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September 22 2019


A Crackdown on Islam Is Spreading Across China - The New York Times

«Islam has had followers in China for centuries. There are now 22 to 23 million Muslims, a tiny minority in a country of 1.4 billion. Among them, the Hui and the Uighurs make up the largest ethnic groups. Uighurs primarily live in Xinjiang, but the Hui live in enclaves scattered around the nation.

The restrictions they now face can be traced to 2015, when Mr. Xi first raised the issue of what he called the “Sinicization of Islam,” saying all faiths should be subordinate to Chinese culture and the Communist Party. Last year, Mr. Xi’s government issued a confidential directive that ordered local officials to prevent Islam from interfering with secular life and the state’s functions.

Critics of China’s policies who are outside the country provided excerpts from the directive to The Times. The directive, titled “Reinforcing and Improving Islam Work in the New Situation,” has not been made public. It was issued by the State Council, China’s cabinet, in April of last year and classified as confidential for 20 years.

The directive warns against the “Arabization” of Islamic places, fashions and rituals in China, singling out the influence of Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites, as a cause for concern.

It prohibits the use of the Islamic financial system. It bars mosques or other private Islamic organizations from organizing kindergartens or after-school programs, and it forbids Arabic-language schools to teach religion or send students abroad to study.

The most visible aspect of the crackdown has been the targeting of mosques built with domes, minarets and other architectural details characteristic of Central Asia or the Arabic world.

Taken in isolation, some of these measures seem limited. Others seem capricious: some mosques with Arabic features have been left untouched, while others nearby have been altered or shut down.

But on a national scale, the trend is clear. Mr. Cui, the poet, calls it the harshest campaign against faith since the end of the Cultural Revolution, when so-called Red Guards unleashed by Mao Zedong destroyed mosques across the country.»

«In an interview, Mr. Ma, the Frostburg State scholar, said the current leadership viewed religion as “the major enemy the state faces.” He said senior officials had studied the role played by faith — particularly the Catholic Church in Poland — in the collapse of the Soviet Union and its dominion in Eastern Europe.»

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September 19 2019


Islamophobia – Muslim Council of Hong Kong

  • Muslim inmates in China detention camp forced to eat pork, drink alcohol and physically tortured as some commit suicide (May 19, 2018)

    «China has blamed violent attacks in Xinjiang in recent years on Islamist extremists bent on waging holy war on the state, with radical ideas said to be coming from abroad over the Internet and from visits to foreign countries by Uighurs, the region’s predominant ethnic group.

    In response, Beijing has turned the entire region into a 21st-century surveillance state, with ubiquitous checkpoints and widespread use of facial recognition technology, and has even forced Muslims to install spyware on their phones that allows the authorities to monitor their activity online, experts say. Long beards and veils have been banned, and overt expression of religious sentiment is likely to cause immediate suspicion.

    In an extension of the already pervasive program of human surveillance, more than 1 million Communist Party cadres have been dispatched to spend days on end staying in the homes of families — most of them Muslim — throughout Xinjiang, according to a report by Human Rights Watch released this week. There, they carry out political indoctrination and report back on anything from the extent of religious beliefs to uncleanliness and alcoholism.»

  • Uyghur Muslim women being forced into marriage to Chinese men as Ugyhur men are being sent to concentration camps, gene washing in motion (June 1, 2018)

    «…eight aspects of China’s extensive assimilation policy in Xinjiang that has been underway since 1949:

    1. Sincization of Uyghur alphabet,
    2. censorship of Uyghur books,
    3. coercion of Uyghur intellectuals to pledge loyalty to the Communist Party of China,
    4. banning of traditional clothing,
    5. criminalization of “halal” labels,
    6. assigning Han officials to Uyghur families,
    7. banning Islamic names, and
    8. destroying historic buildings in Kashgar.»

  • “Uyghur Muslims under China’s draconian rule can neither fast nor pray during this Ramadan, 3 years in a row”, says Uyghur American Association (May 7, 2019)

    «Activists and U.S. politicians meanwhile called for greater world attention to and condemnation of China’s network of political “re-education camps” that have held up to 1.5 million Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic minorities accused of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” ideas since April 2017 as reported by Radio Free Asia.

    Authorities in Xinjiang have typically forced restaurants to stay open and restricted access to mosques during Ramadan to discourage traditional observation of the holy month, and in recent years authorities’ have tried to ban fasting among Uyghurs, drawing widespread criticism from rights groups.

    “The entire Muslim world has started fasting and praying. But unfortunately the Uyghur Muslims under China’s draconian rule can neither fast nor pray during this Ramadan,” said Ilshat Hassan, president of the Washington-based Uyghur American Association.

    “It is not just Uyghurs’ Islamic faith that is under Chinese attack but also their very existence as a unique indigenous people,” he told RFA’s Uyghur Service.

    “The international community needs to take action for China locking up millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps. And the Muslim world, especially OIC, should hold China accountable for its anti-Islamic policy and crimes against humanity,” added Hassan.»


