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September 30 2019

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September 26 2019

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July 26 2019


July 24 2019


July 22 2019


Japan - ALS patient Yasuhiko Funago (舩後靖彦) won a seat on the Upper House in yesterday’s elections. He answered reporters’ questions with a character keyboard.

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July 04 2019

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Young woman. Omagari, Akita, 1953
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June 12 2019

June 11 2019

another world

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May 21 2019

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May 16 2019


BONBON (circa 1842). By Japanese artist, Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

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May 14 2019


こたつ猫 kotatsuneko (cat in kotatsu)

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May 13 2019


【soup.io】 @nobuyoshi-araki (NSFW!)

“Soup is dedicated to art by Nobuyoshi Araki, as most parts of the internet are heavily censored.”

October 26 2018

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vintage nude photo - by Rikkō Nakamura, 1951.

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October 15 2018

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October 14 2018


YouTube: Himiko Kikuchi - Don't be stupid (1980 - full album)

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October 06 2018


Japanese politician in baby row thrown out again – for sucking cough drop

“A Japanese politician who was forced to leave an assembly chamber last year after her colleagues objected to the presence of her seven-month-old child has been thrown out again for speaking while eating a cough drop.

Yuka Ogata, a member of the Kumamoto city assembly in south-western Japan, was ordered to leave the chamber last Friday after she refused to apologise for the incident – a move she believes is part of a campaign to frustrate her attempts to make the council more family-friendly.

She claimed that attitudes towards her had hardened since she took her child into the assembly last November. She had earlier asked for permission to breastfeed him in the chamber, or for daycare to be provided in the assembly building for the children of councillors, staff and visitors – requests that were rejected by the council.”

“While there is no ban on eating and drinking in the chamber, Ogata’s critics claimed she had damaged the assembly’s integrity by addressing other members with a lozenge in her mouth.

‘A lot of the people have misunderstood this as an issue related to my behaviour, which is how it has been reported in the media,’ she said. ‘This is part of a struggle between me and other councillors, most of whom are older men, to make the council more relevant to the everyday lives of ordinary people.’

Ogata was speaking at the podium when the chairman, Shinya Kutsuki, asked her if she had something in her mouth. She explained that she was sucking a lozenge because she was suffering from a cold and did not want to disrupt proceedings by coughing repeatedly.

The session was suspended while assembly members voted in favour of forming an ad hoc committee to decide how to discipline her. It composed an apology and demanded that she read it out. When Ogata refused, the committee reconvened and the chamber voted to suspend her for the rest of the day. The incident held up council business for eight hours.

‘It is unacceptable for a responsible adult to ask questions with a cough drop in their mouth,’ said the mayor of Kumamoto, Kazufumi Onishi, according to Kyodo News. “She needs to admit that she was at fault.’”


“The locals wanted to know technical details about the CV-22s, which arrived at Yokota in spring but departed for training outside Japan over summer and officially began their tenure at the base Monday.

There have been regular protests near the base this year by activists concerned about noise and safety issues that may be associated with the helicopter-plane hybrids.

In February, the commander of one of Okinawa’s two Marine Corps Osprey squadrons was fired, about six months after a crash off Australia’s eastern coast killed three Marines.

[Air Force Maj. Buckley] Kozlowski told the reporters that the CV-22 is an ‘extremely safe aircraft.’ The airmen who fly and maintain it are highly trained and skilled at accomplishing missions while keeping safety a priority, he said.

‘Yokota is the primary Western Pacific airlift hub for peacetime and contingency operations,’ he said. ‘Forward-basing the CV-22 at Yokota Air Base provides increased capability for the defense of Japan as well as capability for disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.’

Members of the unit were happy to see long lines of locals lining up to see and learn about the aircraft during Yokota’s recent Japanese-American Friendship Festival, Kozlowski said.

Reporters wanted to know about the unit operating the CV-22s and what sort of activities they’d be involved in. Officials didn’t provide detailed information about plans for the Ospreys.

‘All of our tactical training is conducted at approved locations coordinated between the U.S. government and the government of Japan,’ Kozlowski said. ‘The training we conduct is done with an eye towards maximizing safety.’”

Air Force gives Japanese reporters closeup look at Yokota’s Ospreys (Stars and Stripes, October 3, 2018)

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