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October 14 2018

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absolutely-not-the-madonna: First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

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May 20 2018


May 17 2018


June 27 2017


@ICRC: For 10 years, electricity has been restricted in Gaza to 8 hours a day. Today, most people get 2-3 hours, if they're lucky.

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gulfnews.com: A Palestinian patient waits for a travel permit to cross into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing, after it was opened by Egyptian authorities for humanitarian cases, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.


Gaza's cancer patients: 'We are dying slowly' | Palestine | Al Jazeera

“Before the start of the blockade in 2007, Gaza was the centre for medications, said Talha Ahmad, a chemotherapy pharmacist. He now describes his workplace at the hospital as a war zone.

‘I'm fighting everywhere, every day to have the medications required for my patients,’ Ahmad told Al Jazeera.

‘We have a big shortage in basic medications. I'm not talking about new generations of chemotherapy medications; I'm talking about old medications, used 20 years ago in the world. We have a big shortage of them here.’

In August 2016, 17 percent of cancer drugs were at zero stock - less than one month's supply on shelves - according to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

‘I try to tell [my patients], “Your medication is not available,” as gently as possible. It's as if you're telling them, “I will kill you slowly because your medication is not available,”’ Ahmad said.

‘I try to make adaptations to at least give them hope. I say, “It's OK, it will be here next week. This delay will not harm you.” But I believe these patients have the right to have their medication [immediately].’

There have also been reports of extortion of patients as they attempt to reach hospitals a short distance away for life-saving treatment.

Last July, 19-year-old Yousef Younis received a phone call from the Israeli security service after applying for a permit to treat his leukaemia in Jerusalem. They told him that he could cross if he collaborated with them. He refused, and consequently, his permit was denied. His health quickly deteriorated, and he died the next month.

Israel as an occupying force is obligated under international humanitarian law to ensure the Palestinian population's access to medical treatment and to maintain its medical facilities, hospitals and services in the occupied territories.

Gisha [the Legal Centre for Freedom of Movement] found that whenever they challenged a denied permit legally or through media work, Israeli authorities would reverse their decision and grant a travel permit. ‘This calls into question the arbitrary and slack decision-making process for assigning a security block in the first place,’ Gisha noted.”


Gaza patients denied right to get treatment abroad | GulfNews.com

“‘This is an inhumane robbery of health. Only patients who cannot be provided with proper treatment in the Gaza Strip are transferred to other hospitals,’ said Dr. Ashraf Al Qedrah, a spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry.

Al Qedrah noted that in 2016, more than 60 per cent of the cancer patients from Gaza have been denied the right to exit Gaza to be admitted to hospitals in the 1948 areas.

‘The Health Ministry has submitted more than 26,000 completed requests for patients to exit the Gaza Strip for treatment abroad and the occupation authorities approved only 16,000 requests (61.5 per cent of the total requests) and rejected the others,’ he said.

He said the latest Gazan victim was Mohammad Habib, 8, who died of a serious illness after the Israeli occupation refused to grant one of his relatives a permit to accompany him to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel. Last month, another young man from Gaza, Ahmad Hassan Jameel, 17, also died after the occupation authorities denied him a permit to travel abroad for treatment.”

June 12 2017


diaspora: Dec. 1, 2015 | Gaza City, Palestine  Palestinian schoolgirls walk in front of a rainbow illuminating the sky over Gaza City’s shore.

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March 04 2017


June 28 2015


frompalestinewithlove: A Palestinian man reads the Quran during Ramadan in the rubble of one of the mosques that was hit during the last war on Gaza.

June 27 2015


@Pray4Pal: 4 boats of Freedom Flotilla 3 have sailed from their final European points of departure for the port of Gaza.

June 24 2015


@Pray4Pal: Silent demonstration of peace for Gaza in Shinjuku.

«Bring Israel to justice for their repeated IHL violation! In order to end the tragedy in Gaza, investigate Israel’s war crimes and punish those who responsible!»


@Pray4Pal: Activists in new bid to break Israel blockade of Gaza; Ex-Tunisian president to join flotilla

June 20 2015

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Gaza 2015 - 2nd day of Ramadan [source: above - below]

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June 19 2015


standwithpalestine: Palestinians performed Taraweeh prayers in tents erected in the rubble of mosques destroyed by the Israeli occupation during its 51-day offensive on Gaza last summer, June 17, 2015.

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frompalestinewithlove: On the first day of Ramadan, a family in Gaza breaks their fast between the rubble of their destroyed home.

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“国連のウィビソノ・パレスチナ人権担当特別報告者は、先週、ガザの状況に関する報告を作成するため、パレスチナ領土のイスラエルに占領された地域を訪問しようとしました。ところが、シオニスト政権は、彼の訪問を拒否しました。シオニスト政権が、この地域への国連人権特別報告者の訪問を拒否したのは、これが 2度目のことです。シオニスト政権は2014年にも、調査と報告作成を目的にした特別報告者の訪問を拒否しました。

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    英米の協力が確実に得られる安保理ならイスラエルに有利になるという状況は、国連の国際機関としての機能不全を象徴している。 この背景には、経済強者有利の不均衡な国際関係がある。

  • 稲美弥彦:


June 15 2015


via @rourourania80: people of Gaza preparing for the month of Ramadan, with their houses destroyed.

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June 14 2015


momo33me: By Artist Muhammad Quraqie From Gaza

Tags: Palestine Gaza
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