China Is Treating Islam Like a Mental Illness

«The sheer scale of the internment camp system, which according to The Wall Street Journal has doubled in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region just within the last year, is mindboggling. The U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China describes it as “the largest mass incarceration of a minority population in the world today.” Beijing began by targeting Uighur extremists, but now even benign manifestations of Muslim identity—like growing a long beard—can get a Uighur sent to a camp, the Journal noted. Earlier this month, when a UN panel confronted a senior Chinese official about the camps, he said there are “no such things as reeducation centers,” even though government documents refer to the facilities that way. Instead, he claimed they’re just vocational schools for criminals.

China has been selling a very different narrative to its own population. Although the authorities frequently describe the internment camps as schools, they also liken them to another type of institution: hospitals. Here’s an excerpt from an official Communist Party audio recording, which was transmitted last year to Uighurs via WeChat, a social-media platform, and which was transcribed and translated by Radio Free Asia:

Members of the public who have been chosen for reeducation have been infected by an ideological illness. They have been infected with religious extremism and violent terrorist ideology, and therefore they must seek treatment from a hospital as an inpatient. … The religious extremist ideology is a type of poisonous medicine, which confuses the mind of the people. … If we do not eradicate religious extremism at its roots, the violent terrorist incidents will grow and spread all over like an incurable malignant tumor.

“Religious belief is seen as a pathology” in China, explained James Millward, a professor of Chinese history at Georgetown University, adding that Beijing often claims religion fuels extremism and separatism. “So now they’re calling reeducation camps ‘hospitals’ meant to cure thinking. It’s like an inoculation, a search-and-destroy medical procedure that they want to apply to the whole Uighur population, to kill the germs of extremism. But it’s not just giving someone a shot—it’s locking them up for months in bad conditions.”»

September 17 2019


June 06 2019


October 06 2018


ghasedakk: Imam Mosque, Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfahan


biladal-sham: Iran. Tehran. Women in colorful chadors celebrate the end of the fasting month or Ramadan with the Fitr prayers. They read from the Qur’an. November 2006.

September 27 2018


August 03 2018

  • Anonymous: salaam. sometimes I go through muslim twitter... it's like a dating site and everyone's so thirsty. even fellow hijabis and it makes me cringe

  • bintalghazi: Sounds allot like a certain side of muslim tumblr

August 02 2018

Do not disobey Allah for the sake of someone you love. Because the heart of the one you love is in the control of The One you disobey
ummomar (via In-Allah-We-Believe)

“The One you disobey” = Satan? Does the author say a friendship or marriage between Muslim and non-Muslim is Satan’s trap?! If so, I can’t believe this is a remark by a person living in the 21st century…

July 30 2018


July 26 2018


Hijab, France and law studies

“I have to share something that’s on my mind for quite a while. I don’t wear the hijab. No one in my family besides my grandmothers do - mostly for cultural reasons.

My mother expressed months ago her wish to put it on, but for her it still seems ‘weird’. And I understand want she means by that. She is a practicing Muslim since years, was born in a Muslim family, was surrended by Muslims, but the hijab isn’t something that is really talked about. In Bosnia, there are more and more women wearing it elhamdullilah, but the fact is that it’s still unusual for a part of the Muslim community there. It can probably be explained by history and communism.

I’m part of the diaspora and I live in France since as long as I can remember. I grew up here. …”

July 23 2018

WE NEED MORE Muslim therapists! More Muslim marriage counselors! More Muslim psychiatrists and psychologists!!! There’s traumas that are very specific to Muslims and the Muslims experience and we need people who have the religious and cultural background to address them properly! Becky and chad will not understand!! We have enough engineers and doctors Mashallah we need help with out mental illnesses and marriages!!!!
binti-mombasa (via bintalghazi.tumblr.com)

July 19 2018


You’ve sinned.

“You’ve sinned so much. So much that it seems like there is no ray of hope of forgiveness anymore. O withered soul, what caused you to do such?…” - I’ll read it later, but tbh this online sermon seems to be a translation of Paul’s doctrine into Islam.


July 15 2018


The Beauty of Islam - Scholars are not psychiatrists or therapists.

“The default is that clergy are asked questions of a legal or a theological nature. Ask them about a verse you don’t understand, or a hadith, or a fiqh ruling.

But, and I say this loud and clear, the average Shaykh is NOT qualified to be a family counselor, or a marriage therapist, or a psychiatrist who can help you with OCD, depression, mental trauma, sexual abuse, substance abuse, or a host of other issues that they haven’t been trained to deal with. (Obviously, some of them have undertaken specialized training after their seminary education - I am not talking about that group).

PLEASE, if you need help, go to a trained person. Yes, family, friends, your local Shaykh, etc., can insha Allah be a secondary support mechanism in some cases (again, a case by case basis), but realize that the primary person you need to see if you’re dealing with depression is a trained therapist, not someone who has a beautiful Quranic recitation or can give a great academic talk about Islam.”

July 05 2018

The word “punishment” is repeated 117 times in the Quran. But the word “forgiveness” is repeated 234 times, exactly two times more than the other.
islam-reflections (via The Beauty of Islam)
Tags: Islam Quran
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