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October 04 2018


Shinzo Abe reshuffle leaves just one woman in Japanese cabinet

“…his decision to appoint one woman to the relatively low-profile role of regional revitalisation minister prompted criticism from an outgoing female minister and uncomfortable questions at his post-reshuffle press conference.

Asked why there was only one woman in his 19-member cabinet – one fewer than in his previous lineup – Abe claimed he had only just embarked on his ‘womenomics’ campaign to raise the standing of women in the workplace, although it is a cause he first championed soon after becoming prime minister in late 2012.

‘We must recognise that the ratio of women cabinet ministers is low compared with other countries, but Japan has just begun to create a society where women can be more active,’ he said. ‘I think we will nurture people who can become cabinet ministers.’

He claimed that the lone female appointee, the former career bureaucrat Katayama, had the determination of multiple women. ‘She is incredibly feisty. I know there is only one woman in this cabinet, but Ms Katayama has the presence of two or three women. I hope she will use that to promote the goal of female empowerment,’ he said, according to the Japan Times.

Seiko Noda, who was replaced as internal affairs minister by a man, said she was ‘extremely worried’ about the lack of female representation in senior positions in the party.”

Japan ranked 114th out of 144 countries in the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings last year – down three places from a year earlier and the lowest among the G7 nations. The report said the poor assessment reflected the low number of women in politics.

Only 10% of MPs in Japan’s lower house are women, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.”

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September 27 2018


September 26 2018

— @chounamoul on Twitter

BTSと秋元康のコラボ中止は当然! 秋元の女性蔑視や極右政権との癒着が問題にならない日本のほうがガラパゴス


問題となったシングル「Bird/FAKE LOVE/Airplane pt.2」の情報は9月13日の朝に解禁され、そこで初めて秋元氏が関わる曲が収録されると発表されたのだが、その情報が告知されるやいなやツイッターを中心にすぐさま炎上した。


ひとつはもちろん、これまでの秋元氏の仕事を見てきて感じた忌避の思いだ。〈難しいことは何も考えない 頭からっぽでいい 二足歩行が楽だしふわり軽く風船みたいに生きたいんだ〉〈女の子は可愛くなきゃね 学生時代はおバカでいい〉〈女の子は恋が仕事よ ママになるまで子供でいいそれよりも大事なことは そうスベスベのお肌を保つことでしょう?〉といった歌詞を問題視されたHKT48「アインシュタインよりディアナ・アグロン」をはじめ、本サイトでも何度も取り上げているように、秋元氏の書く歌詞は近年、女性蔑視的な内容を複数回にわたって問題にされ続けているが、その女性差別的感覚がいっこうに修正される気配はない。





たとえば、「No More Dream」では過酷な受験戦争に消耗して将来に夢を見出せなくなっている若者の苦悩を描き、また、「DOPE」では“三放世代”といった言葉に代表される世代間格差への憤りを歌っていたりしている。こういった内容の歌詞は、その渦中にいる若者たちの手によって書かれ、歌われるからこそ、切実な訴えとして聴衆に響く。


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September 24 2018


September 23 2018


September 12 2018


World Scholars, Artists, Activists Call for Demilitarization of Okinawa – Consortiumnews

“More than one hundred scholars, peace activists and artists from around the world have issued a statement condemning the Japanese and U.S. governments’ plans to build a new base for the US Marine Corps in Northern Okinawa.”

August 16 2018


August 07 2018


August 05 2018


August 6, 1945 - atomic bombing on Hiroshima, Japan

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August 03 2018

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August 02 2018


i12bent: On August 3, 1936 Jesse Owens proved all Hitler’s theories of the supremacy of the white race wrong by winning the 100 m sprint at the Berlin Olympics. Over the next week he took home three more gold medals…

i12bent: On Aug. 4, 1936 Jesse Owens won the long jump gold at the Berlin Olympics. He beat German athlete Luz Long (whose sportsmanship stretched so far as to give Owens a good tip after Owens had had two foul jumps) and Japanese athlete Naoto Tajima… This image of Owens giving his flag a military salute and Luz Long heil'ing his Führer has become the iconic image of the ‘Nazi’ Olympics.

i12bent: Upon Jesse Owens return to the US he was given a New York ticker tape parade. However, President Roosevelt never sent him a telegram congratulating him, nor did he invite the athlete to the White House. America being a segregated society Jesse Owens also had to use the freight elevator at the Waldorf-Astoria to get to the reception held in his honour…

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August 01 2018


from Ordinary Finds - Yousuf Karsh, Yukio Ozaki, 1950

“Yukio Ozaki was a liberal politician who was elected 25 times to the Japanese Diet, serving in that body from its inception in 1890 to 1953. He was Mayor of Tokyo from 1903 to 1912. In 1905 Ozaki sent 3000 cherry trees to Washington, DC., which adorn the city in springtime with cherry blossom. During the 1930s, as an independent politician, he criticised the growing influence of the Japanese military and advocated the vote for women. He was imprisoned during both world wars. Hailed as a political hero after World War II, he was involved in anti-war and pro-democratic activities until his death. The Ozaki Memorial Hall beside the Japanese Diet Building in Tokyo stands in recognition of his contributions to constitutional government.”

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July 31 2018


オウム事件より犠牲者多い日航ジャンボ機事件: 植草一秀の『知られざる真実』








July 30 2018


iseo58: Japanese Inn, Kurokawa Onsen Hot Springs, Kumamoto, Japan

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井川遥 Haruka Igawa

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July 21 2018


Japan vintage TV ad: Marudai’s sliced ham, 1980. Marudai Food (丸大食品) is a longtime manufacturer of meat products in Japan.

source: youtube.com

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July 19 2018


July 18 2018

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