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August 30 2019

context for international media: @joshuawongcf, who was just arrested, is NOT the leader of the 2019 hong kong protest movement. there are no leaders. this is a decentralized mass uprising.
— @wilfredchan on Twitter
  • @SandyKum4: Hong Kong Government think political prosecution is useful to stop protest. Hongkonger will not surrender, NEVER!

  • @IntelJaden: Wilfred is right. The CIA are the leaders of this "decentralized" movement.

  • @JoeSmit60712921: It is so decentralised that people gather en mass to beat up anyone who disagrees with them, vandalise shops because they think the shopkeepers do not support them, and throw stones and bricks at police families’ homes. Being leaderless and a “mass uprising” makes it all OK.


Hong Kong activists arrested: Joshua Wong and others detained

“My arrest shows the government answers our request for a dialogue with batons, tear gas, rubber bullets and mass arrest. Our freedom of assembly and other fundamental rights are eroded.” — @joshuawongcf on Twitter

«Who is Joshua Wong?

Joshua Wong is a well-known pro-democracy activist who played a leading role in the 2014 rallies known as Hong Kong's "Umbrella protests" - so-called because protesters used umbrellas to shield themselves from police pepper spray.

Thousands joined marches demanding the right for Hong Kong to choose its own leader - and student leader Mr Wong became the movement's poster boy.

His latest arrest comes just weeks after he was released from prison on 17 June.

The recent protests have been characterised as leaderless - and activist Nathan Law, who co-founded Mr Wong's party Demosisto, said nobody was inciting protesters.

"There is no leader or platform in this movement," he said in a statement. "If someone is inciting citizens to go to the streets, it must be the harsh political violence of [Hong Kong's leader] Carrie Lam.

"Demosisto has never been 'leaders' of the movement. Every Hong Kong citizen who has come out has done so according to his own conscience. No matter how the Chinese Communist Party attempts to smear this, nothing can change that fact.

"We appeal to the public not to be afraid of political violence and white terror and continue to fight for their rights. Hong Kong people, go!"»

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