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September 17 2019


@PlaggeVal: September is #HungerActionMonth and to bring awareness to food insecurity in our country, I created a recipe based off the SNAP budget for a family of four - $5.50 per meal. Check out my Chicken Caesar Pasta: cornbeanspigskids.com/2019/09/513-ch…

December 21 2012

...the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said today it will start providing ready-to-eat food to 125,000 vulnerable Palestinians and displaced Syrians caught up in fighting around the Yarmouk camp in the Syrian capital, Damascus. ...In recent days, Palestinian refugees and thousands of displaced Syrians who had taken refuge in the camp fled due to violence in Yarmouk. Many of them are now in relatives’ homes, mosques, public shelters and schools, WFP said in a news release, adding that they left the camp carrying only their children, with thousands attempting to cross the border to neighbouring Lebanon. ‘These people have already suffered tremendously in their journey in search of safety for their families and young children, moving from one place to the other hungry, terrified and cold,’ said WFP’s Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin. ‘We remain committed to supporting the most vulnerable in Syria. No one should go hungry.’
UN genocide adviser warns of increasing risk of sectarian violence in Syria (United Nations News Centre, Dec. 21 2012)
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