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September 12 2018


Ron Paul: 'Why Are We Siding With al-Qaeda in Syria?'

“Last week, I urged the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to stop protecting al-Qaeda in Syria by demanding that the Syrian government leave Idlib under al-Qaeda control. While it may seem hard to believe that the US government is helping al-Qaeda in Syria, it’s not as strange as it may seem: our interventionist foreign policy increasingly requires Washington to partner up with ‘bad guys’ in pursuit of its dangerous and aggressive foreign policy goals.

Does the Trump Administration actually support al-Qaeda and ISIS? Of course not. But the ‘experts’ who run Trump’s foreign policy have determined that a de facto alliance with these two extremist groups is for the time being necessary to facilitate the more long-term goals in the Middle East. And what are those goals? Regime change for Iran.”

August 03 2018


【photoset】 Êzîdî women who were held captive by IS

“The Êzîdî genocide is ongoing and remains largely unaddressed, despite the obligation of states to prevent and to punish the crime.”

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July 09 2017


@sahouraxo: Syrian women (1931). Syrian women in ISIS-occupied Raqqa (2015).

June 21 2017


“Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has strongly condemned the United States for shooting down a Syrian Air Force fighter jet in Syria's militant-held northern province of Raqqah as a ‘massive violation of international law and de facto military aggression.’

‘This strike has to be seen as a continuation of America's line to disregard the norms of international law,’ Ryabkov told the state-owned TASS news agency in Moscow on Monday.

He added, ‘What is this if not an act of aggression? It is, if you like, help to those terrorists that the US is ostensibly fighting against, declaring they are carrying out an anti-terrorism policy.’

Ryabkov’s remarks came a day after the Syrian army said that the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group had targeted one of its Sukhoi Su-22 warplanes over al-Rasafa area in the southern countryside of Raqqah Province.

The Syrian General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced in a statement that the military aircraft was on a combat mission against Daesh terrorists, noting that the pilot of the jet had gone missing after the ‘flagrant aggression.’”

Russia blasts US shooting down of Syrian jet as violation of intl. law (PressTV, Jun. 19 2017)


US continues to ‘stab Russia in the back’ with Syrian offensives — RT Op-Edge

RT: The US has said that in the wake of the incident [the shooting down of the Syrian plane] they will be relocating their air force in Syria. Where might they relocate to?

RS [Rick Sterling, Syria Solidarity Movement member] : I am not sure. What we know is that the US is saying one thing but we have to take their words with a big grain of salt because they often do something totally different. The US will say that they respect Syrian sovereignty, but their actions are completely contrary to that right now. So, what we’ve got going on is a clear violation of international law, it is illegal to fund a proxy army attacking a sovereign state, it is illegal to fly over a state without authorization, and it is an obvious act of war and aggression to go into another country and shoot the army and shoot down the air force of the sovereign state…

The Russians have been saying all along that they want to work with their partners, the US, and Donald Trump ran on a campaign of working with Russia to defeat ISIS, but we keep having these stabs in the back. Last September we had an agreement, and the US forces ‘accidentally’ attacked Syrian forces near Deir ez-Zor instead of ISIS and that allowed ISIS to overrun that Syrian Army camp.”


June 18 2017


サウジに売却されたアメリカ製兵器の最終的な受取者はISIS - Pars Today





PressTV-Saudi Arabia ‘prime suspect’ in Tehran attacks

“‘Now, Riyadh is the prime suspect in the Tehran terrorist incidents,’ Amir-Abdollahian said.

More than two dozen people, including Iran’s cultural attaché to Beirut, were killed and at least 150 others injured in that year when two explosions struck near the Iranian diplomatic premises in the south of the Lebanese capital.

Following the incident, the so-called Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the bombings. The group’s Saudi leader, Majid al-Majid, was arrested in early January 2014 and died days later from poor health in a Lebanese jail. Majid was a high-profile terrorist also wanted by the US and some other countries.

