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August 29 2019


@SCMPNews [video available]: #HongKong activists were expelled from Montreal’s Pride Parade “after threats by pro-Communists”. #China supporters later tagged along uninvited and sang the Chinese national anthem during a moment of silence. sc.mp/ftwem

@billbirtles: Singing China's national anthem at a Canadian pride parade during a minute of silence to remember those who had died from Aids and homophobic violence... China's image abroad is taking a belting in the current super-nationalistic environment.

@AlexaKonger: Simply #chinazism

@platypus_happy: Absolutely disgusting. No respect, no morals, no conscience

@XolaniXtx: This is the beginning of a huge turning point. China might have done great in a short space of time in terms of becoming a political and economic superpower; but it still came at an expense of its people’s basic human rights. The system might implode.

May 21 2019

Love wins: same-sex marriage law fully endorsed by Taiwan’s legislature

Taiwan is the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriage, now officially voted by the parliament. The first weddings are expected on May 24.
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June 20 2018


bundyspooks: Gay Pride Parade, New York City, 1974.

Tags: History US NY LGBTQ
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June 12 2018


May 23 2018


March 23 2018


March 20 2018


His view, in my interpretation: a real, devout Muslim would avoid homosexuality and be an exemplary husband over his wife in accordance with the teachings of the Quran. The root cause of the Orlando Shootings isn’t Islam, but lack of Islamic self-discipline against homosexuality and domestic violence. Am I wrong?

I’m often surprised at Muslim people’s lack of sensitivity on gender-related issues such as LGBTQ rights, when I hear their arguments against Islamophobia. I agree in general with the view of the speaker in the above YouTube video, but using homophobia to refute Islamophobia is rather disturbing for me.

February 27 2018


“Anybody who believes in the Qur'an has to extract from this story [the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah] that it is unethical and immoral to engage in any type of sexual engagement with the same gender. This is something that there has been no scholarly difference of opinion. The actual act of sodomy, the act of intercourse between two men is something that without a shadow of a doubt is unanimously agreed upon as being forbidden in Islam.”

— YouTube: Homosexuals of Sodom & Gomorrah | Islamic Reminder

Lut known as Lot in the Old Testament, is a prophet of God in the Quran. He also appears in the Bible, but the biblical stories of Lot are not entirely accepted within Islam. He was bestowed as a prophet to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. His story is used to demonstrate Islam's disapproval of rape and homosexuality. He was commanded by God to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach to his people on monotheism and to stop them from their lustful and violent acts. According to both the Quran and the Hebrew Bible, Lot's messages were ignored by the inhabitants and Sodom and Gomorrah were subsequently destroyed.
— YouTube: Homosexuals of Sodom & Gomorrah | Islamic Reminder

November 07 2017


September 30 2017

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positively-queer: The only LGBT cemetery section in the world was inspired by J. Edgar Hoover

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July 31 2017


July 28 2017


Germany Opens First LGBT Mosque

from sallymolay.tumblr.com (Jul. 10 2017):


Meriam Jabir is originally rom Irak but grew up in Munich. She says she has missed a place to go like this:

– I think it is great that liberal Muslims get to have a vouce, because so often only the conservative ones do. For young people it is especially positive that women and men are allowed to pray together, she says.

She appereciates that this mosque includes Muslimes who are excluded elsewhere.


Seyran Ates is the imam of the new mosque. She is borne in Turkey, but came to Germany with her family as a child. She is a layer and a writer, a feminist and an activist. In 2009 she recieved criticism from many Muslimes after writing a book advocating a sexual revolution in Islam.

Ates er en kjent feminist, aktivist, jurist og forfatter.

The mosque welcomes sunnies, shiites, sufis and alawittes alike.

This story was presented by Norwegian National Broadcasting Corporation.

July 05 2017


please put less pressure on gay people to ‘come out’ and more pressure on straight people to stop assuming everyone’s sexuality is fucking straight

Tags: Opinion LGBTQ
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June 26 2017


Lesbians in Iran are being asked to get sex changes or die

“Tonight on BBC World News, a documentary called Iran’s Sex Change Solution delves into the world of homosexuality in Iran where lesbian and gay people are told they must transition to be accepted in their country. Host Ali Hamedani speaks with several LGBT people who have moved to Turkey and discuss their coming out processes and how they reconciled their sexuality with their gender, and the pressures they faced from their communities, who deny the existence of homosexuality and instead offer free sex change operations, paid for by the government.

Donya is one of the lesbians featured in the special, and says she was told by a police officer she could not have her head shaved, telling her she needed to change her gender.

‘I was under so much pressure that I wanted to change my gender as soon as possible,’ Donya said, who sought medical help to stop her period and eventually began hormone treatment. But when surgery was recommended, she didn’t feel right about it. …”

June 13 2017

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iriswestallen: All of my life, I’ve had to pretend to be something I wasn’t. And to become what I wanted to become, I couldn’t be what I am.

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plannedparenthood: We mourn. We remember. We stand with the LGBTQ community against hate and violence.

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June 12 2017


biladal-sham: Members of Lebanon’s LGBTQ community attend a picnic in the coastal city of Batroun, north of Beirut, on May 21, 2017, as part of the Beirut Pride week aimed at raising awareness about the rights of the community.

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June 07 2017

I’m against discrimination. I know that in those [homosexual] relationships the life is based on the same values, but I have a hard time to accept that those are equal. I personally won’t push a law that would make it possible that homosexual couples can adopt children. I know it is difficult for homosexual couples, but I think we shouldn’t think them equal to couples of man and woman. It is about the health of the children. I personally view it as something I can’t support.
— Angela Merkel whenever she is asked if she will ever accept homosexual couples marrying or adopting children. Just in case you ever wondered why in Germany, where the vast majority of people want marriage equality and adoption rights for homosexual couples, none of that has become reality. The answer is Angela Merkel and her party are homophobic and it is only them. (via enchantedbyhiddles)
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June 06 2017

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historicaltimes: “Hi Mom, Guess What!” at the first gay pride rally in Philadelphia, in June of 1972  via reddit

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