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December 19 2019

December 17 2019

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December 16 2019


October 08 2019


Joe Tsai is on Facebook - When I bought controlling interest in the Brooklyn Nets in September, I didn’t expect my first public communication with our fans would be to comment on…

«Fans in China are calling for an explanation – if they are not getting it from the Houston Rockets, then it is natural that they ask others associated with the NBA to express a view.

The NBA is a fan-first league. When hundreds of millions of fans are furious over an issue, the league, and anyone associated with the NBA, will have to pay attention. As a Governor of one of the 30 NBA teams, and a Chinese having spent a good part of my professional life in China, I need to speak up.

What is the problem with people freely expressing their opinion? This freedom is an inherent American value and the NBA has been very progressive in allowing players and other constituents a platform to speak out on issues.

The problem is, there are certain topics that are third-rail issues in certain countries, societies and communities.

Supporting a separatist movement in a Chinese territory is one of those third-rail issues, not only for the Chinese government, but also for all citizens in China.»

September 30 2019


September 24 2019


How the Nazis took control of Hollywood

August 1, 2013

«During the 1930’s golden age of Hollywood, executives throughout the movie industry slowly went from being influenced by Nazis in Germany to being totally under their control, according to a controversial new book.

In an excerpt obtained by the Hollywood Reporter from the upcoming book “The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler” written by Ben Urwand (Harvard University Press, on sale Sept. 9), the author reveals shocking details about the close “collaboration” between Hollywood and Nazi officials.»

August 27 2019

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diese 3 herren überfielen 9 länder in nur 20 jahren und sind für den tod von über 11 millionen menschen verantwortlich. trotzdem nennt sie niemand TERRORISTEN.

mehr muss man über diese merkwürdige welt nicht wissen.

July 24 2019


July 04 2019

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Tags: History
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Young woman. Omagari, Akita, 1953
Tags: Japan History
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June 12 2019

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Soviet doctors treating Chernobyl-exposed suddenly had an unwelcome crash course in this medical problem. They found that radioactive contaminants, even at relatively low levels, infiltrated the bodies of their patients, who grew sicker each year. Gradually, health officials understood they had a public health disaster on their hands. Thousands of archival records document the catastrophe. Ukrainian doctors registered in the most contaminated regions of Kiev province an increase between 1985 and 1988 in thyroid and heart disease, endocrine and GI tract disorders, anaemia and other maladies of the blood-forming system.

In two closely watched regions of the province, infants born with congenital malformations grew from 10% to 23% between 1986 and 1988. And 46% of newborns in some fallout regions died within 28 days of life. Half of these deaths were stillborn, the other half had congenital malformations “that were not compatible with life”. 

Consultants from UN agencies dismissed the findings of scientists in Ukraine and Belarus…


June 11 2019

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zur erinnerung

Tags: History WWII

May 16 2019


BONBON (circa 1842). By Japanese artist, Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

Tags: Japan Art History
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May 15 2019

Hong Kong multimedia project commemorates the 30th anniversary of June 4 massacre in Beijing

"Facts are being distorted [...] No journalist should let this happen. Not only should they retell the tragedy but also their insights into it. That's the obligation of every witness of history."
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October 26 2018

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vintage nude photo - by Rikkō Nakamura, 1951.

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October 22 2018


rt.com: Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan sign the INF treaty, December 8, 1987

October 06 2018


@nudin’s reaction to @simonsayer

It's not russian but British and is wasn't 8 minutes long but 12, but 4 minutes went lost. Wikipedia contains the full film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_in_Wonderland_(1903_film)
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August 07 2018


i12bent: Rahsaan Roland Kirk (Aug. 7, 1935 - 1977) was a blind American jazz multi-instrumentalist who played tenor saxophone, flute and many other instruments. He was known for his vitality on stage, where virtuoso improvisation was accompanied by comic banter, political ranting and his famous ability to play a number of instruments simultaneously…


i12bent: Dutch exotic dancer and spy, Grietje Zelle, was born on Aug. 7, 1876 and shot for espionage in 1917… She seems to have spied for both the French and the Germans.

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