Last Wednesday, terrorists attacked the Iranian Parliament and the Mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, in the capital Tehran, killing as many as 17 people. The Takfiri terrorist group Daesh claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Daesh follows Wahhabism, an extremely intolerant and violent pseudo-ideology that is preached by government-sanctioned clerics in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh has severed its diplomatic relations with Iran. The Tehran attacks came hot on the heels of especially adversarial comments and threats by high-ranking Saudi authorities.

Last month, Mohammed bin Salman said Saudi Arabia would work to move ‘the battle’ to Iran. Also, on June 6, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Iran had to be ‘punished’ for what he called ‘its interference in the region.’ The Tehran attacks were conducted hours later.

On Tuesday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred to those remarks by the Saudi officials and called them a ‘direct threat and very dangerous provocation’ by Riyadh. He also said Iran had obtained intelligence showing that Saudi Arabia was ‘actively’ propping up terrorist groups along Iranian eastern and western borders.”

June 10 2017


May all the people who lost their lives in the cowardly attack by ISIS in Tehran today rest in peace. ISIS, you will not scare us.
There are no words… never thought I’d see the day these filthy scum would touch my country. My heart bled for Iraq, it bled for Pakistan, it bled for Afghanistan, it bled for Yemen, it bled for Syria, it bled for Palestine… now I truly have no more in me
Reposted byRekrut-K Rekrut-K

June 02 2017


Bloody day in Kabul as blast rocks diplomatic quarter

“Horror and chaos grip the Afghan capital Kabul following a huge car bomb explosion, which according to the Health Ministry has so far claimed at least 90 lives and wounded about 400 others.

The bomb exploded near the presidential palace and foreign embassies in the center of Kabul on Wednesday morning, Afghan officials said.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, the precise target of which remained unclear, even though it hit Zanbaq Square, close to the German Embassy (seen in the above picture).

​Health Ministry spokesman Ismael Kawoosi confirmed the fatality number and warned that the toll could rise.

‘They are still bringing bodies and wounded people to hospitals,’ he said.

An Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said initial findings showed it had been a truck bomb. The attack inflicted damages on the buildings of embassies of India and Japan.”

May 30 2017


presstv.com: A wreckage of a car is seen at the site of car bomb attack near a government office in Karkh district in Baghdad, Iraq, May 30, 2017.


iranian-diaspora: The aftermath of a car bomb in Baghdad, claiming the lives of 13 Shi'a who were enjoying ice cream. The car bomb also wounded 24 people on top of the 13 who were killed. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, and the people were reportedly targeted for being Shi'a.

May 29 2017


@RT_com: ISIS claims responsibility for deadly attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt on.rt.com/8cv9

@mport343: Those CIA employees are working hard for their US funded training and weapon supplies!

May 15 2017


June 04 2015


Israeli War Planes Bomb Gaza

May 24 2015

Iran has entered the fight to retake a major Iraqi oil refinery from Islamic State militants, supplying a small number of troops. The soldiers are supporting advancing Iraqi ground forces, US officials told AP on condition of anonymity. They said Iranian forces have taken an offensive role in the Beiji operation in recent days, in conjunction with Iraqi Shiite militia. The refinery, captured by ISIS in June 2014, plays a key role for Iraqis as it refines the country's crude into petroleum for domestic consumption.
​Iran sends troops to help retake key Iraq oil refinery (RT News, May 23 2015)
Tags: Iran Iraq ISIS

May 22 2015

ISIS Claims Responsibility in Suicide Bombing in Shia Mosque in Qatif Killing 21 Worshippers

Twenty-one people were killed when an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in a Shia mosque in Qatif, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, after Friday prayers today.
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April 11 2015


huffingtonpost: Queen Rania of Jordan said Thursday evening that there is nothing Islamic about the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.

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April 05 2015


@Pray4Pal: 100s rally in Gaza over ISIL raid on Syria’s Yarmuk camp

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