your liver will release glucose to be turned into energy). Try to eat foods like potatoes, beans, vegetables, and grains at suhoor (breakfast); these foods are called complex carbohydrates and because they are ‘complex’ the body takes a longer time to turn them into glucose (energy) - giving you a long lasting source of energy.

  • Dates, and other fruits, are simple carbs meaning they’re digested quickly and are good for quick jolts of energy. Don’t eat them at suhoor, they’ll end up making you thirsty throughout the day, save them for when you break your fast to quickly recharge your system.

  • Invest in a once a day multivitamin that you can take at suhoor. Your body will be in famine for extended periods of time, and chances are you aren’t getting enough nutrition while you’re able to eat. A multivitamin can help make sure you fill in those gaps that your dinner isn’t covering.

  • Drink some water every hour you’re able to eat and drink. After that first gulp of water in the evening it’s easy to forget that you were dehydrated all day.

  • Exercise after iftar (dinnner); exercising while fasting will only make you more dehydrated and more fatigued. Your muscles can store glucose (energy) that they can use during exercise, but you’ll see the consequences, of exercising while fasting, when you’re not able to lift as much weight or run as far as you’d expect. You’re also more prone to cramping and injury while you’re fasting, so wait until after dinner to exercise if you can.

  • I know that halfway through the month it becomes harder to eat suhoor as you become more and more tired. My suhoor of choice, once it comes to that, is a protein lassi, which hydrates me and keeps me full the majority of the day. I mix water, greek yogurt, a scoop of protein powder, mango nectar, and a sprinkle of cardamom powder the night before, and once it’s time for breakfast I wake up drink the smoothie, pray, and then go back to bed.

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