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September 26 2019

Russia's return to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: Diplomacy or defeat?

Amending the Council of Europe’s (CoE) sanctioning rules to restore Russia’s voting rights in its Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) has divided democracy and human rights advocates.
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September 23 2019

Trinidad & Tobago government unimpressed with BBC report on Venezuelan refugees

A BBC report about Venezuelan migrants in Trinidad and Tobago has not been well received by locals. Many feel the report did not portray an accurate representation of the situation.
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September 22 2019

Broken bones, internal bleeding: Hong Kong police used ‘reckless, indiscriminate’ tactics during protests, says Amnesty

"...police officers meted out violence prior to and during arrests, even when the individual had been restrained. The use of force was clearly excessive, violating international human rights law."
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September 17 2019

Indian authorities approve uranium exploration in Nallamala Forest, sparking protests

The Chenchu indigenous community, environmentalists and civic bodies protest proposed uranium mining in the Nallamala Forest located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in India.
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A professor's self-immolation puts the spotlight on the fragile future of Russia's minority languages

Many people discussing Razin's death seem bewildered that anyone would use minority languages in daily life, let alone die for them—an attitude by no means limited to Russia.
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October 12 2017

China's Sina Weibo Hires 1,000 Supervisors to Censor ‘Harmful Content'—Including Women's Legs

"Male users are less likely to be reported, while female users’ selfies, leg photos or waist photos that show off the success of their workouts are subjected to reduced scores."
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October 11 2017

ICAN, Australia's Homegrown Anti-Nuclear Nobel Peace Prize Winner, is a Big Surprise

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize award to ICAN, the anti-nuclear weapons coalition, took many Australians by surprise despite its Melbourne origins in 2007.
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September 21 2017

Human Rights Group Prevented by Police and Anti-Communist Mob From Commemorating 1965 Massacre in Indonesia

"The complete inaction of the police to stop this violence, contributes to the erosion of democracy and violations of the rights to freedom of expression and assembly in Indonesia."
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June 20 2017


June 08 2015

International “Freedom Flotilla III” on its Way to Break the Siege of Gaza

The Freedom Flotilla III will join an increasingly long list of boats that have attempted to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. Will it succeed this time?
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June 03 2015

Iran Sentences Atena Faraghdani to 12.5 Years for Cartoons

A Revolutionary Court in Tehran has sentenced artist and civil rights activist Atena Faraghdani to 12.5 years in prison for publishing on Facebook cartoons and criticisms of the government.
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June 02 2015

From Media to Manga, How Japan's Pop Culture Changed After Fukushima

Global Voices interviews Dr. BA Wakefield, a lecturer at Leiden University who is organizing a the Safety and Disaster in Japanese Popular Culture after Fukushima workshop on June 5.
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June 01 2015

How Safe Are Internet Search Engines from Russian Censorship?

Saddling Internet search engines in Russia with new regulations raises special concerns, given Moscow's recent track record for reinterpreting Internet laws in ways that inhibit civic freedoms online.
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May 26 2015

Leaked Emails Reveal Details of China's Online ‘Youth Civilization Volunteers’

'Speak out in a timely way and positively guide mistaken opinions and thoughts in order to grow mainstream thought and sentiment on the Internet.'
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What Africa Day Means to Africans and Friends of Africa

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity, when the leaders of 30 independent African states signed a founding charter in Ethiopia.
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May 22 2015

ISIS Claims Responsibility in Suicide Bombing in Shia Mosque in Qatif Killing 21 Worshippers

Twenty-one people were killed when an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in a Shia mosque in Qatif, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, after Friday prayers today.
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May 20 2015

Arab American Journalist Detained by Israeli Security for ‘Flying While Muslim’

Palestinian-American journalist Noor Wazwaz shares her experience of "Flying While Muslim" into Tel Aviv, saying the humiliation will not deter her from returning again.
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May 18 2015


“Activist and artist Atena Farghadani is scheduled to stand trial on Tuesday, May 19 for a cartoon that criticized the Iranian government. The 28-year-old faces charges of spreading propaganda against the system; insulting members of parliament through paintings; and insulting the supreme leader.

The image that led to her arrest depicts Iran's members of parliament as animals voting on law that will restrict access to contraception and criminalise voluntary sterilisation, severely curtailing women's rights.

Her initial arrest came in August 2014, when she was held in solitary confinement for prolonged periods of time in Evin prison. She was released in December, but was detained again after publicly discussing her mistreatment by the prison guards.

Three weeks after her second confinement, Atena went on a hunger strike to protest the poor prison conditions, which her lawyer told Amnesty International resulted in her heart attack and brief loss of consciousness in February. Amnesty International has reported Atena has since been moved to another detention centre and stopped her hunger strike, but advocates remain concerned about her health.

Amnesty International is leading a call to action here, while the hashtag #freeAtena is being used to raise support and awareness on social media.”

Atena Farghadani Goes on Trial Tomorrow in Iran for Her Cartoon About Access to Contraception (Global Voices, May 18 2015)


Iran's Evin Prison to Become A Park

This post first appeared on iranhumanrights.org and is published here in collaboration with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.  Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said last week that the Tehran Municipality is prepared to enter negotiations with the Iranian Judiciary to convert the Evin Prison complex in northwestern Tehran into a...
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